Jim Carrey

photo Jim Carrey

  • Name: Jim Carrey ( Jim Carrey )
  • Date of birth: 17 January 1962
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Newmarket
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor, comedian
  • Marital status: not married

    Jim Carrey: the biography

    Actor Jim Carrey is considered one of the best comedians of our time. He occupied a unique niche in Hollywood for many years pleases the audience with their funny roles, the special entertainment which provides an indescribable facial expressions and plastic artist. Despite the constant humor in the film, Kerry is hard to call fun and easy. His path to fame was thorny and full of pitfalls, which the movie star was with dignity.

    A boy named Jim was born in early 1962 in a large family in Newmarket. He was the fourth child in the family, Catherine and Percy Kerry, who somehow kept their children. His mother once worked as a singer, but was forced to do household chores, raising children, so did not return to his profession. The father was a successful accountant and the main breadwinner in the family.

    From a young age, the future movie star loved to entertain others by mimicking. Jim was making funny faces, and invariably cause a smile on the faces of classmates and teachers. Your parody Jim recorded, and when they have accumulated more than 80 pieces, dare to send on the popular Comedy show, Carol Barnet. At that time he was only 11 years old. However, the invitation to the program or at least a basic response to his letter he never received.

    The family of actor lived in poverty, but the real problem with the money the boy learned at the age of 14. Father Jim was fired, and the family had to travel the country in search of work. They stopped in the suburbs of Toronto, where senior Kerry took a job as a security guard at the firm. Unfortunately, his earnings did not suffice, and children also had jobs as cleaners. At the same time, the young comedian was waiting for the first disappointment in a professional field. His father brought him to a local club «like-Like», where Jim had the opportunity to perform on stage with your number. The audience actually booed a future star of Hollywood. This was the last straw for Jim, and he fell silent, withdrawn into himself.

    Fortunately, the period of failures and difficulties was held for the family of Kerry, children quit her hated job, and my father found another source of income. Spouses had to live in a trailer, but it was a small price to pay for liberation from not respecting labor. Jim went to High School, Aldershot and gradually got rid of my shyness and found a good job in the steel mill.

    In 1979, the future actor, not having music education, he founded the group «Spoons», which plays in the style of «new wave». He also finally decided to re-enter the stage in the same club, which several years ago left in shame. But this time the audience was more supportive of young talent. Under its wing it took the Manager Letras Singer, who made him a real celebrity of the institution.

    His speech was attended by people from around Toronto, critics unanimously called the actor a «rising star». On the club scene «like-Like» Jim noticed another renowned comedian Rodney Dangerfield and invited him «warming up» in Las Vegas. Jim agreed to the proposal, but worked with Him for very long, as it beckoned Hollywood, which was now very close. So Kerry was in Los Angeles, where he began working in the comic club «somedy Shop» and actively attend all auditions.

    Jim Carrey: movies

    The debut of Kerry on television took place in a humorous stand-up show «An Evening at the Improv» in 1982. After some time, Jim was invited to late-night talk show «The Tonight Show». But the future actor was dreaming about the «big meter» and participation in the full pictures. In 1983, his dream was partially true, Kerry suggested that the main role of a young comedian in the film «Rubber face» and another film entitled «Mountain Kupper». Both films were low budget and was released for home viewing.

    In 1984, the artist was invited to the children’s animated sitcom «the Duck factory», which closed after a month. But for its short time of existence, the show managed to give Jim plenty of useful contacts and attention is not the last Directors in Hollywood. Then Jim met with Director Clint Eastwood, the comedian was invited to the club to imitate him and other famous people. Some time the artist actually worked at the club, but later said he did not want to become famous through mimicking others.

    The real success and international fame to Kerry came after his participation in the Comedy «ACE Ventura: pet detective» in 1993. The movie left quite ambiguous from the very beginning it pursued the problem: famous comedians refused to take part in it, and Jim agreed to the role only on condition of processing of the script and the image of their main character. The painting enjoyed great popularity among the audience, box office receipts exceeded budget, and Kerry received his first award «MTV Movie Awards». But critics were not so supportive, they are in tatters tore the tape, and the actor himself was awarded a «Razzie» as worst new star.

    The following tapes featuring Jim could not leave indifferent even the critics: the films «the Mask» and «Dumb and dumber» became worldwide hits, giving immense popularity and love rising star of Hollywood. Buffoonery Kerry was more than appropriate in the movie «Mask» where his protagonist from time to time turns into zelenoglazaja God Loki. No less successful role of the actor became the character Fletcher reed from the movie «liar, Liar», released in 1997. For this role, Jim refused other not less interesting the movie «Austin powers: international man of mystery». Interesting, but this was the first picture where the audience was able to see the real hair color of your favorite actor, before Kerry was filmed or wigs with incredible hair, or hair wild colors. The film brought him his second nomination for the Golden globe and the award of the channel «MTV».

    Kerry reached enormous popularity as a comedian. Most of the roles he played have humorous overtones. In 2007, Jim decided to experiment and took part in a mystical Thriller Joel Schumacher’s «the number 23». Alas, but critics again did not assess the play of the actor and he was nominated for a «Razzie».

    Another atypical role, Jim was the role in the drama «I love you, Phillip Morris» where he is played by Stephen Russell, the guy with gay. The movie had a lot of problems, because of the very explicit scenes for a long time refused to show in cinemas, but he was released in 2010. Supporters and critics reacted to the film is pretty cool, and Kerry returned to the filming of the comedies.

    Jim Carrey: personal life

    In 1983 Kerry about 8 months dated singer Linda Ronstadt, but their relationship didn’t work out and they broke up. In 1987, the actor met, and subsequently made an offer to former actress and waitress «the Comedy store» Melissa Womer. In September of the same year the couple was born a daughter, Jane Erin. Unfortunately, the couple relationship was not always smooth and are often accompanied by serious quarrels, which in 1995 led to the divorce. Kerry had to pay his ex-wife 7 million dollars of compensation.

    Divorce has seriously affected his mental health, the actor became depressed and started taking antidepressants, which soon ceased to help him. Then Jim made a decisive step towards a healthy lifestyle and exercise, replacing antidepressants with vitamins.

    Kerry remarried a year. His choice was actress Lauren Holly, but the marriage was short-lived: after 10 months, they divorced. Later Jim met many of the famous ladies of Hollywood, including actress Renee Zellweger and model Jenny McCarthy.

    In February 2010, Kerry has become a grandfather, his daughter Jane gave birth to a boy named Jackson Riley.

    Jim Carrey: filmography

    • Once bitten
    • ACE Ventura: pet detective
    • Dumb and dumber
    • Mask
    • Batman forever
    • Liar, liar
    • How the Grinch stole Christmas
    • Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    • Always say «Yes»
    • Penguins of Mr. Popper

    Jim Carrey: photo

    Jim Carrey

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