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  • Name: Jeremy Clarkson ( Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson )
  • Date of birth: 11 April 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Doncaster, United Kingdom
  • Activity: TV Presenter, host of the show Top Gear
  • Marital status: Married Francis Kane

    Jeremy Clarkson: the biography

    Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson born 11 April 1960 in Doncaster, UK. Mother Shirley Gabrielle ward worked as a teacher at the school, and his father Edward Clarkson salesman. Parents have long been engaged in business, having his shop selling tea, but over time, the business had to be sold. Little Jeremy went to a private school, and it was difficult for them to pay the fees, but the family helped the case.

    When Clarkson was 13 years old, the boy’s mother made two Paddington bear. Soon the toys became popular, and the family reopened the business but for the sale of Teddy bears. Then came the ability to pay for private school, went to Jeremy, but after a short time the guy was expelled for disorderly conduct, drinking alcohol and Smoking. At the same time, Clarkson participated in the program

  • «Hour children» on Radio Bi-bi-si, playing the role of a student activist. In parallel, the guy worked for a family by selling toys in their own shop. After school biography Jeremy Clarcona was associated with journalism. Then the speaker went to work in the local edition of «Rotherham Advertiser», and then tried his hand in the «Rochdale Observer», «Wolverhampton Express & Star», «Lincolnshire Life and Associated Kent Newspapers». In 1984 Clarkson, along with his friend founded the entertainment category «Motoring Press Agency», where the guys tested the car, and then sent out about this article from publications. After a while, they were published in the magazine «Performance Car». Also, Clarkson can be seen on the pages of the editions of «The Sun», The Sunday Times and other car magazines and Newspapers. For a long time, he writes for the canadian magazine «Toronto Car-Old».

    In addition, Jeremy Clarkson has released several books on automotive topics. Almost all publications Clarkson written with humor in order to attract more audience.

    Jeremy Clarkson: «Top Gear»

    Start Jeremy Clarkson on television began with the moment he came to the «Old Top gear» as one of the speakers. On October 27, 1988, Jeremy has remained in the project for 12 years. After some time, in 2000, began to release a new version

  • Top Gear, where Clarkson also took part. In cooperation with other TV hosts James MAAM and Richard Hammond Clarkson turned the project «Top Gear» in the popular show, which covers telezriteley an audience of over one hundred countries. Automobile topics in early childhood was close to the lead, but the TV show «Top Gear» and «motor World» for Clarkson was the peak of popularity.

    Later Jeremy Clarkson was a frequent guest in the British version of «Robot Wars», where the presenter acted in an Advisory role or just a guest star. In 1988, Jeremy started his own talk show called «Clarkson», and until 2000 on television was broadcast 27 half-hour episodes. His guests were the stars of show business, actors, politicians and musicians. Also one of the hobby Clarkson has shot documentaries on automotive topics, where the presenter touches on the most interesting topics about the history of the development of technology.

    Jeremy Clarkson: the scandal

    In March 2015, photo Clarkson flew over all the media, since the presenter was suspended from the filming of «Top Gear» after the scandal between him and the technical producer

  • Ossinom The Cana. The conflict broke out for the reason that the producer made arrangements for Jeremy Clarkson and other members of the crew a hot meal, as it was getting late and the restaurant closed long ago. Jeremy bumped into Ozena with profanity that is inherent in his temper. Not for the first time Clakrson entering into trouble due to his flighty nature. In may 2014 he has made a «final warning» because he uses racist remarks during the show. Then Jeremy realized that if this happens again, he’ll get fired at any moment for one wrong word.

    In March of the current conflict in support of Clarkson’s collected more than 900 signatures, but, apparently, the TV presenter support fans have not helped. March 25, 2015 Jeremy Clarkson was finally dismissed from the Corporation.

    Jeremy Clarkson: cars

    As a broadcaster his whole life was devoted to the study of automotive equipment in the Arsenal of the cars Jeremy Clarkson over a long period of life there were many brands, such as:

    • Volvo XC90
    • Range Rover TDV8 Vogue SE
    • Lotus Elise 111S
    • Mercedes-Benz 600 Grosser
    • Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black
    • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster
    • BMW M3 CSL
    • Honda CR-X
    • Ferrari F355
    • 2 Ford GTs
    • Aston Martin Virage
    • Lamborghini Gallardo
    • Volkswagen Scirocco
    • Volkswagen Scirocco 2
    • Ford Escort RS Cosworth
    • Ford Focus 1

    Jeremy Clarkson: personal life

    In may 1993, Jeremy Clarkson married long familiar to him a woman

  • Francis Kane, as she has long worked as his Manager. Since personal life Clarkson found another story that continues in their history so far. At the moment the couple live in Chipping Norton. In 1994, the couple first became parents, giving birth to daughter Emily. Two years later was born the second child is the son of Finla. Two years later the couple had another daughter-Kate.

    Jeremy Clarkson: TV shows

    • Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld
    • Battle bots
    • Jeremy Clarkson’s Extreme Machines
    • Clarkson (talk-show)
    • Clarkson’s Car Years
    • Speed
    • You don’t want to do it
    • Top Gear
    • Jeremy Clarkson meets the neighbours
    • The Victoria Cross: For Valour
    • Jeremy Clarkson: The Italian Job

    Jeremy Clarkson: photo

    Jeremy Clarkson

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