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(biography, photo, video) Joseph Frank Hiking

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  • Name: Joe Pesci ( Joseph Frank Foot )
  • Date of birth: 9 February 1943
  • Age: 73 years
  • Place of birth: Newark, new Jersey, USA
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: American actor, comedian and singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Joe Pesci biography

    Gangster and comic roles actor turned Hollywood star. Today there are few viewers in the world, whatever was known a funny and charismatic Joe Pesci. I think this artist has always been popular. However, his career was neither easy nor rapid.

    Joseph Francesco De lores Eliot Hiking – is the full name of the artist – was born in February 1943 in new Jersey. He grew up in an ordinary family of a Barber and a forklift driver. Mother Mary – American. Angelo’s father is an Italian immigrant.

    His acting talent son started showing at a very tender age. In 4 years Joe Pesci made his debut on radio. 5 first came on stage. In the 1950s, capable and liberated the boy was taken to children’s entertainment programme «Children’s hour of triumph».

    In addition, Joe was a great voice and musical ability. In the 20s he recorded his first vinyl record, calling it «of Course, little Joe can sing.» As the guitarist for Hiking and for a time played in the group in which he began his ascent of the famous Jimi Hendrix. But the young artist believes that playing on stage, he will be much better than the guitar. So he dropped music and went to do an acting career.


    A cinematic biography of Joe Pesci started with a low-budget project «the Collector of death», released in 1975. Tape failed the artists and creators and flopped at the box office. Hiking was forced to go to new York, where he decided to take up restaurant business.

    But fate would have it, Joe is back to the screens where he belongs. After 3 years the famous Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese, looking for a candidate for the role of the brother of Jake La Motta in the new project «raging bull», recalled walking, who was seen in «the Collector of death». Perhaps a certain importance was the fact that both stars also had Italian origin.

    Joe Pesci arrived on the first call and starred in the film instantly became a cult. The huge success of the film «brought a wave of popularity and the makers and the cast. Hiking won the prestigious British film Academy award in the category «Best newcomer». The national Council of film critics USA also did not escape the artist’s attention, noting its prize for the best image of the second plan. «Raging bull» ranked among the most worthy of films recognized as world classics.

    4 years later, in 1984, Joe Pesci met again with De Niro in the drama «Once in America». The project Director Sergio Leone also found its niche in a number of cult movies. The painting «moonlight walk», «the death of the bodyguard» and «Betsy’s Wedding», which went on drama Leone, has secured a charming artist star status.

    The long-awaited «Oscar» with Joe Pesci came through 7 years old in 1991 when he starred in the Martin Scorsese movie «Goodfellas.» The role of a character Tommy DeVito made the Italian American to Olympus. Gangster role for a long time fixed for Hiking.

    In the 1990s, viewers saw favorite artist in the Christmas Comedy «home Alone». Over time, Joe Pesci appeared in all continuations of the story about the sprightly kid. Joe appeared in such exciting projects as «My cousin Vinny», «John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas» and sequels to «Lethal weapon», «Bronx tales» and «Casino».

    In 1998, Joe Pesci took a break from acting and returned to music. He released another album. But in 2006, Robert De Niro returned to a favorite artist tired of waiting public. Hiking starred in the film about espionage «a False temptation».

    Personal life

    It is known that personal life Joe Pesci as his career in film, too, experienced UPS and downs.

    Hiking first wife was actress Claudia Haro March. They lived together for 14 years. To this marriage was born one daughter, whom they named Tiffany. But the General and a beloved child is not able to save the marriage of her parents who divorced in 1992.

    In the summer of 2007 64-year-old Joe Pesci has an affair with 37-year-old fashion model Angie everhart. But together they survived only a year.


    • «The collector of death»
    • «Raging bull»
    • «Once in America»
    • «Death of a bodyguard»
    • «Home alone»
    • «My cousin Vinny»
    • «John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas»
    • «Lethal weapon»
    • «Casino»
    • «The false temptation»


    Joe Pesci

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