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  • Name: Jena Malone ( Jena Malone )
  • Date of birth: 21 November 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: sparks, United States
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: American actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Jena Malone biography

    Actress Jena Malone, whose career began almost in childhood, was born in 1984 in Nevada. In the town of sparks passed only the first years of life Jen. The next 9 years Malone has marked a continuous moving from place to place. In total, the family changed 27 cities until he settled in Los Angeles.

    Jena Malone grew up in a single-parent family. She was raised by her mother, who was helping a friend. She began to earn money in 7 years. In 1991, she first appeared on screen in an episode of the American melodrama «Roseanne.» From this moment small Jen filmed continuously.


    A cinematic biography of Jenna Malone has been developing rapidly. After a few episodes the little actress was invited to play a role in the sensational blockbuster «Bastard out of Carolina». At the time she was 12 years old. The picture was a huge success and generous cash charges. Malone received a huge fee. A lot of money paid to the girl for participation in the projects «Contact» and «Stepmom» was released in theaters in the next 2 years after «Bastard out of Carolina».

    In 15 years, the name Jenna Malone has appeared in the press in connection with the scandalous trial that the young star start against his mother Debora. The girl went to court because the mother was squandering Jenna earned money. The juvenile judge sided with the teenager, leaving Malone to dispose of the earned means.

    Successful projects followed one another. In 2001, viewers saw a talented girl in the film «Donnie Darko». Jenna got a prominent role: she played a girlfriend of the protagonist of the film. This was the period when the young actress starred in the latest teenage images. Alice Beck in the movie «Life as a house», Margi Flynn in the action film «Dangerous game» and Becky Pollard in the project «United States of Leland». Apparently, after these paintings adult Jena Malone began to offer only the Mature heroines.

    In these images, she appeared in the draft of the «American girl» and the Comedy «Saved.» In the first film Malone not only played the main character, but also tried his hand at producing. In the second she also got a key role.

    In 2006 Sean Penn invited the actress to play Catherine McCandless in «Into the wild». In addition, Jenna spoke in this tape as a voice-over narrator. The film was a huge success and brought Malone several prestigious awards and nominations. Critics noted the increased skill of the artist. In the same year she debuted on the Broadway stage, playing the main character in the play «Doubt».

    All of the following TV projects – the horror movie «the Ruins», a military drama «the Messenger,» a Thriller with elements of fantasy «sucker punch,» and others strengthened the Jena Malone in the status of a Hollywood star.

    The real fame came to this wonderful actress after the film «the Hunger games: catching fire». Here Malone had to perform complex tricks and even purchase martial arts skills. According to critics and spectators, Jenna did a great job.

    Personal life

    32-year-old actress in 2016 became a mother. Personal life Jenna Malone has developed happily. The star is in a civil marriage with music producer and photographer Ethan Dilorenzo. Their first son was born in may and named Oud mountain Dilorenzo-Malone.

    The good news Jena Malone shared with his fans on the social network page. There are also placed the first touching family photo with the baby in her arms.


    • «Bastard out of Carolina»
    • Contact
    • «Stepmom»
    • «Donnie Darko»
    • «Life as a house»
    • «Dangerous game»
    • «The United States of Leland»
    • «Into the wild»
    • «Ruins»
    • «The messenger»
    • «The hunger games: catching fire»


    Jena Malone

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