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  • Name: Jemal, Tetruashvili ( Dzhemal Tetruashvili )
  • Date of birth: 3 April 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Belarusian and Russian actor of theatre and cinema
  • Family: Married Olga Medynich

    Jemal, Tetruashvili: biography

    Jemal Cemalovic, Tetruashvili was born in April 1975 in Minsk. Already in 3 years parents took rolling boy in the famous Belarusian ensemble «Rovesnik» where Jemal danced for 14 years.

    After high school, Jemal, Tetruashvili already knew that the artist will, because on stage he felt like a fish in water. The future actor chose Belarusian Academy of arts, where he studied until 1995. He received a specialty «the actor of drama theatre and cinema».

    Eight years, Tetruashvili came out on stage, replacing some of the Minsk theatres.


    A cinematic biography of Cemal, Tetruashvili begins with the series «er». This Belarusian-Russian project, released in 1999. Nurse with Jemal turned out magical and bright.

    At the beginning of the new century, the artist appeared in two ranking projects – Comedy film «the Guide» Alexander Efremova and the crime drama «Law.» Minsk artist’s career developed rapidly. The Directors liked the kind of a character, Tetruashvili. Jemal looks memorable and has attracted the attention of a natural and easy manner of playing.

    In the first half of the 2000s, Jemal, Tetruashvili played heroes of the second plan in a military band «In June 1941» and the crime series «Lithuanian transit» and «Kamenskaya». But in the melodrama the actor looked fine, as you can see by viewing the series «Heaven and earth».

    In 2003, a Minsk-based artist debuted in the musical. It was a project of Tigran Keosayan «12 chairs». All of a sudden on the casting of Tetruashvili got the role of Ostap Bender. This work was not only first in the musical, but also the debut in the capital.

    The success of the musical opened Cemal, the road to Moscow. In the same 2003, the artist moved to the capital and began to appear regularly on screen in different projects. Most of these were popular TV shows. As the most popular and vibrant can be called «Saving private Ludwig», «Lily of the valley silvery» and «Close friends». Looked fine Jemal, Tetruashvili in detective stories, taken from the works of Tatiana Ustinova.

    In all these paintings the actor fell out, though bright, but the role of the second plan. The first starring role he had in 2011. Comedy series «Traffic light» is about three friends made Tetruashvili really famous. Hero Jemal Pasha Kalachev symbolized by the yellow light. For several years, this realistic Comedy about men not coming off screens and is a huge success. Each of her characters a whole army of fans. But I think the longest in Jemal, Tetruashvili.

    Annually with participation of the Minsk blue-eyed actor published several new movies. In his piggy Bank and role in the clips of the group «White eagle» and Alexander Malinin.

    Personal life

    His novels this charming actor was hiding so carefully that they did not know anybody. Personal life of Cemal, Tetruashvili constantly the center of attention of his numerous fans and media. But in the absence of convincing information about the love Affairs of the artist he attributed the novel with a long partner on the «Traffic light» Olga Medynich.

    Especially loudly talking about their «novel» after birth Olga. Oil was added to the fire the actress. She announced the name of the father of the baby, than gave rise to rumors and speculation.

    The artists themselves only October 2016, admitted that in life are spouses. Olga Medynich and Jemal, Tetruashvili a son Dima and enjoy a quiet family happiness.


    • «Express care»
    • «The guide»
    • «The law»
    • «In June 1941»
    • «The Lithuanian transit»
    • «Kamenskaya»
    • «Heaven and earth»
    • «Saving private Ludwig»
    • «Silver Lily»
    • «Close friends»
    • «Traffic light»


    Jemal, Tetruashvili

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