Jessica Alba

photo Jessica Alba

  • Name: Jessica Alba ( Jessica Alba )
  • Date of birth: 28 April 1981.
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Pomona
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Jessica Alba: biography

    California girl Jessica Alba born 28 APR 1981. In her family were Mexicans, Danes, French, Canadians. His father served in the US air force, so the family changed one house after another, staying in forced position «nomads». But in the end they still went back to his native sunshine state.

    Jessica Alba grew up a very sickly child. With pneumonia she was in bed 3-4 times a year, in different periods of her tortured defects of the lungs, problems with the tonsils and symptom obsessions. With such a rich set of diseases in childhood Jessica almost did not get out of hospitals. This caused alienation from other children who do not have time to get to know her.

    Already five-year-old daughter Jessica Alba understood that he wanted to play in a movie. At the age of 12 she was sent to drama school for acting lessons. The girl was gifted. Less than a year later it signed a contract agent.


    «Lost camp» — was the debut filming area. She was 13 years old. It showed itself from the best side and instead of 2 weeks spent filming 2 months, since her role continued. At the same time, Alba starred in commercials.

    Aspiring actress realized what popularity, starring in several funny episodes of the series on the teenage channel. Since then, began her journey on the series. In 1999, she starred mostly in episodes. For two seasons she appeared on screens in the role of Maya in the TV series «flipper». The first notable work in Hollywood can be considered a Comedy «never been kissed» with drew Barrymore in the title role.

    The gift was the casting of James Cameron. Thousands of girls auditioned for the role of super-soldier Max Guevara in the television project «Dark angel». Jessica Alba stole the show. After the series aired, she became really famous. The role earned her a prestigious award Teen Choice Award and a nomination for the award «Saturn» and «Golden globe».

    Jessica Alba was welcome on the covers of magazines. she’s still at the top of the world’s most popular celebrities. In 2001 she won first place in the «Hot 100» of Maxim. In 2005, the magazine «People» included the name of the actress in the list of most beautiful people in the world.

    Widely publicized scandal photos Jessica, who was in «Playboy» without the knowledge of the actress. She even sued, but soon decided not to sue. Hugh Hefner brought her a public apology and donated a large sum to a charitable organization under the patronage of Jessica Alba.

    The most memorable roles for the actress began working in the «Honey», «sin City» and «Fantastic four.»

    In 2008, Jessica Alba played the controversial version of the Hong Kong horror «the Eye». Critics praised the film. Regarding the Jessica to a common opinion have not come. She received the award for best actress Teen Choice Award and anti-award «Gold raspberry» at the same time. Another «raspberry» in the same year was marked by the work of the actress in the Hollywood Comedy «Sex Guru».

    In 2010, Jessica Alba plays a prostitute in the movie «the Killer inside me». Pleases fans of her role in the romantic Comedy «Valentine’s Day». In film about Mexican killer Machete she plays in 2010, the employee of Department on struggle against illegal migration, and in the film «Secret sign» — a teacher of mathematics.

    Business, politics, charity

    Jessica is not only a successful actress and a successful entrepreneur. In 2011, she became one of the founders of the company, The Honest Company, engaged in manufacturing non-toxic products. In 2014, the profit of the company amounted to more than 1 billion dollars.

    Interested in the actress and political life of their country. In 2008, her face could be seen on campaign posters in favor of presidential candidate Barack Obama. Photo Jessica Alba appeared wrapped in black tape and gagged.

    Media called shocking photos. Alba she only shrugged, because she is sure that «shock» is needed to attract attention. She believes that young people need to be more conscious, energetic, when it comes to politics and their choice.

    Jessica Alba is involved in many charity projects and helps Fund. It is concerned with the education of children in Africa, she is a member of the National center for missing and exploited children.

    Personal life

    Jessica Alba was raised Catholic, but at age 15 she moved away from the Church. Now her attitude towards religion is very clear. Alba believes in God, but do not consider the Bible a universal guide to life. According to the actress, the final reason was the constant condemnation she faced on coming to Church. She didn’t like that people judge her by appearance. The Church made the girl ashamed of his feminine body. When she starred in an episode of the TV series «Chicago Hope», her friends responded negatively.

    First husband of Jessica Alba was the actor Michael Weatherly. They played together in the project «Dark angel». He was 12 years older lady and in the press have often discussed this moment. Alba itself assured the media that the age difference its not a bit worried. But the marriage between the actress and Ilca Weatherly fell apart.

    True love Jessica met in 2004 on the set of «Fantastic four.» Second husband in 2008, was the Cache Warren. A month after the marriage the couple had a daughter, honor Marie Warren. Alba always talked about his desire to have a big friendly family. In 2011, the second daughter haven garner Warren.


    • «Never been kissed»
    • «Honey»
    • «Sin city»
    • «Fantastic four»
    • «Welcome to Paradise!»
    • «Sex Guru»
    • «Valentine’s day»
    • «The killer inside me»
    • «Machete»


    Jessica Alba

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