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  • Name: Jim Jarmusch ( Jim Jarmusch )
  • Date of birth: 22 January 1953
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Akron, Oh, USA
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: American film Director, screenwriter and musician
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Jim Jarmusch: a biography

    Jim Jarmusch is probably the most bright star, which is the independent cinema of America.

    Jarmusch was born in January 1953 in Ohio, in the small town of Akron. During his school years there has been a tendency of young men to the Humanities. Therefore, in 1971, Jim enrolled at Chicago’s northwestern University, where he chose journalism. But a year later realized that she did not, and literature attracted him the most. So the young man changed the focus on in-depth study of English literature and settled in Paris.

    In Paris, Jim Jarmusch suffered a new passion: cinema. The starting point was a visit to the French sinematiki. Watching dozens of French films has a strong influence on a young writer. After returning home he received the degree of bachelor of literature, but the cinema became a priority.

    Love of movies led Jim Jarmusch to the new York University, where the famous film school.


    A young man gets an assistant to cult film Director Nicholas ray and works under his guidance until the day of death meter in 1979. My first experience shooting Jim Jarmusch was carefully observing the work of Nicholas ray and WIM Wenders on the drama film «Lightning over water». This is a documentary drama about the last months of the life of ray, dying with cancer. The movie, began acting by two Directors, and after his death Nicholas ray was finished by his colleague WIM Wenders.

    The following year, the young Director debuted his film, «permanent Vacation». This tape starts the creative biography of Jim Jarmusch. His first film, the future star of American independent cinema takes all-in-all for 15 thousand dollars. However, low-budget project collects rave reviews of film critics.

    The second work of Jarmusch began only 4 years later. During this period he acted in films as an actor, and this experience was not redundant.

    In 1984 comes the 2nd film «stranger than Paradise.» Later critics have called this early film one of the most important and best films from independent cinema in the country. The project brings Jim Jarmusch’s first prestigious prize at Cannes – «Gold camera». The picture was taken in the author’s unique manner of the famous wizard. Flushed with success, he takes off in the same style, two more loud project – «Outside the law» and «mystery train».

    All 3 of the movie suddenly make up the trilogy. The last two also did not remain without awards, getting nominated for the «Palme d’or» at the Cannes film festival.

    After 2 years, Jim Jarmusch begins to remove his famous project «Coffee and cigarettes», which first was a 6-minute short film. In 2003 he published a full-length tape, which consists of 11 short stories. Each of them is amusing dialogues of actors and musicians over a Cup of coffee and a cigarette.

    This manner of filming of several short stories, United by a common idea, finds a warm response from critics. So the next masterpiece called «Night on Earth» mater takes off in the same technique. The film consists of 5 short stories that share a common theme: night, random encounters, taxi. Each of the stories tells about a new country.

    At the end of the 1990s, Jim Jarmusch gives his fans a wonderful picture «Ghost Dog: way of the samurai». This is a parody of gangster movies that were so popular in the US until recently. The famous Director was ahead of American fashion in Japan, which originated in the XXI century. After ten years after Jarmusch and his famous project «Japanese» projects appear in such well-known colleagues Jim, like Sofia Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Edward Zwick and Rob Marshall. But the first was him, brilliant Jarmusch.

    Among the «fresh» works Director for the past 10 years can be called his project «Broken flowers». This is another film in which the main role went to bill Murray. The film received the Grand Prix at Cannes.

    Jarmusch is not so much the movies only 17. But all of them are true masterpieces of independent cinema and the role models of many Hollywood Directors who came after him.

    Personal life

    This section of the life of a Director as unique as his work. Meter «cliche movie» in all things showed his otherness and outside. Personal life Jim Jarmusch is a large number of beautiful women, who always showed interest in the talented and fashion Director.

    But of all romantic relationships, perhaps you can identify the main is actress Sara Driver. With her Jarmusch is in a civil marriage, which can be called «nonlinear». The couple lived together, we again split up for some time. Children have no master, but I guess he never dreamed.


    • «Permanent vacation»
    • «Stranger than Paradise»
    • «Outside the law»
    • «Coffee and cigarettes»
    • «Mystery train»
    • «Night on earth»
    • «Broken flowers»
    • «The limits of control»
    • «Only lovers left alive»
    • Paterson


    Jim Jarmusch

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