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  • Name: John Boyega ( John Boyega )
  • Date of birth: 17 March 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: London, England
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    John Boyega: a biography

    John Boyega was born in Peckham South – East London. His parents were immigrants who came from Nigeria. Father preaches at a Pentecostal Church. The mother cares for the disabled as a volunteer.

    When it came time to go to school, John was recorded in an urban public school in Westminster, while in which the boy participated in all school theater productions and even played a small role in the regional children’s theatre Peckham. Young Boyage so pleased to be on stage in parallel with General secondary education the parents gave their son to engage in the drama school «Harkley».

    After receiving the matriculation John attended College South of the Thames, where he studied acting and drama. After graduation he worked at the Royal National theatre, where the big role was the image of the moor Othello in Shakespeare’s tragedy of the same name. He also sometimes appeared on stage became a family of theatre Peckham.


    On television for the first time, John Boyega appeared in 2011, when he was still in College. He played the role of Danny Curtis in the TV series «Becoming human». Then came the episode of «Wine survivor» of the famous series «Law & order: London», where the actor got a small role of Jamal Clarkson. Jon also starred in the television series about Mike Tyson «Brick», but the final installation of the pilot episode, in the episode which he participated, all the footage of him was cut out.

    In addition, in 2011 Boyega starred in films for the big screen. In the sci-Fi Thriller «attack the block» the main role of the leader of a teenage gang Moses. For playing in this film won «Black Reel Awards» best actor. He also played the role of a drug dealer in the crime drama «Misfits».

    In 2012, the actor took part in only one film, the TV drama «My murder». The following year he starred in the television film of BBC «the cat», tells about the historical collapse of the American whaling ship the Essex, which took place in 1820. Also in 2013 was released based on the novel of the Nigerian writer Ngozi Chimamanda of Udichi «Half of a yellow sun», in which Boyega played Ugwu — servant of the protagonist. In the same chart (one TV movie and one picture for the big screen) John worked in 2014. He played Lieutenant Chris Tanner in the American TV series «24: Live another day» and was released from prison gangster Bambi in the crime drama «Imperial dreams.»

    In 2015, John Boyega tried himself in new role: he voiced a cartoon character named Blkmrkt 11 of the TV-serial of the animated film «Major Laser». But the main job this year for the actor was the sequel to the hugely popular sci-Fi Saga «Star wars: the force Awakening». There is the actor playing the main role – a new character named Finn. We also learned that John Boyega has signed a contract to take in the next, already the 8th in a row, the episode of «Star wars», which is planned for 2017.

    Now the actor starred in the American sci-Fi drama «Sphere», which will be released in 2016. His partner on the set is Emma Watson.

    Personal life

    Busy schedule does not allow John Boyega relationship, so his romantic adventures to the wider public is not known.

    In summer 2011, the actor became the cover face of the Anglo-American magazine «screen international», who called John Boyega the main British rising star.

    John is an ardent fan of superhero comics, published by marvel. He admits he wants to play the Black Panther character of these drawn stories.


    • 2011 — Becoming human
    • 2011 — Law & order: London
    • 2011 — attack the block
    • 2011 — Waste
    • 2012 My murder
    • 2013 — cat
    • 2013 — Half yellow sun
    • 2014 Imperial dreams
    • 2014 — 24 hours: Live another day
    • 2015 — Star wars: the force awakens


    John Boyega

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