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  • Name: John Malkovich ( John Malkovich )
  • Date of birth: 9 December 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Christopher, Illinois, USA
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, Director, producer, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    John Malkovich: biography

    John Gavin Malkovich is an American actor of Croatian origin. In his country, he is equally known as an actor of theatre, as an actor and as a Director. He was twice nominated to receive the prestigious film award «Oscar», but has not yet become its owner. Our audience with John Malkovich familiar because of the main roles in such films as «Dangerous liaisons», «Agent johnny English», «Variations Casanova» and «Ripley’s Game», as well as underground work «being John Malkovich».

    John Malkovich in his youth
    Photo of Malkovich in his youth

    The future actor was born in the small town of Christopher, what was lost in the vastness of Illinois. Both his parents were immigrants from Croatia, had a direct relationship to journalism. Father Daniel Malkovich wrote articles on environmental issues, and mother Jo-Anne was the editor and publisher of the journal. John Malkovich from childhood loved animals and wanted to be a biologist to as a father to protect nature from human intervention. By the way, in addition to the secondary school he graduated from and music Studio, where he learned to play the tuba.

    John Malkovich
    A photo of actor George. Malkovich | The Internet Movie Database

    Higher education guy went to the very prestigious Eastern Illinois University, Department of ecology. But in the University, John’s first encounter with theatrical activity. He joined a student troupe, and later friends organized their own youth theatre, the city center and as an actor first appeared on the professional stage in the play «curse of the starving class.»

    John Malkovich
    Malkovich became a biologist, if not involved with student theater | Hasindex

    And although He worked for many years in other industries, but the theatre of his life was not walking. In 1984, he met with a big star Dustin Hoffman, and with him on Broadway presents the public performance of «death of a salesman». Soon filled filmography John Malkovich. And though the actor really did a brilliant career as a film actor, he never parted with a theatrical stage.


    It is on Broadway actor John Malkovich said the scout film company and invited to act in films. His first job was a television Thriller «honestly», which was followed by many roles in various projects, including in top-rated drama «in the heart», for which John was nominated for the award «Oscar». The first major role went to John in the military picture «Empire of the Sun», where he performed a duet with Christian Bale.

    John Malkovich in the film
    As Mr. will in «a place in the heart» | the Cinema

    The popularity of Malkovich brought the image of the Vicomte Sebastian de Valmont in the adaptation of the historical novel «Dangerous liaisons». After that wonderful John Malkovich began to leave one by one. Early in his career stands out the psychological drama «the sheltering sky», a crime Comedy «Object of beauty», the classic film adaptation of «mice and men», the Thriller «Mary Reilly» and the Thriller «In the line of fire» for the role of creative killers in which the actor again nominated for «Oscar».

    John Malkovich in the film
    The role of the Vicomte Sebastian de Valmont in «Dangerous liaisons» | Cinema

    Not to mention the collaboration of John with Nicolas cage in the Thriller «con Air,» with Catherine Deneuve in the melodrama «time Regained», with Leonardo DiCaprio in the historical film «the Man in the iron mask». But fantasy art house «being John Malkovich» split the whole filmography of the actor in the «before» and «after». This picture of the audience called «crazy», «absurd», «sinister», «unique». But in any case, the name of Malkovich has since become one of the most famous representatives of his profession and history.

    John Malkovich in the film
    In the role of Giacomo Casanova in «Casanova Variations» | Cinema

    In the twenty-first century, John starred in such well-known projects like the Thriller «Ripley’s Game», fiction «Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy» adventure Comedy «to Be Stanley Kubrick», a mystical romance «Warm bodies», bringing the number of roles up to hundreds. From recent work of the actor is particularly interesting image of Giacomo Casanova in the musical «Casanova Variations,» the pirate Blackbeard in the adventure film «Skull and bones» and oilman Donald Vydrin in the disaster movie «Deep water horizon». Also Malkovich can be seen in the video for rapper Eminem on the song «Phenomenal».

    At the beginning of this century, John tried his hand as a Director and screenwriter of several films, the most famous of which was the crime Thriller «the Dancer upstairs». And recently paired with Director Robert Rodriguez and he created a film that the audience can only see in 100 years, namely November 18, 2115! The film, which shows the different options for the future, placed in a special capsule and is stored in the house of Louis XIII in France. In the meantime, people can watch only a short teaser, which leaked online titled «100 years: the Movie you never see.»

    Personal life

    First time He married at the age of 29 years, while still unknown to the General public. His choice was actress Glenn Headley, star of the Comedy «dirty rotten scoundrels» and the Thriller «Mortal thoughts». They married in 1982 and were happy for six years. But then in the personal life of John Malkovich suddenly intervened romantic affair with Michelle Pfeiffer that spun around on the set of the film «Dangerous liaisons». Wife of John Malkovich treason to endure did not, and the first marriage of the actor came to its logical conclusion.

    John Malkovich and Glenn Headley
    His first wife Glenn headly | Person

    However, the relationship with Hollywood fatal beauty Michelle Pfeiffer continue not have. But after a year in the movie «the sheltering sky» met John Malkovich and Nicoletta Peyran, which was performed in this project, the functions of the assistant Director. They are still a wonderful couple, who gave birth to two children: daughter and son Amandin Lowe. Interestingly, couples with children long enough lived in the South of France, where He performed in local theater, so John is absolutely fluent in French. But in 2003 the family returned to the United States and settled in the town of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer
    In the film «Dangerous liaisons,» John began an affair with Michelle Pfeiffer | Maj Majest

    Many fans are interested not only in the personal life of John Malkovich, but his habits and character. It should say that he is a person very remarkable. John considers himself an atheist, and completely apolitical person. He did not even go to vote during the elections because, according to him, does not «see any sense», which for American citizens is considered a very unusual manifestation of his thoughts. Actor – quite a risky person: he invested several million dollars in a Ponzi scheme organized by Bernard Madoff, and lost every penny.

    John Malkovich and Nicoletta Peyran
    With his wife Nicoletta Peyran | Film

    In addition, Malkovich is trying to hide his personal life, so he often travels incognito. A couple of years ago he saved the life of an elderly passerby on the streets of Toronto that has fallen and received a fatal injury. The fact that the wire that fell from the scaffolding pierced the man’s artery, and actor before the ambulance pinched his neck, preventing the blood loss. And when the nurses asked him to introduce himself, He called a fictitious name. This story would have remained unknown, if anybody from eyewitnesses did not recognize the American star and not told about it.


    • 1988 — Dangerous liaisons
    • 1990 — the sheltering sky
    • 1997 — con Air
    • 1999 — Being John Malkovich
    • 2003 — Johnny English Reborn
    • 2008 — burn After reading
    • 2012 — Siberian education
    • 2013 — Warm bodies
    • 2014 — Skull and bones
    • 2016 — Deepwater horizon


    John Malkovich

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