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  • Name: Jessica Chastain ( Jessica Howard )
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Sacramento, CA
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Jessica Chastain biography

    Jessica Chastain is an American actress, star of such films as «Maid», «interstellar», «the Tree of life» and «Martian». She was born in the Californian city of Sacramento and before becoming famous, bore the name of Howard. And Chastain is the maiden name of her mother, which became the name of the actress.

    Jessica’s mother, Jerry Chastain, prepared vegan dishes, performing the duties of chef. Who was the real father of the actress, and it remains unknown. The rumors that her biological father is rock musician Michael Monasterio, the actress calls idle speculation. In the metric girls count «Fatherhood» was vacant and conduct an investigation to clarify the circumstances of Jessica refuses because she thinks it’s disloyal to the stepfather of Michael Hasty, who raised her along with four native children.

    The most cordial relations have Chastain happened to her grandmother Marilyn. An avid theater, grandmother and granddaughter taught me to love art. Already in 7 years Jessica clearly knew that it would be only an actress. She became involved in dance studios, but 13 also in the drama club. After graduating from high school, the girl was playing in a production of «Romeo and Juliet» and the actor who played the role of Romeo, told her about the famous school Juilliard. Jessica lit up the dream of this University.

    Together with her grandmother, she goes to new York and held a huge competition for admission to the Juilliard school. Chastain was more difficult that she could not pay for expensive training independently, but the performance of the young actress, so pleased the examiners that she had been allocated a scholarship from the graduate school Robin Williams.


    The first touch in the film Jessica Chastain began in 2004 in the television series. It can be seen in such famous projects like «Dark shadows», «Poirot Agatha Christie», «er», «Law and order» and many others. Debut on the big screen happened after 4 years in the social drama «jolene». The role of the main character has brought the actress first award at the International film festival in Seattle.

    But the breakthrough in his career occurred in 2011. Jessica starred in seven movies and four of them had great success. In recognition Chastain, absolutely incredible experience has been shooting together with brad pitt in the mystical drama «the Tree of life.» No less interesting and the Thriller «Payback», where her partner was Helen Mirren. But the greatest furor drama about race relations «Servants». For the role of Celia Foote in this picture Jessica Chastain was nominated for «Oscar» and «Golden globe».

    In the future, the actress was involved in quite different projects. She worked on the set of action-Packed psychological Thriller «Mother» and crime dramas «the most violent year», a famous sci-Fi movie «the Martian» a fabulous fantasy «snow white and the huntsman 2». Also she had to cooperate with the favorite actor of his grandmother, al Pacino in the film adaptation of the play by Oscar Wilde’s «Salome».

    At the moment, the actress involved in the filming of several projects. Along with Natalie Portman, it will appear in the biographical drama «the Death and life of John F. Donovan», tells the story of a Polish family during the Second world war in the film «the wife of the zoo Keeper,» try the Western genre in «the Woman goes first.» Also already announced that Jessica Chastain will play the legendary Marilyn Monroe in the biographical film «Blonde,» which will be released only in 2018.

    Personal life

    Quite a long time Jessica Chastain was in a romantic relationship with film Director ned Benson, whom he divorced in 2010. Interestingly, the joint work on the trilogy «the Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby» they had after ended the relationship. Currently the actress is Dating the designer Gian Luca Passi di Preposal, who works for Italian world-class brand «Moncler».

    Jessica adheres to a vegan diet, and before that was a vegetarian. In 2012, she has headed a rating of the most sexy famous vegetarians according to the organization PETA. In addition, the actress is an active supporter of feminism. She regularly speaks about women in movies rarely provide decent and strong role, and often protests against granting overly sexual heroines.


    • 2008 — jolene
    • 2011 — the Tree of life
    • 2011 — Servants
    • 2011 — the Reckoning
    • 2012 — number one
    • 2013 — Salome Wilde
    • 2013 — The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby
    • 2014 — interstellar
    • 2014 — the Most violent year
    • 2015 — Martian


    Jessica Chastain

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