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  • Name: John Abraham ( John Abraham )
  • Date of birth: 17 December 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Cochin, Kerala, India
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, film producer, fashion model
  • Marital status: married

    John Abraham: biography

    John Abraham was born in Mumbai on 17 December 1972. His father was the archaeologist John Abraham, Sr., and mother is a housewife Firoza. The family of the future world-famous artist can be named as the mother of John Abraham is a member of the Iranian-Zoroastrian community of Parsis, and the father is a Syrian Christian. When John was born, the mother’s family called him Farhan, but soon the father baptized the son and gave him a more socially adapted name. The actor was brought up in the traditions of the Catholic faith.

    John Abraham childhood
    John Abraham with parents | Celebrity Tonic

    Since childhood John Abraham was a very inquisitive and well-rounded child. Thus, the national origin of the parents was the reason for the introspection and opportunity to explore traditions and customs of different peoples. Besides, in youth the future artist learned several languages. Today he is fluent in Hindi, English and Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam.

    John Abraham
    John Abraham | Facebook

    John’s family was quite wealthy, so he is not familiar with the poverty which in the minds of ordinary people, often (and not unreasonably) associated India and Mumbai. Abraham studied at a good school, after which he enrolled in a reputable College Scottish and Jai Hind College and then to University, economic faculty. In addition to training, John has always loved sports: in his youth he was always captain of the local football team, and also dabbled in Motorsport.

    John Abraham
    John Abraham | Facebook

    Interestingly, at some point in their life Abraham even thought seriously on the subject in order to build a professional football career. Although the future actor and do very well chasing the ball, the parents still have dissuaded him from such a future. The main argument was the low wages of the Indian players who wouldn’t let a guy properly to provide for themselves.


    So, from the big sports John Abraham still refused, and attempts to work according to the obtained University degree in Economics also brought the young man a big profit or the satisfaction of fulfillment. However, good physical shape and quick mind allowed John to Express themselves in an unexpected industry: the guy was a model. Charismatic and handsome young man, whose height is 183 cm, attracted the attention of many modeling agencies.

    John Abraham
    John Abraham | Facebook

    In 1999, Abraham won the modeling competition «Gladrags Manhunt Contest» and took second place in the same competition of the international level in the Philippines. A contract with a modeling Agency does not have to wait long. Cooperation charming Indian suggested in «Carrie Models». After this contract was followed by a job offer in new York, London, Hong Kong. In addition, guy starred in the promotional video and even in music videos by various artists.

    John Abraham
    John Abraham | Facebook

    Gradually John began to understand that the movie is exactly what he would like to dedicate yourself to. To seriously work on his acting skills, he enrolled in the appropriate school, «Kishore Namit Kapoor». His acting debut and breakthrough in his career was the film «jism», released on the big screen in 2003. Erotic tape literally blew up the bollywood box office and turned John Abraham into a real star.

    John Abraham
    John Abraham | Facebook

    Since then, the artist graced his game many Indian movies and has become not only one of the most celebrated actors of bollywood, but was nominated for several prestigious awards, as well as the unofficial leader by the number of «incidents» during the filming. So, during the filming of the picture «Kabul Express» in Afghanistan, a celebrity tried to assassinate terrorists. During the filming of «Shooting in Wadala» John has earned a crack in the lower leg, stretching and tearing the tendons and ligaments. And while working on another picture of Abraham managed to get a broken leg playing cricket.

    John Abraham
    John Abraham | Facebook

    However, all his films invariably win the love of the public, so that these sacrifices are not in vain. In the best traditions of bollywood John often performs a variety of songs for paintings, which starred, and makes it very difficult. The role of a pair of characters Abraham on the silver screen often gets so famous Indian Actresses like the Kangal Ranaut, Deepika Padukone and others.

    Personal life

    Online you can find many photos of John Abraham in the arms of Indian beauties which unite only joint films. In fact, the artist more than ten years was faithful to one girl. However, Bipasha Bass, unfortunately, did not wait for the proposals of marriage: in early 2010-ies of the actors divorced.

    John Abraham and Basu Bipasha
    John Abraham and Bipasha Bass | Incolors

    The new darling John was Priya was Randal charming beauty, has nothing to do with the modeling business or to the cinema. The girl working in the banking sector, however, it became the love of his life Abraham and his lawful wife.

    John Abraham with his wife
    John Abraham and Priya were Renal | Becuo

    As of 2016, the wife even gave John such joy as children, but this happy couple will surely catch up.


    • 2003 film «jism»
    • 2003 — film «Vision»
    • 2004 — movie «the Redeeming sin»
    • 2004 — the film «Trust»
    • 2004 — movie «the Bikers»
    • 2004 — the film «Obsession»
    • 2004 — the film «off limits»
    • 2005 — the movie «Fight»
    • 2005 — the movie «Fate is in your hands»
    • 2005 — the movie «eye of the Tiger»
    • 2005 — the movie «to Find justice»
    • The 2005 film «Water»
    • 2005 — the movie «Spice of love»
    • 2005 — film «accidental friends»
    • 2006 — film «Prisoner of the past»
    • 2006 — film «Taxi No. 9211»
    • 2006 — film «Never say goodbye
    • 2006 — film «Kabul Express»
    • 2006 — film «Papa»
    • 2007 — film «Hello, love!»
    • 2007 — the film «crazy about cricket»
    • 2007 — film «fatal passion»
    • 2007 — film «Score a goal!»
    • 2007 — «How to call this love?»
    • 2008 — film «little Zizou»
    • 2008 — the film «Close friends»
    • 2009 — the film «new York»
    • 2010 — the film «With hope for the best»
    • 2010 — the film «the good Lie»
    • 2011 — the movie «Seven husbands»
    • 2011 — the movie «special ops «Force»
    • 2011 — film «These Indian guys»
    • 2012 — movie «Full house 2»
    • 2013 — movie «Race 2»
    • 2013 — movie «I, I»
    • 2013 — film «Shootout in Wadala»
    • 2013 — film «Cafe «Madras»
    • 2015 — the movie «Welcome back»


    John Abraham

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