Jennifer Lopez

photo Jennifer Lopez

  • Name: Jennifer Lopez ( Jennifer Lopez )
  • Date of birth: 24 July 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer
  • Marital status: not married

    Jennifer Lopez: a biography

    Her career Jennifer Lopez started as a dancer in the movie, but the world fame and glory was brought to her vocal. The girl wanted to prove that talented in everything, including music, and she more than succeeded.

    Jennifer was born on July 24 1969 in the castle hill in new York. During his rather striking and unusual to American women the appearance of talented artist should thank their parents, Puerto Ricans by birth. Her father David worked for some time in the night shift of an insurance company before he got a good job in a computer firm. Mother Guadalupe was a homemaker and was involved in bringing Jennifer and her sisters. The Lopez family lived modestly, five people huddled in a small apartment, which failed to change to home only a few years later. Guadalupe raised his daughters young ladies, instilling in them a sense of taste and refined manners. Girls were forbidden for a long walk on the street, and by nightfall, they were supposed to be home. Mother tried to develop their children’s talents.

    When little Jennifer was 5 years old, she was sent to singing lessons and dance, which helped her a lot in the future. To protect her daughter from the corrupting influence of the outside world, aspiring actress and singer was sent to Catholic school, where she continued to sing in the choir. Moreover, Lopez actively participated in school productions, and made similar presentations at home with her sisters. The young singer has also achieved considerable success in the sport: she did gymnastics, competed at national competitions in running and was a member of the school’s softball team. Unfortunately, the Lopez family did not see her as a star of show business. The mother thought that Jennifer must learn the honorable and prestigious profession, linking his life with jurisprudence.

    A senior, Lopez has successfully passed a casting in a low budget film «My little girl». The picture was not a success, however, gave the young artist the dream. From the moment Jennifer wanted to become a famous actress, whose game admired by the whole world. But, being an obedient daughter of her parents, she enrolled in law school, after leaving it through the semester. She tried to explain to her parents that dreams of becoming an actress, but instead of approval he heard accusations of stupidity and the fact that no one from the Latino has not managed to become famous in Hollywood.

    Jennifer was emphatically disagree with the family and even left the house, after removing a small apartment in Manhattan. The actress got a job in a law office, and at night was moonlighting as a dancer. In the same period she took an active part in musicals like «Jesus Christ Superstar» and «Oklahoma!». There’s a talented woman noticed and invited the choir «Golden Musicals of Broadway», which for nearly six months toured Europe. However, participation was very upset with the singer: she is the only one of all of the choir had a solo.


    The first movies with Jennifer Lopez could not boast of a serious plot or popularity. Almost all of them were associated with the dance talents of the artist. Her first permanent job on television was the show «Bright colors», one of the dancers are unable to participate in the project and in its place took Lopez. After a 2-year cooperation project, Jennifer announced her desire to have a real acting career and left the show. In 1993, she received her first invitation to the shooting of the film «Lost in wilderness», which, however, left exclusively for home viewing. However, for the artist this painting was the next step on the way to the dream, and she finally walked away from the music and dance projects, his first participation in the drama.

    The debut of Lopez in «big movie» premiered on the premiere of the film «My family». For the role of young Mary, she even received her first nomination. But the next movies with Jennifer was absolutely disastrous, their box office is only slightly higher than the budget and was an interested spectator.

    The first real success for the actress was the picture of «Selena». Despite the fact that the film was shot by the same Director who had earlier participated in creating «My family» actress has had a long and exhausting casting. Adaptation of the biography of the singer Selena allowed the actress to fully display their talents on stage, which deeply impressed the critics, informed about threats to the artist. Professionalism gave Jennifer the first nomination for «Golden globe», which was real recognition for aspiring actress cinema. Lopez’s career went up rapidly, and her work was a success. The painting «Out of sight», where the artist played with the famous actor George Clooney, gave her a fee of $ 1 million and the glory of the first Latin American actress who has received such a large sum as payment.

    With the development of his musical career Jennifer became a frequent guest of the Comedy. In movies she always plays the main role, in fact, because of its popularity, only one name Lopez can make the project commercially successful. But her filmography has a place and drama films as «angel Eyes», «an Unfinished life» and many others.

    Particularly striking works, it should be noted tandem of the actress with Richard Gere in the drama «Let’s dance» and the main role in the science fiction Thriller «the Cell», the costumes for which were created by famous Japanese designer Eiko Ishioka, known for his collaborations with Bjork and «Cirque du Soleil».

    In 2015, the TV screens should exit the series «Shades of blue» with Jennifer in the lead role. She will play a single mother who works in the police and the FBI comes in to the inside to fight corruption. For the actress it will be the first serious role in the serial film.


    In 1999, Jennifer released her first single»If You Had My Love», which instantly became a hit. The name of the actress, and already the singer, was on the top line popular American hit parade «Billboard Hot 100». Strange, but this success with the debut song had previously been achieved only singer Britney Spears.

    Critics with a sinking heart, waiting for a full album Lopez, lost in conjectures, why did she start her singing career. According to them, a bad record could have a negative impact on the acting profession Jennifer. However, the album «On the 6» was met with resounding success with the audience, which was a real surprise to critics and forced them to confess Lopez «a woman who has many talents.»

    Music Jennifer became so popular that by the end of 1999 completely overshadowed her career in film. Fans called the singer not only as J. Lo, and she without hesitation adopted the stage name, which was also the title of the second album, Jennifer «J. Lo», appeared on the shelves in 2001. The album once again rocketed to the highest positions of the American charts and has sold incredibly great quantities.

    Your 4 album «Rebirth» Jennifer has devoted the boy by the name of Patterson. In 2004, in the framework of his visit to a children’s hospital, the singer met with 11-year-old boy page, who was ill with cancer. Despite all efforts of doctors, he died in November of the same year. This event was a real shock for Lopez, who realized the importance of action to help the needy.

    Personal life

    Personal life Jennifer is no less intense than her career. For the first time the singer got married in 1997, the Cuban waiter ojani of Noah. Their marriage was short-lived, because in a year, the couple broke up. But the guy was very opposed to cash in on the popularity of his former wife and in 2006 tried to publish a book about their relationship. Jennifer tried to dissuade him, on the grounds that it would violate their confidentiality agreement, but Ahani did not listen, and the case was submitted to the court. The judge ruled that the work Noah puts the singer in a bad light and banned the publication and ordered the unfortunate writer to pay compensation in the amount of 545 thousand dollars.

    In the period from 1999 to 2002 Lbes met Sean Combs, who got her into trouble with shooting in a public place, and was married to dancer Chris Judd.

    The following choice of the singer became actor Ben Affleck. The press instantly called their «Bennifer» and was called not differently, as «super couple». Lovers even planned a wedding for September 2003, but the day before the event without explanation canceled the ceremony.

    In 2004 Lopez married musician Mark Anthony and bore him twins. But this relationship did not bring happiness to the singer. In 2011, she stated that she plans to divorce her husband because of «irreconcilable differences.» Finally a divorce was possible only in 2014, until Jennifer for over two years was seeing another man, dancer Casper SmarTeam. The couple broke up for a while, but in 2015, renewed relationships, and in the press appeared rumors about the upcoming wedding in the month of October.


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    Jennifer Lopez

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