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  • Name: Jodie Foster ( Alicia Christian Foster )
  • Date of birth: 19 November 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles
  • Height: 161
  • Activities: American actress and Director, two-time winner of the award «Oscar»
  • Marital status: not married

    Jodie foster: biography

    Alicia Christian foster, more familiar to us as jodie foster, it seems, was born a Hollywood star. The girl was born in November 1962 in Los Angeles. Her father, a Colonel of the air force, retired, engaged in brokerage of real estate, came from a wealthy family. But Jody, was the fourth child in the family of Lucius Fisher foster, and Evelyn Ella almond, growing up without a father: he left his wife to the appearance of the youngest daughter. Evelyn, who worked as a Hollywood agent communication and public relations, had to raise Jody, her two sisters Cindy and Connie, and brother buddy on their own.

    Jodie foster in childhood
    Jodie foster in the child |

    The youngest daughter was for the family a real gift. Already in 2 years the girl appeared in commercials and 7 began a cinematic biography of jodie foster. His debut role was in the TV series «the partridge Family». In the 1970s, foster appeared in several projects for the Walt Disney studios. Thanks little star have the means for a comfortable existence. A mother who became an agent daughter, agreed on almost all proposals that were received from Directors.

    Jodie Foster
    Jodie Foster |

    Surprisingly, with terrible employment jodie foster was great time to study at the prestigious Los Angeles high school, where in-depth studied French. However, the relationship with peers was not easy. Jody disliked for star status, and considered very smart.

    In 1980, foster graduated with honors from the Lyceum. She had an excellent knowledge of French, understand German, Spanish and Italian. As the best graduate, she was entrusted to deliver the farewell speech at graduation.


    The first major role went to jodie foster in the younger grades. In 1972, 10-year-old actress played in the family film «Napoleon and Samantha». Her partner on the set was Michael Douglas. The script of the film the heroine of foster as a family pet kept in the house of the lion. During the filming of animal attacked Jodi, forever leaving a terrible memory – a few scars on the body.

    Directors lined up for the talented little actress. Fortunately, to consent to taking it from the mother was not easy. So jodie foster starred in the film «Kung fu», «My sister Hank», «Bomber from Kansas,» «the Addams Family», «Paper moon,» «rookie of the year» and «Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice». New paintings by the young artist came out every year. This is not to say that all of them were blockbusters and foster brought something else besides money.

    Jodie foster in the film
    Jodie foster in the movie «Five corners» |

    The exception was paintings of Martin Scorsese. In 1974, the famous Director invited Jodi in his film «Alice doesn’t live here anymore». And after 2 years the girl involved in the project «Bugsy Malone». But the real fame struck 14-year-old foster after starring in the film Scorsese «Taxi driver». She played the young prostitute, naive and at the same time cynical. This role turned the teenager into a real Hollywood star. But it almost became fatal.

    After graduation, jodie foster entered Yale University and took a few years break in career. It is well studied and had to finish high school in 1984. But in her life there was a mentally ill John Hinckley. This man 15 times I watched a movie «Taxi driver.» He was obsessed with the young jodie and decided that he would have to get her location.

    Jodie foster in
    Jodie foster in «Taxi» |

    For that Hinckley was admitted to the same University, choosing a creative writing course. He bombarded foster calls and bombarded with love letters. In March 1981, Hinckley after another viewing of «Taxi driver» made an attempt on Ronald Reagan. The criminal was convinced that the murder of the President will help him win the love of the actress.

    Foster received a bachelor’s degree in literature and a diploma with honors in 1985. 12 years later, Yale University awarded jodie a doctorate. Interesting fact: the IQ of a Hollywood star 132.

    After starring in the acclaimed «Taxi driver,» the talented actress was bombarded with offers. But now she took her career seriously, pushing the mother into the background. Foster would accept only those roles that are considered worthy. To move away from the role that «stuck» after «Taxi driver», she starred in the film «Siesta», «Five corners» and «Deft strike». Jody managed to turn the tide. In 1989 she starred in the drama «the Accused», where literally pulled out of his main role. And did the right thing. The film earned the actress her first Oscar.

    Jodie foster in the film
    Jodie foster in «the Accused» |

    The second statuette in her hands after the iconic «silence of the lambs». A cinematic biography of jodie foster appeared on the top which over time managed to get only Hilary swank. Star had 2 Oscars before reaching the 30th anniversary.

    In 1995, foster was again nominated for the statuette for his work in the film «Nell», but it was ahead of the Jessica Lange film «Blue skies».

    Among the best film actress her fans distinguish the movies «Sommersby» where foster starred in tandem with Richard Gere, «Maverick», where her partner was Mel Gibson, and «Contact» by Robert Zemeckis.

    Jodie foster among colleagues acquired the image of a fan of his work. Every time she played, and just get used to its role, after which she takes time to return to reality. When this star became famous for the fact that she was a completely different role. She naturally and easily reincarnated as a comedic and dramatic images. In the Thriller «Illusion of flight», released in the 2000s, foster appeared on the screen in the image of man – the aviation engineer Kyle.

    Jodie foster in the film
    Jodie foster in «panic Room» | LOR-replica.weebly

    More popularity brought jodie foster Thriller «panic Room» and «Not caught» and drama «the Brave». And in 2008, the audience warmly received Comedy «the Island» where the main character was once again loved by millions actress.

    Foster is not only talented actress but also a wonderful Director. Her debut in this role took place in the film «Little man Tate», which Jody took in 29 years. Later, the company «PolyGram» allocated to the Director of $ 100 million to open his own Studio where foster took their projects «Home for the holidays», «Beaver» and season 2 of the series «house of cards». In «the Beaver» starring foster took himself and Mel Gibson.

    In 2013 jodie foster was handed a Golden globe for achievements in film. It turned out to be very useful, because in the same year he published a sci-Fi film «Elysium heaven not on Earth», where for the first time foster’s work relentlessly criticized.

    In 2016 fans of the talent jodie foster welcomed its new project «Financial monster».

    Personal life

    The Hollywood actress was known as an intellectual. Male colleagues feared her and dared not to have Affairs. After painting «Maverick» whispered broke out about the alleged affair between foster and Mel Gibson. But he denied the rumors, saying that is unlikely to be able to communicate with a partner, which could easily send it to a knockout. Because Jodi at that time succeeded in Boxing.

    Jodie foster and Mel Gibson
    Jodie foster and Mel Gibson |

    But the rumors of homosexual stars were true. Personal life jodie foster was in the top news in the late 1990s and early 2000s. the Actress gave birth to sons Charles and Christopher. But the name of their father was unknown. Rumor has it that the boys were born after artificial insemination. The donor was supposedly a close friend of jodie, Randy stone, later became the godfather of the kids. But there are those who call the father of Gibson.

    Jodie foster with her sons
    Jodie foster with sons | ed.Gee

    There is evidence that it was Randy stone, who fought for the rights of sexual minorities, before his death, convinced foster to make coming out (to confess their homosexual). In 2007, the star was told that during the last 14 years, lives with his partner Cindy Bernard. But a few months after this revelation, the couple broke up.

    Foster soon has a new lover – screenwriter Cindy mort. But in place of this short novel came another, also small, with the singer Sophie. Hawkins.

    Jodie foster married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison
    Jodie foster married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison |

    In the winter of 2013 at the ceremony of awarding the prize «Golden globe» jodie foster officially declared that she is a lesbian. And in the spring of the following year was married to actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison.

    Filmography (actress)

    • «Napoleon and Samantha»
    • «Alice doesn’t live here anymore»
    • «The accused»
    • «Silence of the lambs»
    • Contact
    • «Anna and the king»
    • «Room of fear»
    • «Illusion of flight»
    • «Brave»
    • «The Island»

    Filmography (Director)

    • «Little man Tate»
    • «Home for the holidays»
    • «Beaver»
    • «House of cards»
    • «Financial monster»


    Jodie foster in childhood

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