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  • Name: Jennifer Lawrence ( Jennifer Shrader Lawrence )
  • Date of birth: 15 August 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Louisville, USA
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actress and producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Jennifer Lawrence: a biography

    15 Aug 1990 in the family of the owner of the construction company Gary Lawrence and the management of the kindergarten, Karen Lawrence was born Jennifer Lawrence. She is the third child in the family, she has older brothers blaine and Ben. The ancestors of the parents of Jennifer were the Scots, the Irish, the Germans and the British.

    As a child, Jennifer was a very lively child, she participated in performances of the cheerleaders and even in the competition in field hockey. She was interested in design and medicine. The children spent all their time together, coming up with different games and home theatricals.

    Jennifer Lawrence in childhood
    Jennifer Lawrence (center) | Gigamir

    The Lawrence family was quite poor relation to the cinema – at the level of the audience. But in the age of fourteen, Jenny knew exactly what was to be an actress. She asked her parents to accompany her to new York in search of an agent. While Lawrence lived in Louisville, Kentucky. To persuade mother and father did not last long. Besides the first trip immediately brought success: Jennifer was invited to the shooting of advertising of the brand Abercrombie & Fitch.

    After that Jennifer auditioned in several agencies everywhere have appreciated her talent while acting education and experience, the girl was not. The girl showed great perseverance on the way to its goal: for the dream she had to finish school without attending lectures for two years before their peers.

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence | «Web club»

    A successful audition at agencies inspired Jenn and finally convinced of the correct choice. Two years later she made her film debut.


    Career Jennifer Lawrence got started with roles in the film «City company». Then there were a few episodes in the series «Detective rush», «monk» and «Medium».

    In 2007, Lawrence received roles in the films «Grown-up prom» and «garden Party», and her first major work was the series «Show bill Engvall». In it she played a schoolgirl Lauren, who always imagined conspiracies. The show went for three seasons, but then the producers decided to turn it down.

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence | allure

    The popularity of Jennifer Lawrence brought the film «House of poker.» The premiere of the movie took place in the framework of the annual film festival in Los Angeles, the young actress won the prize for best actress. The festival Jennifer drew the attention of screenwriter Guillermo Inarittu and offered her a role in the film «the Burning plain». Partners actress on the film are Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron. For this work, Lawrence received the prize Marcello Mastroianni.

    In 2010, she played REE Dolly in «Winter’s bone», for which he was nominated for two prestigious awards «Oscar» and «Golden globe». The next year was fruitful: the actress starred in the films «the beaver», «X-Men: First class», «Like crazy» and «the hunger games».

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence | Wallpaperscraft

    Picture «the Hunger games» viewers saw in March 2012, after which Jennifer Lawrence came the long-awaited popularity. The film was in theaters with success and earned positive reviews critics praised the game Lawrence and her character in General.

    The actress received several awards for the role of Katniss Everdeen: the MTV Movie Awards in the categories «Best fight» and «Best actress,» the Teen Choice Awards in the categories «Best kiss» and «Actress fiction or fantasy film.» «The hunger games» was nominated for a Golden globe.

    dzhennifer lourens v "golodnyh igrah"
    Jennifer Lawrence in «the hunger games» | Scifidaily

    In addition to the positive feedback from filmmakers, the film was brilliantly released, greatly increasing the profit. Due to this fact, the film «the Hunger games» became one of the highest grossing films in Hollywood history.

    The most flattering remarks about the actress sounded from the lips of the writer Susan Collins, the author of the novel on which put the picture. The capture of the novelist was not the limit: it is simultaneously vulnerable and determined, she saw her character, Chitnis Everdeen.

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence | 333v

    In the same year, Jennifer co-starred Russell Crowe in the film «My boyfriend – crazy» with Bradley Cooper. She got the role of Tiffany, a young woman widowed and had conş cealed from his pain sex. For this work, Lawrence received the «Oscar» and «Golden globe».

    Soon, the actress starred in another picture Crowe, «American hustle,» based on real events. The girl had to be reincarnated as a mentally unbalanced woman with the task she coped brilliantly. After the filming of this movie, Jennifer Lawrence the third time was nominated for «Oscar» and received a second Golden globe.

    Jennifer Lawrence
    At the ceremony «Golden globe» | Joinfo

    In the 2014-2015 year, the actress went on to star in «the hunger games» and «X-Men».

    Now Jennifer Lawrence dreams and creating your own film in which she is the Director. It is intended as a Comedy: the scene – isn’t the 60’s, which put the LSD experiments, but at some point, something went wrong. Jen dreamed of directing since he was 16. Now understand that you are ready.

    Possessing exceptional parameters of the figure (growth Jennifer is 171 cm and a weight of about 60 kg) and being recognized by Hollywood star with one of the highest levels of income, the actress confessed many times one of the most decent and sexy lady in the world. So in 2013, Jennifer entered the top ten most beautiful people in the world by People magazine. It is therefore not surprising that she was asked to become the face of the line «miss Dior» in the advertising campaign of handbags in 2013. What Jennifer happily agreed.


    Actress despite the fact that often starred in a very candid photoshoot, has never appeared before the audience completely naked. The only exception is the movie «X-Men: First class,» in which Jennifer had to play naked, but with the application of a thick layer of makeup all over the body.

    However, on the night of September 1, 2014, there was a mass leak of photos of an intimate nature with cloud storage icloud. In the list of victims of the hackers, in addition to eight other Hollywood stars fell and the charming Jennifer Lawrence.

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Intimnye photo, merged by hackers in the network

    First, the network began to receive the stolen photos rather restrained character. But after several days of downpours spicy images peaked than not seriously concerned with the management of the company Apple, which has gone on negotiations with computer hooligans.

    Personal life

    In 2011-2013 Jennifer was Dating Nicholas Holt. They met in the movie «X-Men: First class». In a while talked about the fact that young people engaged in pregnancy Jennifer, on the network even spread a photo of the engagement ring. But the rumors were only rumors and suspicions pregnancy young actress. Two years later the couple broke up.

    Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas hoult
    Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas hoult | vanity fair

    The reason for the gap, says Lawrence, were the high fees — it guy was not able to accept the fact that Jen is the highest paid actress. According to the testimony of the American tabloids, Lawrence for several years now ranks second after angelina Jolie’s biggest annual income.

    «No one invites me out, my Saturdays are alone, guys are afraid of me» she said in an interview.

    Jen believes that men tend to dominate the relationship, which she rejects.

    When rolling out the film «My boyfriend – crazy», there were rumors about the relationship Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. But Bradley denied the rumors, saying that he is good at Jennifer’s father.

    Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper
    With Bradley Cooper | Cosmo

    During the filming the three parts of the movie «the Hunger games», Jennifer Lawrence became friendly with the other main character — Josh Hutcherson who is younger than her by two years. During the work on the franchise, the actors immediately found a common language, they seemed to understand each other perfectly. People began to suspect that the artists share much more than just a joint project.

    Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson
    Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson | j-14

    In fact, it was only speculation. Jennifer and Josh feel like brother and sister, which binds a close friendship, a great sense of team spirit and the same sense of humor. So, on stage, the young actors are so passionate about communicating with each other that often could not switch to play serious love scenes: images are constantly frustrated by their laughter and jokes.

    Latest work Jennifer — the movie «Passengers» of science fiction, in which she starred in the title role is gaining in recent years, popular Hollywood actor Chris Pratt. After the completion of films within the framework of the project on the promotion of «Passengers» actors have to visit all the most important premiere of this film in different parts of the world.

    Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt
    Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt | El Debate

    Radiating happiness the couple gives the impression of lovers. Artists its delicate relationship to each other provide food for not very cleanly paparazzi. But, according to the Chris and Jen, they share only a friendship.

    In the winter of 2016 Jennifer was adopted by one of the famous Directors of our time Darren Aronofsky, author of «the Black Swan», the main role in his new project named «Unnamed project for Darren Aronofsky». So far, all the nuances of the new movie are kept secret.

    Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky
    With Darrena Aronofsky | HELLO!

    Apparently, on set during the creative process the pair are so close, they moved their fellowship in life. And only now, almost a year later, the lovers no longer hide their feelings from others and openly, without intrigue, appear in public together.

    According to relatives of the actress, even though the difference in twenty years, Darren and Jennifer are truly passionate about each other: he was impressed by the cheerfulness and youth of Jen, and she is attracted to the charisma of Darren and his intelligence.


    • «The house of poker»
    • «Winter’s bone»
    • «Beaver»
    • «House at the end of the street»
    • Joy
    • «Garden party»
    • «Medium»
    • «The hunger games»
    • «Passengers»
    • «Detective Rush»
    • Serena
    • «American hustle»
    • Joy


    Jennifer Lawrence

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