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  • Name: John Kerry ( John Forbes Kerry )
  • Date of birth: 11 December 1943.
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: Aurora, Colorado, USA
  • Height: 193
  • Activities: American politician and statesman, former Senator of Massachusetts, U.S. Secretary of state
  • Marital status: Married

    John Kerry: biography

    John Kerry is an influential American political figure for nearly 30 years was a Senator of Massachusetts, and is now Secretary of State. In Russia, he became widely known to the public in 2014, as it has taken a tough anti-Russian stance because of domestic conflict, and highlight the General instability in U.S. policy on the Middle East. Evaluation of Kerry’s ambiguous is evaluated not only in the US but all over the world: some consider him an experienced player in the political American team, while others see it as indecisive statesmen,»chameleon», which for his entire career has never shown its clear position on any controversial issue.

    Born John Forbes Kerry Dec 11, 1943 in the family of diplomat Richard Kerry and representative of a wealthy dynasty Forbes rosemary Isabel, who worked as a nurse at a military hospital. Policy parents were Catholic and belonged to the middle class, but through the support of rich relatives were able to give their children a privileged education at prestigious institutions.

    Because of the diplomatic career of his father, Kerry family often changed their place of residence in Europe, in America, so in school, young John was forced to change seven schools that have not left a negative impact on its success. In St. Paul’s school, which was the home of the future policies from 1957 to 1962, he was one of the most talented and gifted students with moderate and severe nature. In that period, it awakened the first interest in politics, encouraged Kerry to organize a school political club, at whose meetings they discussed «current» problems of the society in terms of long cold war, the consequences of which complicated the lives of people.

    Demonstrating their exceptional talent in oratory, the future U.S. Secretary of state was elected a member of the editorial Board of the student newspaper Pelican, which awakened in him ambitions in a political direction.

    After high school, Kerry enrolled at Yale University, where he joined in a political Union of students. A year later he became President of the Union, which allowed him to work in the campaign headquarters of the future U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

    In 1966, Kerry volunteered to serve in the U.S. air force – he served in Vietnam and was the commander of the «fast boats», equipped with heavy weapons. Already in those years he had a clear anti-war position, but safely and professionally perform their combat missions, which earned three medals Purple heart and also received the Bronze and Silver stars. After recorded the third injured during the military operation, Kerry was honorably discharged in order to participate in the campaign in Congress.


    Political biography of John Kerry originates in 1971. Then he became famous throughout America for its high-profile anti-war speeches regarding the Vietnam war, in which, in his opinion, dominated the criminal nature of warfare from the American military. But it did not help beginner policy pass in Congress, therefore he decided to learn the laws and prove themselves to the legal field.

    He graduated from Boston law school, and then got a job at the Massachusetts bar. Showing your professionalism as a Prosecutor, John Kerry in 1977 he received the post of first Deputy district attorney, and then established a private law practice. Despite its successful activities in the field of law, a future U.S. Secretary of state continued an interest in politics that prompted him to take part in the elections to the post of Deputy Governor in 1982, which won a landslide victory.

    Finest hour in politics, John Kerry came in 1984, when he was elected Senator of Massachusetts, a position he has held for nearly 30 years. Achievements of Senator Kerry highly valued in society and among colleagues. He is the author and initiator of several dozen important acts of Congress, which focused on health, education, small business, terrorism, and military direction. Also thanks to the persistence of a diplomat, Washington has restored economic relations with Vietnam.

    The political views of Kerry on domestic policy of the United States have always been liberalism: he on a regular basis opposed to privatization of social security programs and execution, promoting the right of sexual minorities to enter into a civil marriage, support legislative gun control and trade relations, and actively participates in international discussions to combat global warming.

    U.S. Secretary of state

    At the end of 2012, President Barack Obama has nominated John Kerry for Secretary of State in the country to replace Hillary Clinton. In a secret ballot, the Senate approved the American President put forward a candidate, with the result that Kerry was the first in 16 years white husband took the post of foreign Minister of the United States.

    Widespread popularity on a post of the American «foreign Minister» has been in the background for his tough anti-Russian position over the conflict in Ukraine. He carefully supports the new Ukrainian government, which by «bloody» coup d’etat was at the helm of the country, considering Russia an «aggressor» that made an attempt on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The diplomat said that the Russian military «rampant» in the Ukrainian Southeast, calling their activities are carefully planned operation of special services of the Russian Federation. Kerry fully justifies the actions of the Ukrainian army in the Donbas, as a result of actions which killed several thousand civilians. That’s why he supports the allocation of American military aid to Kiev.

    The head of U.S. diplomacy supports the United States and the 28 countries of the EU sanctions against Russia, which, by his own admission, did not bring the expected result and only worsened the economic situation in Europe. However, he continues to insist on the fulfillment of Russian commitments on the implementation of the Minsk agreement on Ukraine, which is the only way to stop the war in the Donbass.

    Despite this, John Kerry says Moscow an important diplomatic ally in a wide range of global problems. Therefore, he believes that the United States should be sure to return relations with Russia to a high level.

    Personal life

    The diplomat was married twice. His first wife was Julia Thorne, who after 14 years of marriage could not withstand the life of a politician and asked for a divorce because of loneliness fell into heavy depression. Julia gave birth to US Secretary of state, two daughters, Alexandra and Vanessa, who now actively support the work of the father.

    The second wife of John Kerry was Teresa Samoa-Ferreira Heinz, the widow of the founder of a major brand foods Heinz. They were married in 1995 and has more than 20 years living a happy family life, importance of their five children from the first marriage (two daughters of John and three sons, Teresa).

    In his free time policy U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry is fond of extreme sports – surfing, Windsurfing, and is also famous for the avid hunter and bicyclist. In addition, he loves to play bass guitar and are a fan of the rock group «the Beatles» and «rolling stones».


    Estimates of the overall financial condition of U.S. Secretary of state personal property John Kerry has nearly $ 2 million. He also owns four companies, which he had inherited from the dynasty of Forbes. However, his wife had inherited from her first husband more than 3 billion dollars, which she owns separately from her husband, which was taken into account in their prenup.


    John Kerry

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