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  • Name: Jim Parsons ( James Joseph Parsons )
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1973.
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Houston, USA
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Jim Parsons: biography

    Jim Parsons was born in the big city of Houston, which is located in the state of Texas. His father, Joseph Milton Parsons was the owner of your own repair shop, and his mother Judy Ann McKnight – the teacher of elementary grades. Jim has a sister, Julie Anne, who went in her mother’s footsteps and became a teacher.

    Jim attended middle and high school, «Klein Oak». He studied well, but was a very shy child but helpful. After high school, he even gave a fancy letter «the Most friendly classmate». But strangely enough, shy in ordinary life, the boy came when he stepped on the stage in school productions. Even at 6 years of age he played the role of birds Cola-Cola in the children’s play «the Elephant» on the story by Rudyard Kipling and have since been assured that there will be only an actor.

    After graduation Jim Parsons went to the University of Houston in the direction of «Theatrical art». He was not enough compulsory University subjects and the standard representations. So Jim with a few classmates organized by the student troupe «the Infernal groom» and puts 17 additional performances. A bachelor’s degree in 1999, Parsons does not consider education complete and coming to California, University of San Diego, where he studied at the new 2-year program established by the higher education institution together with the theater «the Old globe». The program was designed for 7th best graduate students of the US and Jim was able to become one of them.

    In 2001, Parsons moved to new York, where he performs on Broadway, and actively removed in advertising. On account of his commercials for such companies as «Quiznos», «FedEx Express» and «Arby’s». In addition, he participated in social charity is «Facing cancer».


    On-screen debut for Jim Parsons came in the television series «ed,» where he played a shy guy’s Wife in one episode. Then there was the French Comedy «Happy ending», the tragicomedy «Country gardens», non-fiction «Height», romance, «the Great new miracle», the short film «the Royal hotel», romantic Comedy «10 steps to success» and melodramatic Comedy «School for scoundrels». He also participated in the television series «judging Amy» and «Eureka.» In all these movies and TV series Jim Parsons was small or even cameo role.

    But the first major role in a TV Comedy «the Big Bang Theory» brought the actor international fame and popularity. Shooting the series began in 2007 and continues to this day. Just at the moment shot 9 seasons. Jim Parsons plays a genius physicist, Dr. Sheldon Cooper Or. The Comedy actor’s talent had fully revealed in this role, which was repeatedly noted by experts and the audience. In addition, for performing the role of a strange scientist, he was awarded the prize «Golden globe» in 2011, and prizes, Emmy awards and the television critics Association in 2010 and 2011 as the best comedian of the year. In addition, Jim over the years were nominated for the award «Companion».

    On the big screen Jim Parsons has continued to perform secondary roles. He starred in the Comedy «the Big year» tragicomedy «would I be here» and the drama «the Normal heart». Also played a very big fan of muppet Walter in human form in the movie «the Muppets». Besides Jim Parsons often takes part in the dubbing of animated films. His voice say the heroes of such cartoons as «family Guy», «super hero Squad», «Glenn Martin», «puppies from a shelter № 17», «Daredevil kick Buttowski» and «House».

    Personal life

    Jim Parsons is openly homosexual, as he said when receiving the award «Emmy». He currently lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Todd Spivak, who is the art Director of one of the California studios. They have been together for over 10 years.

    The main hobby in life is playing the piano and TV sports programs. He especially loves tennis, and she tries not to miss a baseball season.


    • 2003 — Happy ending
    • 2004 — Country gardens Garden
    • 2005 — Height
    • 2005 the Great new miracle
    • 2006 — 10 steps to success
    • 2006 — School for scoundrels
    • 2007 — the big Bang Theory
    • 2011 — a Big year
    • 2011 — the Muppets
    • 2014 — the Normal heart


    Jim Parsons

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