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  • Name: Jessica Lange ( Jessica Phyllis Lange )
  • Date of birth: 20 April 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Cloquet, Minnesota, USA
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Jessica Lange: a biography

    April 20, 1949, in the American town of Cloquet was born a future actress Jessica Lange. Her father earned a living as a traveling salesman, so the family had to withdraw from one place and move to another. Jessica later recalled that as a child changed schools 18.

    Frequent moves do not affect her studies — she got good grades. Since childhood, lang was fond of drawing. Perhaps affected by a close relationship with his father, who looked at the world philosophically, but when it was given to the emotions as a child.

    After school, Jessica Lange received a scholarship to the University of Minnesota, where he studied painting, but after a year she left University and went for his dream. She always wanted to go beyond the horizon, to know the unknown. On this journey, 19-year-old Jess made her friend, the Spaniard Paco. With him she traveled thousands of miles of American roads, lived like a hippie. Nomadic life is sick of Jessica, and she went to Paris to study pantomime.

    Soon the talented girl has already performed in «Opera Comique», and in parallel worked as a model, but none of the professions it is not exciting. Jessica Lange left the pantomime and became interested in photography. She lived in Paris for several years until Paco had called her back to America.

    New York met the girl of hostility — she had to earn a living as a waitress. In her free time she withdraws from the world and spent hours staring into the void. Once one of my friends brought her school of modern dance. Dancing, as an actress, she was saved.

    A few months Jessica Lange got a job in a model Agency — a pretty girl with elegant figure willingly took on the job. Paco had already gone blind, and she had to work for two.


    The fashion Agency photo LEng saw the producer of «king Kong». He was looking for an actress for the lead role and invited the girl to try their hand. Jessica Lange played the screaming girl, when she was 27 years old. The reviews were devastating — the actress has told that never will be shot, but fate decreed otherwise.

    Directors started to bypass the beauty of LEng and bedazzle it offers. In 1979 she played a small role in the film «All that jazz», then had several of the same nondescript roles. A turning point in her career was the painting «the Postman always rings thrice»: it has a flair for the dramatic actress fully opened. 32 years old Jessica Lange became famous.

    Then there was the picture «Frances» and «Tootsie», which has strengthened the reputation of American women. Role in «Tootsie» was the only romantic melodrama in lang’s film career. Often she was offered to play stubborn, strong-willed, independent women.

    Becoming popular, Jessica Lange she chose the role and the conditions set producers. In 1996, after starring in «Streetcar», she announced the completion of a film career, but the movie did not. In 1997, the film was released just two paintings involving lang’s «a Thousand acres» and «Cousin Bette». In 2002, the premiere of «Disguised and nameless», and a year later she starred in «Big fish.»

    Personal life

    Jessica Lange never married. Nearly 10 years she spent with Paco out of pity for him. She was still living with him when in new York, accidentally met the Russian dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. In this relationship was born a daughter, Alexandra. The actress says that «many Russian».

    Baryshnikov made her go crazy with jealousy — his romance novels talked the entire creative elite. Newspapers wrote that the dancer behaves in an erratic, forcing LEng to cook strange Russian dishes, periodically raises her hand often leads to the house of his friends. For the first year of marriage with Mikhail Baryshnikov American actress visited a shrink about 50 times. After the birth of her daughter relationship the couple is normal, but more like a strong friendship. In 1981 Jessica Lange was invited for the role of Francis Framer in the film «Francis» — she had to leave for a few months.

    On the set of the actress met a playwright and a partner in the picture is Sam Shepard. Sympathy, immediately broke out between them blossomed into love, but the pair carefully hid their relationship. Sam was married, he grew up the son. After filming the lovers parted and tried to live as before. They met at the Oscars: Jessica Lange was nominated in two categories. Sam Shepard and his wife came to congratulate her — at that moment she realized she loved him.

    Since 1982, the actors live together in a civil marriage were born two children. LEng says that rural clothing and the quiet life on their ranch in Minnesota with your loved ones, made her happier than fame and popularity.


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    Jessica Lange

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