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  • Name: Jennifer Garner ( Jennifer Anne Garner )
  • Date of birth: 17 April 1972.
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Houston, USA
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: American actress, Director and producer
  • Marital status: married Ben Affleck

    Jennifer garner: biography

    Jennifer Anne garner was born in April 1972 in Houston Texas. She grew up in a middle class family. Mom was an English teacher, and dad worked as a chemical engineer.

    Jennifer and her two sisters, the older and the younger Melissa Suzanne, brought up in severity. Parents did not allow them to wear bright clothes and decorations. Even teenage girls didn’t wear makeup and had no right to pierce ears.

    As a result of such education, Jennifer garner was growing stiff and unsociable girl. She had no friends. 3 years parents gave their daughter to a ballet school where she studied hard in 9 years, although she was not very happy. Anyway, Jennifer wasn’t going to tie their future with the ballet of life.

    Houston Garner lived long. They moved to Charleston, when Jennifer was 4 years old. In this city the girls finished high school. On average the chosen daughter of the father, who decided that she should continue his profession.

    So Jennifer garner in 1990, he became a student at Dennison University, where he studied at the faculty of chemistry. It was not her choice, so much zeal and willingness to learn the girl didn’t show. Happiness and a sense of the pleasure she had experienced only when visited the University theatre. A couple of years, garner has shown peculiar stubbornness and did what I thought was right: changed the Department of chemistry at the theater.

    In 1994, Jennifer garner received a diploma and decided to improve acting skills at Yale University. But in the summer, stay at a friend’s in new York, she decided to stay here.


    In 1995, she had a job in one of the theaters. As paying the young actress mere pennies – just $ 150 per month – she had to work as a waitress in a bar. For a long time in vain young actress running around to castings to get at least a tiny role in the movie, it failed. And in the theater garner offered only dubbing. She moved to Los Angeles.

    Here career began to gain momentum. First, Jen was offered the episodes in the series. But less than a year as an artist get noticed and trust is the first big role in the Saga of «Zoe». It was a successful debut that started a cinematic biography of Jennifer garner.

    In 1996, the actress participated in 6 projects. Though it was a TV series and soap operas with a low rating, but then garner what is called «stuffed hand» and confidently strode up the career ladder. In her filmography soon there were tapes of «Important people» and «Time of your life». And behind them came a fateful role in the project «felicity». Jen got though not key, but a significant role – she played his girlfriend of the main character. Scott Foley, whom she met on the set, soon became her husband.

    Fame came to Jennifer garner in the new century. In 2000, the screens out the picture «Where’s my car, dude?». A duet with Ashton Kutcher, the actress looked great. Garner was noticed and invited to the project, which after the release instantly became a hit. In «pearl Harbor», she met future second husband Ben Affleck. A couple of years later two stars appeared in another successful film – adventure film «Daredevil,» which brought its creators and actors with considerable financial success.

    In just one year, from 2004 to 2005, garner managed to earn about 15 million dollars and entered the hundred «Forbes» the most famous and influential people.

    Among the new works of Jennifer, released in the last decade, its supporters and critics point out several projects. The most striking movies «Daredevil», «ELEKTRA», «13 going on 30», «Kingdom» and «Juno».

    Personal life

    Not only career, but personal life Jennifer garner has developed brilliantly. Although there were in it and dark bands.

    In 2001, the husband of actress became a colleague of Scott Foley. But this marriage lasted less than 4 years. The couple quickly realized that broke out on the set of feelings was just a crush and not true love.

    Bright new Roman happened the actress a year after parting ways with Foley. Second husband of Jane again met on the set.

    Wedding with Ben Affleck were played on the shores of the warm Caribbean sea in 2005. Happy in the same year was born the eldest daughter violet Anne, 4 years later was born the second girl of a happy couple named seraphina rose Elizabeth.

    Son dreamed of Ben, was born in 2012. But soon in a couple’s life, there was a crisis. In the summer of 2015, the couple announced the breakup. As it turned out, the reason for damaged relations was Affleck cheating with the nanny of their children.

    But the couple managed to save the marriage. In 2016 fans of the two stars was excited to hear that Ben and Jen reconciled and spent a romantic vacation in Paris.


    • «Zoe»
    • «Important people»
    • «Time of your life»
    • «Felicity»
    • «Where’s my car, dude?»
    • «Pearl Harbor»
    • «Daredevil»
    • «ELEKTRA»
    • «Spy»
    • «The Tribes Of Palos Verdes»


    Jennifer Garner

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