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  • Name: Jeff Bridges ( Jeffrey Leon Bridges )
  • Date of birth: 4 December 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, film producer
  • Marital status: married

    Jeff bridges: biography

    Acting career Jeff bridges seems to have been predetermined by fate. He was born December 4, 1949 in a family of actors Lloyd and Dorothy bridges. His brother also followed in the footsteps of their parents. The bridges studied acting from the nephew of A. P. Chekhov, a Russian actor Michael Chekhov.

    Before the cameras Jeff first appeared as a four month old baby, it was one of the episodes of the film «the Company she owns». After high school, he was sure that he wanted to connect his life with film. To pay for study in new York, Jeff worked for some time in the coast guard. In parallel took part in Amateur theatricals to show father. Improving their financial situation, the guy went to new York, where he graduated from acting class of the Herbert Bergdorf, and Uta Hagen.


    As already mentioned, to star in a movie Jeff bridges began «from the cradle». His second appearance on the screen (at 8 years of age) is associated with the TV series «Sea hunt», where he played with his father. The first significant acting job Jeff bridges was the painting «the Last session». The film’s budget was small, critics gave him mixed reviews. In spite of everything, an ambitious project was able to gather in hire ten times more money to him. Successful he was and Jeff – the actor received the first nomination on «Oscar».

    Its popularity is gradually growing, serious roles. In 1974, his appearance in the crime drama «thunderbolt and Bistronica» did not go unnoticed – he re-joined in the «Oscar race» for the best male role of the second plan.

    Following ten years in the film career of Jeff bridges was not marked a resounding success. Everything changed after the premiere of the film «Man from the stars». In a fantastic drama Jeff played an alien in love with an earthly woman. The actor once again got the opportunity to compete for an Oscar, but as a leading man. Another nomination did not bring him victory, but from Directors and then began to do the standing offer.

    The images that he embodies on screen, bright and memorable. Among them is the role of a wealthy businessman in «jagged edge», the ex-prisoner in the film «American heart», the architect in the psychological drama «Fearless». In 1996, the bridges played in the melodrama «the mirror has two faces», where Barbra Streisand appeared as the female lead female role and a film Director. The actor later appeared in the famous Comedy of Coen «the Big Lebowski».

    High assessment of film critics, and together with this fourth nomination for «Oscar» in 2001, Jeff bridges brought the film «the Contender». The audience saw him as the American President-Democrat. The highest degree of acting skills he demonstrated in the movie «Crazy heart.» Along with «Oscar» in the Treasury of the award-winning actor went for a Golden globe, Independent spirit award, and screen actors Guild award nomination the United States.

    In 2015 came the fantasy band «Seventh son» by Sergei Bodrov, in which bridges played the main role. In the same year, the actor voiced Pilot in the Franco-canadian animated version of «the Little Prince».

    Personal life

    Since 1977 married to photographer Susan. Their family grew to three daughters — Isabelle, Jessica and Hayley. In 2000, Jeffrey bridges became a grandfather.

    It is known that in the 1960s the actor some time used drugs. But with a bad habit he was able to cope.

    In 1983 he became the founder of the charity Fund «Stop hunger». The fundraising was organized a TV-marathon, which was attended by Gregory peck, Jack Lemmon, Kenny Loggins and Burt Lancaster.

    Besides cinema bridges carries even the music. In 2000 he recorded his first album «Be Here Soon». A year later came his second album. The star of the show business finds time for other activities – photography and drawing. The fruits of his work from time to time appear in major galleries.


    • «Dedicated»
    • «True grit»
    • Favorit
    • «Iron man»
    • «Fearless»
    • «Somebody killed her husband»
    • «The last picture show»
    • «Lovers»
    • «Crazy heart»
    • «The seventh son»


    Jeff Bridges

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