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  • Name: Jen Psaki ( Jennifer Rene Psaki )
  • Date of birth: 1 December 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Stamford, Connecticut
  • Activities: Official representative of US state Department
  • Marital status: Married to Gregory Macera

    Jen Psaki: biography

    Jen Psaki is one of the most famous women not only of the US State Department, but the entire American political sphere. Biography Jen Psaki has long been interested in population with an active lifestyle, but Psaki of the day appears on the front pages of the most influential political publications — a career it is boiling as rapidly as the field of activity in which it operates.

    Born Jen Psaki located near new York Stamford (Connecticut) December 1, 1978, family therapist and Builder. Father Jen Psaki James has now completed his career in the field of construction of apartment buildings, he is now retired. Mother Elin midway is a well-known therapist and has been practicing so far in Greenwich. Until recently, reliable information about how many years Jen Psaki, the sources were not — she was hiding her age, however, a solid position and the publicity forced her to abandon the «forever young» image.

    In Stamford, the General population shared democratic views in politics, it also explains the political views of the Psaki, and why she started her political career in the Democratic party of the United States. Despite the fact that the current official representative of the US state Department was born in Connecticut, its roots are in Poland and Greece.

    Jen Psaki: education

    Education Jen Psaki was varied and relevant to her career. She first graduated in 1996 year, the Greenwich High School (Connecticut), and in 2000-m to year was educated at the University College of William and Mary (VA, USA).

    Jennifer has always been active and inquisitive student. While at University, a future political star enthusiastically involved in sports (in student’s years the lady liked swimming) and participated in public women’s organizations Chi Omega. Active life position, excellent education and diversity led her to the world of big politics, where for a short time, Jennifer has managed to make a brilliant career.

    Jen Psaki: the policy

    In 2001, the year Jen Psaki began his political ascent, being at the forefront of many key figures in American politics of the time. Started in US policy in the Democratic party, then she participated in her campaign in Iowa — at that time the campaign was for Tom and Tom Vilsak harkyn.

    Psaki showed himself in his post, composed of Democrats, so soon «went» on the career ladder to the position of press Secretary in the election campaign and current Secretary of state John Kerry — it happened in 2004-m to year. After a while, in 2005-2006 years, Jan was involved as the Director of public relations in the conduct of a member of the house of representatives Joseph Crowley.

    In 2008-m to year career has received a new round of development in that time, she served as traveling press Secretary for Senator Barack Obama. When Obama won the election for President of the United States, Psaki is gone for the current President in the White house, first as Deputy press Secretary. Later Psaki left the White house, but on 11 February 2013, she returned on a new position which is held and currently at the post of the official representative of US state Department.

    Jen Psaki: fun and media

    The popularity of Jen Psaki found not only in official publications, but also in social networks — almost all of her comments, particularly about the Ukrainian crisis, are «winged» expressions. The owners of Internet sites and communities like lightning react to statements Psaki memes and funny pictures.

    Most popular fun Jen Psaki — is of the legendary «rotary mechanisms» in Lugansk and the mountains in the Rostov region. The official representative of US state Department was unable to explain the «carousel», both are unable to show journalists a map of where she found mountains in the Rostov region.

    In response to the remark about the absurdity of his statements Psaki said on 11 June 2014, the year that she became a «victim of Russian propaganda» — to explain his words ladies traditionally could not.

    One day, a representative of the US state Department «erroneously imposed» sanctions against Russia, which also received a tumultuous public outcry — because of the mistakes the White house had to confirm to journalists all over the world that during a briefing was made public false information. Psaki later still recognized in the briefings his words absurd and experts have repeatedly written off the reservation is «lost in translation».

    Despite the mistakes and difficulties, Jennifer Psaki daily works on the external image of the United States with his perfectly coiffed hair, expertly chosen accessories and a decent wardrobe, although not without incident»: one day, a representative of the US state Department was on a briefing in one boot, what struck journalists on the spot. Later it became known that the woman just hurt my leg.

    Jen Psaki: personal life

    As usual public serious man, Jen Psaki talks about his personal life — about what’s going on with her outside of the Department, journalists can only guess. It is known that she has a sister Stephanie, she lives in Washington and operates in the political sphere.

    In 2010, the year Jen Psaki married Gregory of Mechira, he is also a politician, working at the National Democratic Council. Psaki in social media often talks about the fact that she is in unconditional obedience to Barack Obama, however, outside of the White house’s main man is my husband Greg. Free time Jennifer loves spending on parties and travel, she is interested in fashion and horticulture.

    Jen Psaki: photo

    Jen Psaki

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