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  • Name: John Cusack ( John Cusack )
  • Date of birth: 28 June 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Evanston, Illinois, USA
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor, film producer, screenwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    John Cusack: biography

    John Paul Cusack is an American actor, who became world famous in 1997 after the screens out the film «the Killer from school Grosse Pointe», for which he wrote the script. Also, the actor is the star of such films as «a time machine in a Jacuzzi», «Intuition» and «Love to dogs is obligatory».

    John was born in Illinois, in the family of a teacher of mathematics Ann Paul Carolan and actor Richard kusaka. The boy was one of five children in the family: he has a brother bill, and sisters Ann, Joan and Susie. Interestingly, all five children went in his father’s footsteps and became actors.

    The first clash with the scene kusaka happened when he was only three years. In the children’s play «Cinderella», where he played the rest of the family, he was entrusted with the role of… dogs. Instead of the usual high school John attended the theater only in high school, started in the city school the city of Evanston. Despite the fact that experts have noted the acting talent of the boy, and even trusted him roles in «adult» performances, the teenager dreamed of becoming a baseball player, and the theater and movie seriously did not perceive.

    However, at the age of 12 John Cusack takes a job at a local radio station and several years working as a speaker and recites commercials. It is hardly possible to fully combine serious athletic training with work on radio and in the theater, at least the boy tried. There is some discrepancy between the perception of the childhood of the actor: a lot of friends and teachers described John as a cheerful boy, full of enthusiasm and joie de vivre, and Cusack himself says that in adolescence hated school, despised the power of the government and feel an outcast in society.

    After school John Paul Cusack enrolled at new York University, but studied only one course, as, according to him, he realized that his «sick from school». A young man leaves College and sets off to conquer Hollywood.


    John Cusack was only 17 years old when he first appeared in film in a youth melodrama, «Class», and for subsequent years, the actor starred in more than 80 paintings. Already at the initial stage, he began to trust the main role, for example, in the adventure film «the Journey natty Gan», the Comedy «One crazy summer» and the crime melodrama, «Bullets over Broadway».

    But the main breakthrough in the professional life kusaka took place in 1997. First, he participated in the creation of top-rated Thriller «con Air», then starred in the crime drama «midnight in the garden of good and evil», and then fulfilled a long-held dream, has made attention to his own script, the black Comedy «Killer from school Grosse Pointe». When this film was released, John spoke about the professionals and fans of the movie.

    After this career kusaka instantly soared up. If you just list the films in which he played the main characters, you need more than one exercise book. Of the most popular paintings is to highlight the romantic story of «Intuition,» a light romance «the Love to dogs is obligatory» family drama «Martian child» and ironic Comedy «time Machine in a Jacuzzi».

    Interesting role the actor proposed in the Thriller «the Raven»: he played the author of this classic poem by Edgar Allan PoE. Recent work kusaka stand out action-drama «the Motel» and fantasy Thriller «mobile Phone», removed on motives of the novel «king of horror» Stephen king. By the way, this is not the first John in the film adaptations of the books by this legendary writer – he’s already played the role of Mike Enslin in the Thriller based on the story «1408».

    Personal life

    Actor John kusaka fans called one of the most attractive men. Of the same opinion and celebrity. At various times John was a starry affair with the actress Minnie Driver, Neve Campbell, Jodi Lyn o’keefe, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brooke burns, film Director Alexandra Kerry and model Alison Eastwood, daughter of Clint Eastwood. But neither they, nor any other woman was unable to captivate the hearts of kusaka really. So the actor, who has gone fifty years old, never been married.

    However, John Cusack live a very active life. He has a huge number of Hobbies. For example, a person controls the helicopter, snowboarding, and have 20 years of kickboxing, in which he attained a black belt.

    In addition, the actor is a big fan of sports teams from Chicago. He attended the matches of football club «Chicago Bears» and the hockey team «Chicago Blackhawks», but the most favorite sport kusaka since childhood left baseball. He still aches for the «Chicago cubs» and «Chicago white SOx» despite the fact that fans of these clubs are considered the main rivals and even fight among themselves.

    It is worth noting another passion of John kusaka – he is a follower of the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, which is called «Transcendental meditation». Interestingly, receiving a role, the actor definitely is meditation, it can help to understand the psychology, character and depth of soul of his character.


    • 1997 — con Air
    • 1997 Killer from school Grosse Pointe
    • 1999 — Being John Malkovich
    • 2001 — Intuition
    • 2003 — Identification
    • 2005 — the Love of dogs mandatory
    • 2008 — high stakes
    • 2010 — a time Machine in the Jacuzzi
    • 2015 — Love and mercy
    • 2016 — Cell phone


    John Cusack

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