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  • Name: Christmas Zhanna ( Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya )
  • Date of birth: November 23, 1950
  • Age: 66 years
  • Place of birth: Rtishchevo
  • Activities: singer, composer, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: not married

    Jeanne Christmas: biography

    Jeanne G. Christmas was born 23 November 1950 in the city of Rtishchevo Saratov region. In childhood, the future singer was a naughty troublemaker. Was friends only with guys and often doing different pranks. But loving parents daughter punished very rarely, and this is reflected in the character of a girl. Even now Jeanne Germanovna — the lady is active and mischievous. The singer does not take a sense of humor, and the energy literally shoots out her key.

    From an early age Jeanne studied music and vocals. On stage Christmas had dreamed of since first year of teaching and knew that she will succeed. 10 years old girl was invited to play in kindergarten. After music school, the future singer went to study at the Music school of the city of Saratov, where he studied music theory and composition. Then got a job working in the Saratov Philharmonic, where he led the ENSEMBLE «Singing heart». The ensemble did not last long, and after the group disbanded Jeanne called in the Saratov theater of miniatures.

    Already in the theater, she more seriously began to study singing, because singing had a lot. After some time in the same theatre was organized a new ensemble called «the Saratov Accordions», and this band, the singer came to Moscow on competition of performers. There Zhanna Germanovna has a chance to show their talents. The girl sang, danced, played several musical instruments. The ensemble received a diploma for high quality and imaginative selection of instruments. After the contest, the singer for a long time was fond of playing on folk instruments. For some time the team worked in the circus, but the Christmas this work were not happy.

    After the circus Zhanna Germanovna got a job in the Moscow music hall. It was noted as a singer whose voice is perfectly suited for moments of the songs. Artist fit into the overall style of almost any picture. After a few months of work on television began to appear the first disc with songs performed by Christmas. Famous Studio «Melody» with pleasure recorded on vinyl records songs talented soloist.

    Jeanne Christmas: music

    The beginning of the eighties was the dawn of the career of the singer. Four years in a row, the artist was among the five best performers of the USSR in the hit parade «Golden path». Thanks to plastic and deep voices Zhanna Germanovna very often received invitations to sing for scoring different films. The singer can easily cope with the tasks, has caught the atmosphere of every picture and skillfully adjust the image of the heroine sounds. For a long time the audience was sure that Irina Muraveva in a film «Carnival» sings «

  • Call me, call me», in fact, her singing a Christmas. In the early nineties, when jobs were scarce, and then became very, Alexey Rybnikov has helped the singer to get in the Moscow Theater of Clown art the teacher of a vocal where the artist still works.

    Since the early work in the theater the singer was very fond of the rock Opera. The artist captures the unusual combination of music and vocals. She gladly takes part in such performances. The voice of Jeanne Germanovna a range of four octaves makes it easy to adapt to any performing classical works. The artist was invited to record new versions of the rock Opera «Juno and Avos» and «the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta.»

    Christmas plans to create their own theatrical and musical groups. According to the singer, she wants to gather again the same people who were part of «the Saratov accordions». The creation of such a group would greatly facilitate the work of many studios, as it is much easier to solve the question of artificial sound effects and building a vocal interaction. Most often, these factors considerably slow down project work.

    Now the actress is working on her own album, which is going to include not only their songs, but some of the colleagues on the stage. Although it takes a lot of time and effort, Jeanne Germanovna finds in your schedule for working in the theatre, and to participate in the TV show «Main stage».

    Jeanne Christmas: the private life

    Jeanne married Christmas came early and soon after the wedding became pregnant. Spouse of the singer, the drummer Sergey Petrovich Akimov, left the family soon after the birth of her daughter Olga. The actress doesn’t like to talk about failed marriage.

    More, the singer didn’t marry and devoted herself to music and her daughter. Olga followed in the footsteps of his mother, having inherited her beautiful voice. Since childhood, she sang just for fun. Later, as the mother, voiced songs in movies. Her voice sang little Red riding Hood. Now the daughter of Jeanne Christmas is engaged in the development of one’s own group and preparing for the release of the album.

    Jeanne Christmas: discography

    • The star and death of Joaquin Murieta
    • Me and mom
    • Jeanne Christmas
    • Juno and Avos
    • Two portraits
    • The heat of the earth

    Jeanne Christmas: photo

    Jeanne Christmas

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