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  • Name: Joaquin Phoenix ( Joaquin Phoenix )
  • Date of birth: 28 October 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Puerto Rico
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: American actor, producer, clipmaker and musician
  • Marital status: not married

    Joaquin Phoenix: the biography

    Joaquin Rafael Phoenix, known to most fans of Hollywood movies his role as Emperor Commodus in the movie Gladiator, was born in the late autumn of 1974 in Puerto Rico. His mother, Arlyn Sharon Dunets was Russian-Hungarian descent. Her parents were Jewish immigrants who settled in the Bronx. In the veins of the father of John Lee, Bottom, native of California, tech Spanish-Irish blood.

    Arlene and John belonged to the sect «Children of God». They were engaged in missionary work and traveled in an old van across South America. Together with his parents and went five children with amazing names in translation into Russian meant the letter, river, rain, liberty butterfly and summer joy.

    Bodice (a letter) is called Joaquin Phoenix. A name he invented for himself when he was 4 years old. And the name of the future Hollywood star was different – BATT. Phoenixes Bottomy began when he broke with the sect. And the old name Joaquin regained at the age of 15, when he visited Mexico. In local language the Bodice is very reminiscent of Mexican symbols of garlic.

    Ceasing to be «children of God», Phoenix-senior in 1978, he returned to the worldly life and stayed in Florida. Arlene got a job as a Secretary in the Department of casting of NBC, which determined the future of children. They had the ability for acting. Particularly salient in this respect have shown themselves the sons of Joaquin and river.


    The debut of Joaquin Phoenix on the screen took place in 1982, when he was barely 8 years old. Together with his older brother, he played the role in the TV series «Seven brides for seven brothers». And after 3 years the young actor appeared again on the screen in the film «Kids don’t say» and the TV series «Alfred Hitchcock presents». Named projects began cinematic biography of Joaquin Phoenix.

    To say that young artist’s career developed rapidly, it is impossible. For example, in 1987, critics highly praised the work of 13-year-old boy in the film «the Russians», where he got the role of sailor. Soon followed by another success after «Parents,» in which Joaquin was lucky to play with a real Hollywood star Keanu Reeves.

    In 1993, when the Phoenix was 19, and his brother river, 23, was a tragedy. The brothers rested in one of Los Angeles clubs where the river used the drug. The dose was too high and he died. Joaquin trying to save his brother, called doctors 911. A recording of this call was sold to journalists. Since taking Phoenix at that time was already quite recognizable actors, that the death of one of them turned into excellent information occasion is available. A recording of the call Joaquin Phoenix constantly «twist» on radio and TV.

    For the Joaquin brother’s death and went to the scandal in the press was a terrible blow. He left acting and went into the shadows. Are unable to survive the tragedy, and parents: their long marriage burst. Joaquin Phoenix along with his father went to travel through Mexico.

    To return to the screens of the Phoenix was able in 1995, starring in the image of a patient with autism Jimmy Emmett in the film «to Die for». The drama was a huge success. Joaquin appeared on the screen with Nicole Kidman and Matt Dillon. This work has helped Joaquin Phoenix to return to cinema and to remind myself.

    2000 was a truly stellar year for the artist. He starred in «Gladiator», where he was entrusted with the image of the Roman Emperor Commodus. Joaquin Phoenix has got several nominations for «Oscar» and «Golden globe».

    «Zero» can safely be called bright stripe of his career. In addition to «Gladiator,» he’s starred in several star projects, the most striking of which are the picture of «Signs», «the Mysterious forest», «Hotel Rwanda» and «Team 49: Fire Stairs». In these tapes Joaquin Phoenix have entrusted key roles. And in the latter film, he met his childhood idol John Travolta.

    The first Golden globe went to actor in 2005 for his work in the drama «walk the line». Masterfully embodied the image of the musician johnny cash made the Phoenix to new heights. And his partner in the film was famous Reese Witherspoon.

    The two paintings «the Lovers» and «I’m still here» – Joaquin Phoenix once again proved right is in the Hollywood hills. In addition, the artist released a solo music album, demonstrating the versatility of his talent.

    Personal life

    The actor remains one of Hollywood’s most attractive bachelors. One time he met a girl, had an unusual name acacia. In place of this novel came another – with Liv Tyler. The two stars met in 1997 on the set of the painting «inventing Abbotts'». This relationship lasted 3 years, but then the couple decided to part ways, remaining friends.

    Anything over a novel and a famous model named Topaz. As he admitted, he prefer natural women who don’t want to play the role of others and present themselves not who they really are. Probably until the girl haven’t met a cranky Joaquin. Therefore, the personal life of the Phoenix is still failed marriage.

    Today Hollywood celebrity lives in one of the skyscrapers in downtown new York, where his neighbors are his sister, summer, and Ben Affleck. In his spare time, the Phoenix enjoys painting and riding his yellow vintage car Pontiac 1972.


    • «Russians»
    • «To die for»
    • «Gladiator»
    • «Signs»
    • «The mysterious forest»
    • «Hotel Rwanda»
    • «Team 49: Fire Stairs»
    • «Walk the line»
    • «The lovers»
    • «I’m still here»


    Joaquin Phoenix

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