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  • Name: John Kennedy ( John Kennedy )
  • Date of birth: 29 may 1917.
  • Age: 46 years
  • Date of death: 22 Nov 1963
  • Place of birth: Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: politician, 35th President of the United States
  • Marital status: married

    John F. Kennedy: a biography

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. Despite the fact that in this position, he took several important decisions in the minds of most people, especially outside of the United States, his name is associated first and foremost a murder mystery. Although officially a criminal who fired the shots at JFK were found, many of the hypotheses discussed so far.

    From the biography of John Kennedy, it becomes clear that he especially had no other choice but to become a politician. He was born in Brookline, in the family of businessman and politician Patrick Joseph Kennedy and his wife Rose Fitzgerald, was engaged in charity work. His name is John received after his grandfather, John Francis Fitzgerald, who was mayor of Boston and was considered one of the most eloquent politicians in the country. By the way, and the father of the future President were mostly political figures.

    John Kennedy childhood
    Baby photo of John F. Kennedy | LiveInternet

    John was the second child in the Kennedy family, but not the last – in Rose and Joseph were born nine children. The boy had been ill and grown quite frail, he could even die of scarlet fever in early childhood. And in his school years, Kennedy most of the time spent in a hospital bed. But the teenager was athletic: he loved to play baseball and basketball, was fond of athletics. In high school the young man had a reputation for being disorganized and frivolous student, who behaves arrogantly and surprise».

    John Kennedy
    John’s College years | The History Place

    Of the universities in the biography of John F. Kennedy are Harvard University, London school of Economics and political science and Princeton University, but because of the constant disease the first time he did not finish any of them. The young man at the time, even was diagnosed with leukaemia, he hadn’t and he was right. Later, John again became a student at Harvard and this time refers to studies very seriously. He became interested in political science, history, attained success in student societies continued to actively engage in sports. After graduation, John Kennedy decided to continue her education and went on to study law at Yale University, but began the Second world war and raised on the patriotism and sacrifice the guy goes into the army.

    John Kennedy
    In the war Kennedy was a naval officer | John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library

    Due to ill health he could not accept in the armed forces, but John almost the only time in his life used the authority of the family to succeed. Moreover, future President John Kennedy was not going to sit in the office, and sought to participate in military action. As a result, he gets to the Pacific fleet as an officer of the high-speed torpedo boats fought against the Japanese army. There are proven facts that in the battle John Fitzgerald Kennedy demonstrated heroism, about the exploits of his team wrote in the Newspapers, and John was awarded numerous military awards. It was demobilized ahead of schedule due to aggravated health condition: the young man caught malaria, suffered a complex back injury, was wounded in the fighting.

    President John F. Kennedy

    Shortly after his dismissal from the armed forces, Kennedy was engaged in journalism, but then agreed to the entreaties of his father and immersed himself in the political life of the country. He entered the U.S. House of representatives is Congressman Michael Curley and started his political career. In 1953, John is a Senator. In this position he is remembered, above all, a refusal to condemn Senator Joseph McCarthy, accused of anti-American behavior, as he worked together with his brother. Later Kennedy would say that «performed the usual policy rule errors.»

    At 43, John Fitzgerald Kennedy as the democratic candidate wins presidential elections and becomes the first Catholic who headed the United States. By the way, during the election campaign were the first ever televised debate between candidates for the position. Many opposition claimed that the victory went to Kennedy because he looked very impressive on the screen. The entire state salary the President donated to charity, and the basis of his rule was the slogan: «Think not that can give you the country, and that you can give her.»

    John Kennedy
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy | Biografie

    Domestic policy of President Kennedy cannot be called unequivocally successful. The initial boost of the economy then was replaced by stagnation, which was accompanied by the sharp fall of shares on the stock exchange since the dreadful crash of 1929. John was able to reduce unemployment and reduced prices for oil and steel, but it worsened relations with Industrialists. At the same time, thanks to the President was taken serious steps to normalize the racial issue and the equation of black people’s rights. And race with the USSR for space exploration led to the beginning of an ambitious program «Apollo». It is interesting that the US President invited the Secretary-General Nikita Khrushchev to join efforts in this matter, but was refused.

    President John F. Kennedy
    Photo of President Kennedy | Russian media

    Foreign policy can be characterized by a significant improvement in relations with the Soviet Union, but at the same time, escalated a few other hot spots. When Kennedy had a lot of intense conflict, of which the most famous are the Caribbean and the Berlin crisis, and the failed landing at the Bay of Pigs. At the same time, John Kennedy founded the «Alliance for progress», which really helped the Latin American countries in economic terms, initiated signing of a tripartite agreement between the USSR, USA and Britain banning nuclear weapons tests and was going to withdraw its troops from Vietnam. Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, on the contrary, there is unleashed a large-scale military action.

    Personal life

    Personal life of John Kennedy has changed in the 10 years prior to his death. At age 36, he married the journalist and socialite Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, which met less than a year. Later, the wife of Kennedy will be one of the most popular women in America and a real trendsetter. They had four children, though the eldest daughter of Arabella and youngest son Patrick died in childhood. Daughter Carolina became a writer and attorney, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., who was nicknamed «Son of America», as was brought up in the White House in front of the entire country. In 1999, Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash.

    John and Jacqueline Kennedy
    Wedding couple Kennedy | the Wedding dance

    It is difficult to judge how the marriage of John Kennedy and Jacqueline was happy, because literally the day before the wedding my husband had a serious affair with the Swedish girl with MS von Post, and earlier the President was in a romantic relationship with artist Maria Pinchot Meyer, actress gene Tierney, Angie Dickinson, and Judith Campbell. But after the wedding, Kennedy had at least two mistresses star – Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe, and the legendary German actress Marlene Dietrich, which was not only much older, but used to be one of the favorite of his father.

    John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe
    John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe Fanpop

    Already in the XXI century after the declassification of documents, the public learned that the 35th President all his life he suffered from severe pain. There is no cure does not help him, and John before press conferences had to do the injections of novocaine. Peru Kennedy owns a number of books, most famous of which is the compilation of biographies of politicians, «Profiles in courage», for which the author received the Pulitzer. Also became a bestseller, «a Personal diary of the 35th President of the USA», where John recorded his statements and thoughts, and which was published after his death.

    The Assassination Of John Kennedy

    On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy and his wife have planned a visit to Texas Dallas. When their car drove through the streets, shots were heard and several bullets hit Kennedy, who was immediately taken to the hospital. But the intervention of doctors was useless, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy died half an hour after the assassination. In the shootout also injured the Governor of the state and one of the eyewitnesses.

    The suspect in the Kennedy assassination, was arrested a former marine Lee Harvey Oswald. I wonder what’s keeping him for the murder of the police 40 minutes after the President’s death, but during the investigation he was the first official suspect. As Oswald two days later shot and killed local resident Jack ruby, who burst into the area, specific witnesses, this person is not. By the way, ruby also passed away, so the assassination of John F. Kennedy is still one of the greatest mysteries in U.S. history.

    According to opinion polls, more than 60% of the population believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, or has nothing to do with the death of the President irrelevant. There are many hypotheses: the involvement of organized crime and large financial figures to participate in the CIA and counterintelligence. About the assassination of John F. Kennedy written many books, filmed a lot of movies and documentaries.

    Lee Harvey Oswald
    Lee Harvey Oswald — the official culprit of the Kennedy assassination | Global Truth

    The most important ones are the picture of Oliver stone’s «John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas», a novel by Norman Lewis «the Sicilian specialist» and a 26-second video, captured on Amateur camera by eyewitness Abraham Zapruder, which became known as «the Zapruder film». Trying to prevent the murder of devoted fantasy novel by Stephen king’s «11/22/63». In 2016 released a mini-series based on this book, in which the main role was played by James Franco.


    John Kennedy

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