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  • Name: Jessica Biel ( Jessica Claire Timberlake )
  • Date of birth: 3 March 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Ely, mn, USA
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: American actress, model and singer
  • Marital status: married Justin Timberlake

    Jessica Biel: biography

    Jessica Biel was born in the American state of Minnesota, in the town Or in March 1982. Early childhood Jessica passed in moving families from one state to another. The girl’s father was an entrepreneur and a long time looking for the most favorable place for the development of your business. Therefore, spouses Edward Biel and Kimberly Conroe along with the children moved from Minnesota to Texas, then to Connecticut and Illinois. Stopped in town Boldrin where Jessica went to school. Besides her family grew up the youngest son Justin.

    In Boldrini the girl managed to uncover their creative talents. Noticing that the daughter has a good ear and voice, parents enrolled her in vocal lessons. There Jessica was noticed and invited to the stage. The young singer has performed in several musicals that were staged at the local theatre.

    In 12 years, promising little actress was sent for participation in conference of the International Association of talents and models. There is a young beauty was noticed by the Manager of one of the major modeling agencies. Jessica Gets asked to sign a long term contract. The girl’s life changed dramatically. Since then it is continuously removed in advertising.

    Fame came to Jessica Biel before. In the 14 years she played a character named Mary Cadman in the popular family show «Seventh heaven», filmed by Aaron spelling. It was then that the filmmakers and critics first noticed innate acting talent Jessica. The following year she was already playing a new role in the sensational project «the Gold Uli». For this work the young artist received his first award – the award «Young Artist Award». This year has been really generous with gifts for Bill. Beauty was offered a contract with the famous brand «l’oreal». Soon she becomes the face of this company.

    After graduating from a private school Gets enrolled in the University. But to finish school and her failed acting career took all of the time.


    A cinematic biography Jessica Biel continued at turning point 2006. The actress played a starring role in the film «the Illusionist» by Neil Burger. She appeared in the image of the heroine Sophie, and fell in love with the main character, played by Edward Norton. For this brilliant work the artist was awarded two prizes.

    Next year Jessica Biel was invited to the role in the sensational project «the Prophet», where he received a great opportunity to work on a movie set with Hollywood stars Nicolas cage and Julianne Moore. The plot revolves around the hero Nicolas cage, Chris. He is endowed with extraordinary gifts of the seer, who uses to earn by guessing the winning combinations and the results of gambling. But he was destined to fulfil a high mission, having worked on the country and preventing a bloody terrorist act.

    In the same 2007, the screens out a great Comedy starring Jessica Biel Chuck and Larry: Fire wedding». Already in the first weekend, the Comedy has grossed $ 34 million. Soon after this film ranked first in the list of projects that are in the lead at the box office.

    In 2009, viewers saw a wonderful Comedy «Easy virtue,» which was directed by Stefan Elliott. It is light and witty movie, in which a lot of English humor and witty jokes. Perhaps, this work becomes a decisive factor in getting the actress to the list of the sexiest women on the planet, published by the American magazines.

    This time the admirers of Jessica bill saw your favorite movie star as not only an actress but a producer of the film «Hole in the paper sky». Soon the list of the production works Gets added two more projects: on the screens out his film «Bruiser» and «the Devil and the deep blue sea». The last film was released in 2013.

    Jessica Biel is considered one of the most beautiful and wealthy Hollywood stars. It is very much needed in the profession and continues to star in several new projects that go to the screens every year.

    Personal life

    The actress had many Affairs with famous men, whose names on hearing. Until 2006, Jessica had a romantic relationship with actor Chris Evans. The couple starred in several films, including «London» and «Cell». But this novel was destined to end. In place of love it’s a new hobby: Bil started Dating a colleague in the film «Seventh heaven» Adam Lavorgna. Then there was a brief affair with the athlete Derek Jetter.

    Personal life Jessica Biel has changed dramatically in 2007, after her meeting with Justin Timberlake. Popular actor and singer was the one who Jessica decided to connect the life marriage bonds. In 2012, this beautiful couple got married. The actress added to his name «Timberlake», which is a rarity for stars of show business.

    Today, the pair lives in Los Angeles. In 2015 they had a son, whose wife was named Silas Randall Timberlake.


    • «The Gold Uli»
    • «American beauty»
    • «Texas chainsaw massacre»
    • «The illusionist»
    • «The prophet»
    • «Easy virtue»
    • «Blade: Trinity»
    • «This digital world», «Cell»
    • «London»
    • «Elizabethtown»
    • «Stealth»


    Jessica Biel

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