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  • Name: Jenna Dewan ( Jenna Lee Dewan-Tatum )
  • Date of birth: 3 December 1980.
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Height: 157
  • Activities: actress and dancer
  • Marital status: married Channing Tatum

    Jenna Dewan biography

    Jenna Dewan, whose full name is Jenna Dewan-Tatum was born on 3 December 1980, the first year in the American state of Connecticut, in Hartford. Father green-eyed beauties – Darryl Dewan – is 50% Polish and 50% Lebanese. Grandma Jenna was born into a family of Polish immigrants, and my grandfather collection of Lebanese descent. Himself Darryl Dewan has become famous as the backing of the football team «Notre-Dame-Fighting-Irish».

    In addition, thanks to the birth father Jenna Dewan is 25% Polish and 25% Lebanese, extra spicy blend of blood she was given and mother. Nancy Smith, to whom we owe the birth and upbringing of the famous actress, is of German-English origin. In such multi-family Devanov Jenna was the oldest child: over time, the family was enlarged by three more sons, younger brothers Jenna.

    Jenna Dewan in childhood
    Jenna Dewan in childhood | Hello

    An unusual origin provided for future dancers originality of her beauty, for which the young girl then looked the stronger sex. Despite his small stature (only 1.57 meters) and the corresponding weight Jenna to some extent followed in the footsteps of her father: she was active in sports and has been striving to achieve professionalism in dance, a passion to which she saw herself at the age of five.

    In school years, Jenna was a cheerleader, and after graduating from the school without any problems he entered the University of southern California. Of course, to school prom girl was elected Queen.

    Dancing career

    While studying at the University of the future actress continued to improve their dancing skills and quickly became well known in the circles of celebrities. Barely crossed the threshold of adulthood, she has danced in performances by Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Missy Elliot, Pink and other eminent artists.

    These performances determined the future career of Jenna Dewan. A well-known agent who has toured with Ricky Martin and Janet Jackson, drew attention to the charismatic dancer. Jenna was good looking choreography, but also the ability to freely stand in front of the camera, incredible charisma and artistry.

    The first major work of the actress was the concert tour Janet Jackson, she went along with the singer as a dancer. In 2001, the year the cooperation with Jackson continued: Jenn Annales were in the video singer of the song «All For You».

    Jenna Dewan on stage
    Jenna Dewan on stage | GotCeleb

    At the same time, Devan continued to decorate her choreography concerts of such artists as Ricky Martin, Justin Timberlake, n’sync and others. On the TV screen, she first appeared in a Pink show music during the ceremony. Subsequently she appeared in various clips of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot, Mandy Moore and others.


    The first film debut Jenna Dewan can be called a small role in the popular movie «the hot Chick», where the actress played the girl from the support group. The role was episodic and dumb, as did Devan in front of the camera all the same – dancing. Therefore, the first full appearance of the actress on the big screen is the sitcom «the Quins» in which she starred in 2004-m to year. However, there role was very small, and the sitcom special popularity did not use.

    In 2005, the year after a series of such undistinguished appearances in the film Jenna finally got the main role of Tamara in «deathwalker». This low-budget horror movie about a girl who is not popular in the class and was constantly subjected to ridicule.

    Jenna Dewan in the movie
    Jenna Dewan in «Step up» | Kino bei CINEMA

    The heroine is so tired of being an outcast that was ready to return from the afterlife to take revenge on their cruel classmates. «Deathwalker» is also did not win the love neither critics, nor the audience, but it was an important step in the film career of Devan.

    Maybe Jenna was beginning to think his movies are doomed to failure, and, despite her young age, she is limited to only dance career. But soon an event occurred that changed everything: the filmography girl was replenished with an incredibly popular film «Step up». The picture was published in 2006-m year, and talked about the history of street dancer and ballet dancer.

    A compelling story of love such different from each other heroes, decorated with stylish dance performances, literally blew up the box office and became the starting point for a series of such films. And the final dance from the movie «Step up» for many years has become a real classic quality of choreography in film.

    Subsequent works of the actress-dancer is worth noting, first, the picture of the «Base» in which Jenna played along with Bruce Willis, 50Cent and Ryan Philippe. The film is about a daring robbery was released in 2011 year and was exceptionally stellar cast, which could not fail to please the young Dewan-Tatum.

    In 2012 year, the actress appeared in the drama «10 years later», in the role of producer and lead actor, which made Channing Tatum (then jenna’s husband). The picture tells the reunion that the protagonist arrived with a charming girl, and where he met his first love.

    Jenna Dewan
    Jenna Dewan | news movie

    From 2015, the year Dewan-Tatum plays the role of Lucy lane in the superhero series «Supergirl», dedicated to the well-known cousin of Clark Kent/Superman/Kal-El.

    Personal life

    In the photo from the shooting rocked the whole world «Step forward» it’s hard to believe that the main characters just portrayed the feelings of each other. In fact, believe this is not necessary: the film, which was a breakthrough in the career of Tatum and Dewan, was also the birthplace of their love.

    Before the actors hit the incredible fame and popularity, both had quite a difficult financial situation (especially Channing). As was later admitted, Jenna supported him in the most difficult times, sometimes even paid for rented accommodation instead.

    However, now the star couple similar problems were observed.

    Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum daughter
    Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum daughter | Woman

    Wedding, after which Jenna took the hyphenated name, was held in 2009-m to year, after three years of marriage. And in 2012-m year, it was revealed that the actress was pregnant in may of 2013 she gave birth to adorable daughter Everly Elizabeth Mazell Tatum. For children of both spouses are important, and it is likely that soon we will hear about the new addition to the star family.


    • 2005 — deathwalker
    • 2006 — Keep the rhythm
    • 2006 — a Step forward
    • 2008 — Love lies bleeding
    • 2008 — fab five: the Texas scandal in a support group
    • 2009 — the Six wives of Henry Lefay
    • 2009 — American virgin
    • 2010 — the Legend of hell gate: an American conspiracy
    • 2012-2013 American horror story: Asylum
    • 2013-2014 Witches Of East End
    • 2015-2016 — Supergirl


    Jenna Dewan

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