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  • Name: Jesse Eisenberg ( Jesse Eisenberg )
  • Date of birth: 5 October 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Queens, new York, USA
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actor, playwright, writer, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Jesse Eisenberg biography

    Jesse Eisenberg is an American actor, acted on the stage and made her film debut as a teenager. He is also known as a playwright and writer. Eisenberg received wide recognition after the release of the film «Welcome to Zombilend», «Social network» and «the Illusion of deception».

    Jesse was born in new York suburb of Queens. The boy’s family are immigrants from Ukraine and Poland. His father Barry for a long time worked as an administrator at the hospital, and then received a professorship at the College. Amy’s mom entertained children as a clown-animator. The actor has an older sister Kerry, as well as Junior Hallie Kate, who at an early age also appeared in films, including together with his brother.

    In 13 years, Jesse joined the teen pop group «The Broadway Kids», with which performed in musicals. At the same time first appeared on the big stage of Broadway in the play «Summer and smoke». As a singer, Eisenberg took part in recording several albums of «Kidsos», but in General he was not there on the first cast. In the first place because he quickly was invited to play in a movie.

    After the maturity the young man wanted to study dramatics at new York University, but because of congestion on the set has postponed the training. In the end, he was studying in a private University «New school».

    Had Jesse Eisenberg to try yourself as a playwright. Of his plays were staged performances of «Asuncion» and «Revisionist», and in both he acted as an actor. In addition to scripts for the theatre, a young man in popular magazines regularly publishes satirical stories.


    While still a high school student Jesse Eisenberg began acting in teen TV series «Be yourself.» By the way, this picture was the first and for another young star, Anne Hathaway. The actor then appeared in the movie «Lightning: Fire from the sky», the drama «the Emperor’s club» and black Comedy «ladies man».

    Serious attention of the audience Jesse drew after working on the Thriller «Werewolves» and the youth Comedy «Park of culture and rest», where his partner was Kristen Stewart. It is also worth noting European adventure drama «the Hunting party». There Eisenberg interacts with Richard Gere.

    Real success came to the actor after the start of the show parody of the horror film «Welcome to Zombilend». It was talked about and movie fans, and professionals. In the end, Jesse got three major works – the Comedy «strange adventure», crime drama «Holy rollers» and the biopic «the Social network» about the life of the founder of the site «Facebook» Mark Zuckerberg. For the last project, Eisenberg was nominated for two of the most significant of the film award «Oscar» and «Golden globe».

    In the future, the actor is able very many, and diverse paintings. It is necessary to highlight, first and foremost, a Comedy by woody Allen «to Rome with love», the Thriller «the Double,» action adventure «Time 30 minutes» and action film «Night moves». New star a work of Eisenberg was the crime Thriller «the Illusion of deception», the second part which comes out in June 2016 and already removed continued.

    Also fans use the success of Comedy about super-agents «ant-man», a superhero action game «Batman V Superman: dawn of justice» and the new romantic Comedy «the high life».

    Personal life

    Himself Jesse Eisenberg calls himself a big kid, so the marriage does not even think. However, he had at least two serious novel. In 2002 on the set of the painting «the Imperial club» he met with the assistant producer Anne Straut, who was older than Jessie for six years. The pair met a decade, but in the end, the young people broke up.

    In 2013, Eisenberg struck up a relationship with a young actress MIA Wasikowska, with whom he starred in the film «the Double». This time the affair lasted only two years.

    The actor is the author and Creator of entertainment website where visitors can participate in games with words.


    • 2002 — a Favorite of women
    • 2005 — Werewolves
    • 2009 — the Park of culture and rest
    • 2009 — Welcome to Zombilend
    • 2010 — Holy rollers
    • 2010 — the Social network
    • 2011 — in Time for 30 minutes
    • 2012 — to Rome with love
    • 2013 — the Illusion of deception
    • 2015 — ant-man
    • 2016 — the high life


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