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  • Name: Joe Dassin ( Joe Dassin )
  • Date of birth: 5 November 1938
  • Age: 41
  • Date of death: 20 Aug 1980
  • Place of birth: Brooklyn, USA
  • Height: 184
  • Activity: musician, singer, composer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Joe Dassin: biography

    Joe Dassin was born November 5th, 1938 in new York. The boy’s father worked as an actor in the Jewish theater, mother was a violinist. Father’s acting career was short – he is seriously interested in cinema and soon worked as an assistant to Alfred Hitchcock.

    Family Joe has lived in new York until 1940 and then moved to Los Angeles. The boy worked from childhood, although the family did not need the money. Free time he spent with his younger sisters. The first pay Joe Dassin spent on the encyclopedia «Britannica». He loved to read and bought all the volumes.

    In Los Angeles, the future singer lived for almost 10 years. In 1949, his father was in the «black list» as sympathetic to the Communists, and they moved to France. Joe Dassin fell in love with this country, but after a year his parents sent him to a Swiss College. In 1951, the young man went to study in Italy, two years later in Geneva and a bachelor’s degree was received in Grenoble. During training he learned 3 languages, was fond of swimming and skiing.

    In 1955, Dassin parents broke up, the guy is pained by their breakup. To escape, he decided to return to America and study medicine at the University of Michigan. After three years of training, Joe realized that not stand the sight of blood and chose Ethnology. He graduated with a master degree, some time read lectures at the University.

    Music Joe Dassin became interested in his student years she sang in cafes, earning $ 50 for the weekend. He was drawn to France, and he decided to return to conquer the French with his voice.


    He began as a folk singer, but until the late 60s decided to change the repertoire for variety. Joe Dassin rarely wrote the music for themselves – often adapted foreign songs in his performance became hits. In the same period, he met Jacques play’s. Through their cooperation the world to hear «Bip-Bip», «Guantanamera», and other songs.

    The audience loved the elegant singer, his rich, low voice penetrated deep into the soul of everyone. Said he was born for success.

    In 1965, Joe Dassin recorded «Les Dalton» – the song went gold. Then there was another hit song «Siffler sur la colline», after which the singer always went on stage without preparation.

    Until 1969 about Joe Dassin knew in Canada and Africa. In the next five years his records have sold millions of copies, the tour schedule was very tight. By the end of the 70s Dassin was already a singer with a world name. «L’ete Indien», «Ca va pas changer le Monde», «A toi» and other songs have become superhits.

    He has recorded 20 Studio albums and toured dozens of countries, where his concerts were sold out, and left behind a rich artistic heritage.

    Personal life

    The successful singer was modest by nature, and carefully hid his personal life from outsiders. He was happy in his dream home that he built in California style in France.

    The woman of his dreams he met at age 38. Christine worked in the Studio in Rouen, where Joe Dassin went to develop the film. It was love at first sight. January 14, 1978, Joe and Christine got married. Marriage was accompanied by a downpour, but the happiness of the young, the bad weather did not prevent. To this marriage were born two sons.

    In 1980, Joe Dassin filed for divorce, then his second son was a month old. The relationship between the spouses did not go well, and the singer took, what seemed to him the only right decision. Joe was worried sick over the divorce, I threw myself into work and touring. From the constant congestion he play tricks heart.


    July 11, 1980, at six in the evening there was a concert of Joe Dassin at Cannes. According to the singer it was obvious that he feels bad. Pale, haggard, Joe even tried to joke, but in the second part of the concert and lost consciousness. The musician was taken to hospital where he remained until the end of July. Dassin knew about the heart problems – this was not the first attack.

    After the hospital he decided to relax in Tahiti. During the transit landing at the flight, he again had a seizure. In Tahiti he came down.

    August 20, 1980, Joe Dassin was with friends in the restaurant. Suddenly, he lost consciousness. There was a doctor, who within 5 minutes tried to return the star to life, but failed. The great singer did not live up to 42 years.


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    Joe Dassin

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