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  • Name: Jennifer Morrison ( Jennifer Marie Morrison )
  • Date of birth: 12 April 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Chicago
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: American actress, model, producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Jennifer Morrison: biography

    Jennifer Marie Morrison was born in the spring of 1979 in Chicago. Soon her family moved to Arlington heights, Illinois. Here and spent his childhood and teenage years for the future actress. Jennifer is the eldest of three children of teachers David and Judy Morrison. Besides her family was grown daughter Julia and son Daniel, of whom Jennifer cared for the rights of older sister.

    Jennifer Marie was an exemplary student and never overshadowed by the parents ‘ life troubles. The girl was a good student, played the clarinet and sang in the choir. She was chosen as the cheerleader in the support group organized in school.

    After graduating with honors from the school, which employed her parents, Jen enrolled at Loyola University in Chicago. Here she not only studied English language and literature, but also involved in acting, what interested him in high school. Bright external data, Jennifer Morrison did not go unnoticed by the model agents, and she worked for some time in the modeling business. But thoughtful and serious Morrison never considered this job as their future.

    After graduating from University, Jennifer went on to hone his acting skills in special courses, after which he enrolled in drama school «Steppenwolf». Then the girl went to Los Angeles, where he was going to make a career of the actress.


    A cinematic biography of Jennifer Morrison began at the age of 14. The girl played the daughter of main characters «At the crossroads». Just then Jennifer got a memorable game, because the couple in this film played by Richard Gere and Sharon stone. In later years, Morrison appeared in episodes of several TV series. The most striking of them was the roles played in the films «Miracle on 34th street» and «stir of echoes».

    The first major role went to Jennifer Morrison in 2000. The young actress received the offer to star in a horror movie called «Urban legends-2. The last part». This project brought the young actress not only popular, but also made me need to have a personal agent. It was on his insistence, she went to Los Angeles after graduating from acting school. The new proposals now fell on Morrison, as from a cornucopia. She starred in several us TV series and feature films, among which the most famous was 3 films — «Fever girl», «Skateboarders» and «surviving Christmas».

    Another stellar role was waiting for Jennifer Morrison in the mid-2000s. The actress has appeared in mega-popular TV series «Dr. house» where he played the doctor-the immunologist Allison Cameron. This project became a hit in many countries where it was broadcast. Morrison, along with other heroes of the film got tremendous popularity. Continuing to act in the following seasons of the series, Jennifer had time to work on the sets of other projects. The most striking of them was «the Murder of Princess Diana», «Table for three» and «Big Stan».

    In 2007, the actress got the sexy stars of America. And Morrison was nominated for a screen actors Guild award nomination the United States.

    A new stage in cinematic biography of the artist began after leaving the project «house». Jennifer starred in the sensational film «Election» and «to bring Ashley Back home.» In 2011 she received a new starring role in the film «the fighter,» received the award «Oscar». In the same year she reached a new career step. She signed a lucrative contract to take in a fantastic film «Once upon a time». In this series, Jennifer Morrison, was filmed several years: in all the seasons she played the role of a brave detective Emma Swan.

    Among the latest projects Jennifer critics of the film «Star path. Retribution» and the Thriller «Event 15». In addition, in 2014 filmography Morrison has added a popular melodrama called «the List», in which she played the main role. The actress appeared in the image of the heroine, Catherine, who put up his favorite list of changes that need to transform their relationship perfect.

    Personal life

    In early 2007, the media announced the engagement of the actress with her colleague at the «Dr. house,» Jesse Spencer. The fans were sincerely glad for the beautiful star couple. But the joy was short-lived. Six months later, the actors announced the breakup of their Union and engagement.

    It soon becomes known that the star began a new romance with actor Amaury, Nolasco. But this relationship was short-lived. In place of this romance was different, with Sebastian Stan. This artist Jennifer met on the set of the film «Once upon a time». At the end of 2013 the couple broke up.


    • «Miracle on 34th street»
    • «Stir of echoes»
    • «Big Stan»
    • «Fever girls»
    • «Surviving Christmas»
    • «Dr. House»
    • «Flourishing»
    • «Table for three»
    • «Big Stan»
    • «Warrior»
    • «Once upon a time»


    Jennifer Morrison

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