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  • Name: Joanna Moro ( Joanna Moro )
  • Date of birth: 13 December 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Vilnius
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Joanna Moro: biography

    Joanna Moro, Polish actress, known to the Russian viewer in the acclaimed TV series «Anna German. Mystery of white angel» and «Accordion».

    She was born and raised in Vilnius, in a Polish family. National traditions in the house Moro was maintained quite strictly. The girl visited Vilnius gymnasium named after Adam Mickiewicz Polish language of instruction, as well as various clubs in the Polish house of culture. Joanna sang in the choir, studied in musical school to play piano and accordion, went to the dance Studio. Although the house could not speak Russian, the girl regularly heard him on the street and on TV, so she understands and speaks pretty well in that language.

    As a teenager, she accidentally hit the rehearsal of the drama club and fell in love with acting. More to come on the stage, she not only played in children’s productions Director Irina Litvinovich, but also participated in local beauty contests and was even given the title of «Miss polka Lithuania».

    After school Joanna Moro went to Warsaw and handed the document at once in two educational institutions. She wanted to be an actress and she passed the exam in Theatre Academy Serverovich, but for the safety net also received the faculty of arts. So it had been accepted to both schools, she decided not to deviate from the intended path and until 2007 was a student of the theatre Academy.

    Then she was invited to my local theatre troupe, and actress, of course, happily agreed to stay in Poland, although parents and continue to live in Lithuania.


    On television, Joanna Moro began to appear in his student years. For the first time viewers could see the young actress in 1997 in the TV series «Clan». Then she was involved in several Polish films, but according to the most John, most of the film roles for a long time was not too interesting to her, as it was not as dramatic as she would have liked.

    A breakthrough in his career occurred in 2012. When Moreau has taken the role of famous Polish singer Anna German, she had no idea what the effect will produce the film «Anna Herman. Mystery of white angel». The main reason for the agreement John had a desire to play the plight of this amazing woman, although, before knowing the script of the German songs she had not heard.

    After the film’s release on Russian screens. the big success has come. But when the painting began to show Polish TV, Yonne literally woke up a nationwide favorite. In Poland a new wave of German mania that could not touch the Joanna Moro. Moreover, the actress succumbed to the entreaties of the leaders of the project and recorded a CD with songs from the repertoire of Anna German, which further increased the interest in her person.

    New proposals long wait was not necessary, and the actress could choose between Russian, Polish and Western European scripts. She decided to work again with the artists from Russia and agreed to take part in the melodrama «Accordion». In this dramatic ribbon Joanna transforms into Italian, fell in love with a Soviet pilot during the Second world war. As in «Anna German», in new film the actress had to sing and dance, however, it turns out she is quite elegant.

    In addition to feature films Moreau took part in popular entertainment projects, including reached the final in the Polish show «Dancing with the stars», where they presented their choreographic skills paired with a professional dancer Rafael Masalacom.

    Personal life

    The actress is already a few years married. Her partner Miroslav cinema has nothing, and works as an engineer of information systems. Although met young people at the theatre, as both are avid fans of stage productions.

    In the family brought up two sons, whose names are on Russian manners sound like Nicholas and Erema. The youngest son, who was born in 2013, my grandmother often brings to the Joanna, if it is a long time from filming leaves home.


    • 1999 – In good and in evil
    • 2005 – Magda M.
    • 2007 Gela in the fire
    • 2007-2012 – Color of happiness
    • 2008 – Londoners
    • 2008 – Father Matthew
    • 2011 – news second hand
    • 2012 – Anna Herman. Mystery of white angel
    • 2014 – Accordion
    • 2015 – Blonde


    Joanna Moro

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