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  • Name: John Hannah-Caiman ( Hannah John-Kamen )
  • Date of birth: 6 September 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Anlaby, UK
  • Activity: British actress
  • Marital status: not married

    John Hannah-Caiman: a biography

    Rising Hollywood star John Hannah-Caiman came to light in autumn 1989 in East Yorkshire, in the town of Anlaby. In her veins mixed Nigerian and Norwegian blood, which led to exotic looking girls. In her family of artists was not. Dad, a native of Nigeria, worked as a forensic psychologist, and Hanna’s mother is Norwegian fashion model.

    John Hannah-Caiman
    John Hannah-Caiman | LIVEJOURNAL


    Hannah’s artistry manifested itself at quite an early age. Bright and memorable appearance girls together with identified talents brought her into the national youth theatre in London, where she for several years perfecting the skill. In 2012, John Hannah-Caiman trained as an actor graduating from Central school of rhetoric and drama.

    In the period of study at the school of drama and rhetoric, John-Caiman announced the popular video game «Dark Souls» and starred in the small role of the TV series «misfits». The debut was successful. Hannah noticed. From this moment it is removed regularly. In the same 2009, she received an offer to play another small role in the TV series «Modern Reaper». These projects have been made from 2009 to 2013.

    John Hannah-Caiman
    John Hannah-Caiman | BBC

    And in 2011, a cinematic biography of Hannah John-Caiman has been enriched by several notable projects. A series «Black mirror», «Death in Paradise» and «Time».

    A real breakthrough in the career of the actress happened at last years. The audience watched the film «Tunnel», «Happy valley» and «Killjoys». Named series, especially the latter, turned the young actress into a real star.

    «Killjoys» (unofficial translation – killjoys) – a 10-serial canadian adventure film Michelle Leverette, shot in the genre of space fiction. The film premiered in 2015. In the same year it was decided to do a 2nd season of the popular project. As Hannah John-Caiman the film starred well-known actors Aaron Ashmore, Luke MacFarlane and Therefore, Allison.

    To build on the success of the British artist managed co-starring in the sci-Fi Thriller J. J. Abrams ‘ «Star wars: the force awakens» in world hire more than $ 2 billion. The project has got 5 nominations for «Oscar».

    John Hannah-Caiman in FLM
    John Hannah-Caiman in the movie «Killjoy» | TalkNerdyWithUs

    In 2016, it became known that John Hannah-Caiman appear in the Steven Spielberg film that he will shoot based on the bestselling Ernest Kline «the First player to be ready.» Besides Hannah there will be Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn and other Hollywood actors.

    Personal life

    Career of a young British actress is developing rapidly. Shooting schedule she has planned for the months ahead. But personal life Hannah John-Caiman on the second plan. I know nothing about her. Although it is difficult to imagine that such a striking beauty, moreover, is well on its way to the top movie of Olympus, no fans.


    • «Misfits»
    • «Modern Reaper»
    • «Death in Paradise»
    • «Black mirror»
    • «Syndicate»
    • «The midnight beast»
    • The tunnel
    • Happy valley
    • «The ark»
    • «Killjoys»
    • «Star wars: the force awakening»


    John Hannah-Caiman

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