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  • Name: Jennifer Coolidge ( Jennifer Coolidge )
  • Date of birth: 28 August 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Jennifer Coolidge
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Jennifer Coolidge: biography

    It is called a Comedy, though no less brilliantly he plays dramatic roles.

    Jennifer Coolidge was born on August 28 1961 in Boston. She went to school in Norwell, and then went to College.

    Jennifer Coolidge young
    Jennifer Coolidge young | Peeri

    After graduating, Jennifer moved to new York, where he performed in Comedy show the Gotham City. After a while she went to work at a comic show Groundlings and lived in Los Angeles.

    The audience loved her brilliant performances and comedic images, and soon it drew the attention of the Directors. At the start of the career she was offered the role of silly blondes – Coolidge agreed. I had somewhere to start.


    Her acting career began in 1993 with an episode in the TV series «Seinfeld». The next project in which she was invited, and promised a permanent role. It was a TV series «Saturday Night Special». But he went out just two months, after which the producers have closed the project. In 1995 came just two film with Jennifer Coolidge, but the roles she got episodic.

    His real debut the actress says shooting the movie «trial and error», which the audience saw in 1997. Following two years of important projects in her career was not.

    Jennifer Coolidge in the Comedy
    Jennifer Coolidge in the Comedy «American pie» |

    Popular Jennifer woke up after the premiere of the Comedy «American pie». The actress played a mother who tries to seduce a classmate of his friend. Directors increasingly began to offer the actress a Central and major role. She starred in «American pie 2» and «the broken hearts Club: a romantic Comedy» and the sensational «legally Blonde». In the latter film, audiences saw her in the role of naive Paulette good losers. Critics and audiences noted a remarkable ability Coolidge to accurately convey the feelings and emotions of the characters ugly on the screen.

    In 2001, Jennifer co-starred in the film «Zoolander», and two years later appeared in the sequel «legally Blonde». Then there was the projects, «American wedding», «Sex in a sick city,» «Joey» and others. In 2008 began to appear in the series «the secret life of the American teenager». She was involved in this project for 4 years. Both sitcoms were a success. From 2012 to 2015, the actress starred in the TV series «Two broke girls». She played the ditzy roommate the main characters and in some scenes eclipsed them.

    Jennifer Coolidge in the film
    Jennifer Coolidge in the film «Two broke girls» | KinoFilms.TV

    The Directors appreciate Jennifer Coolidge her unorthodox appearance: tall, lush Breasts – a real femme fatale, but only in Comedy. In her acting career were only three dramatic roles – in films «movie date», «epic movie», «Bad Lieutenant.» The audience and critics of these projects-parody appeared to be ambiguous, although the commercial success they had. During his life, Jennifer has starred in 35 movies and 15 TV series.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Jennifer Coolidge, little is known. Media wrote that in 2001 she met Tom Mahoney, met him, then married.

    Now the couple has two children.


    • «American pie: All Assembly»
    • «Igor»
    • Carolina
    • «In your court»
    • «Legally blonde»
    • «Bad Lieutenant»
    • Joey
    • «Business for love»
    • «Night at the Roxbury»
    • «A Cinderella Story»


    Jennifer Coolidge in the film

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