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  • Name: Jean-Paul Belmondo ( Jean-Paul Belmondo Hotel )
  • Date of birth: 9 April 1933
  • Age: 83 years
  • Place of birth: Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Jean-Paul Belmondo: biography

    Jean-Paul Belmondo, the famous French actor who created the image of a young rebel with irresistible smile and in 60-70 years has earned the title of one of the most beloved actors of European youth. Subsequently, he played a distinguishing role in the crime fighters and comedies. The most famous movies of Jean-Paul Belmondo «breathless», «Professional», «7 days, 7 nights» and «the Man from Rio».

    Jean-Paul Belmondo
    Photo Of Jean-Paul Belmondo

    Jean-Paul was born in the town of Neuilly-sur-Seine, which borders on the legendary Bois de Boulogne. His parents belonged to a creative elite: father Paul Belmondo was a sculptor, and my mother Sara Reynaud, Richard studied painting. Brother Allen and sister Muriel, as Jean-Paul connected his life with the cinema and became a producer and actress. If not for the Second world war, the family Belmondo, perhaps, would have lived luxuriously. But the occupation and the deprivation pushed them almost to poverty.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo
    Photo Belmondo in youth | My French Film Festival

    At a young age, the future star of the silver screen is very fond of sports. First, he wanted to be a cyclist, then became involved in football clubs, where he played at the position goalkeeper. Later in the biography of Jean-Paul Belmondo appears in the box. Teen played at the Amateur level, and in 16 years debuted in the adult serious level. As a professional Jean-Paul Belmondo played nine matches, never once losing four times and winning in the opening round. But one day the boy looked in the mirror at your face, whose form began to change, and realized what a great sport it is time to finish.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo
    Before becoming an actor, Belmondo was a boxer | Mode Masculine

    Not knowing how to choose the path in the future, Belmondo goes to serve in the army. Then he waited for the disease, a mild form of TB to treat that young man went to the village of the Auvergne Allanche, lots of fresh air. And it was there to Jean-Paul comes to mind about the profession of actor. At the age of 20 he entered the national Conservatory of dramatic art, after which debuts on the stage and at the same time begins to film.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo
    Star of French cinema’s Identity

    It is noteworthy that most of the teachers of the Conservatory, while noting the undisputed talent of the young man, but pointed out that it looks unlikely to allow him to become successful, especially tele-viewers. Not added to the teachers confidence in the student and incurable carelessness and lack of discipline. Jean-Paul Belmondo was often late for classes, skipping lectures, bullied by classmates and often misbehaved. However, his first appearance on the screen attract the attention of women.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo
    Young Jean-Paul was a carefree badass | October

    Gradually Belmondo earned fame as the most commercially successful French artist. He founded his own production company «Cerito», named in honor of the maiden name of his grandmother, and begins not only to star but also produce. I should add that Jean-Paul just completed a few careers, but always returned. And in the beginning of 2015 is finally gone and with a theatrical stage and on set.


    Debut in the feature film the young actor was held in 1957. He starred in the film «molière», but when assembling the footage with his participation were cut. First brought fame Jean-Paul Belmondo movies «Be beautiful and shut up», which debuted Alain Delon, the romantic Comedy «Miss angel» with Romy Schneider and psychological drama «the double turn of a key».

    Jean-Paul Belmondo in the film
    In the role of Michel Puakara in the movie «the last breath» | full Movie

    Worldwide fame gave him the role of villain careless Michel Puakara in the crime drama «the last breath». Today this tape is included in the chronicle’s best works of world cinema. Not enjoying the laurels, Belmondo with his head immersed in work. He starred with Sophia Loren in a military picture «Chacara», with Jeanne Moreau in unusual psychological film «7 days, 7 nights», with Pascale Petit in the romance «Letters to novices», with Claudia Cardinale in the historical Comedy adventure «Cartouche».

    Jean-Paul Belmondo in the film
    In the role of Dominic in the movie «Cartouche» | Movie-Theater

    All of these films Jean-Paul Belmondo was a great success and added popularity in the Treasury of the actor. But he wanted to play not only in the French equivalent of Hollywood, was therefore involved in non-commercial projects, for example, in the philosophical parable «the Heir» and biographical history of the Russian emigrant-swindler «Stawiski». But the audience at that time were very warmly welcomed these films, although they are a fine example of acting and good directing. The fact that the audience wanted to see Belmondo in a more entertaining role, and Jean-Paul appeared regularly in this way: the gangster picture, «Professional», «Borsalino», «Pierrot Le fou» and «Fear over the city» was a huge success.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo in the film
    In the role of Josselin beaumont in the movie «the Professional» | Movie-Theater

    But in the 90-ies of the actor announces that he no longer wants to be «jumping and shooting grandpa», so out of the movie and focuses on theatrical performances. However, for a bold, modern adaptation of the novel of Victor Hugo «Les Miserables» and he’s back together with Jean Mare creates two wonderful characters in this picture.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo in the film
    In the role of Charles in the film «Man and his dog» | full Movie

    In 2001, after suffering a stroke, actor Jean-Paul Belmondo again announces resignation. However, seven years later, he made an exception for the script of the social drama «Man and his dog», as the image of the poor Charles, who was with his dog on the street, could not leave indifferent actor. Jean-Paul said that although he played more than 40 roles in plays and took part in the creation of about a hundred films with a similar character he had to deal with ever.

    Personal life

    The famous French actor was in demand not only among spectators, but also the beautiful half of humanity. Although officially he was married twice, he had many stellar novels with such notables as Silva Koshin, Brigitte Bardot, Ursula Andress, Carlos sotto Mayor and Laura Antonelli. With most of these Actresses he met while working on joint projects.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo and Laura Antonelli
    Laura Antonelli | Today

    The first woman to officially change the status of the personal life of Jean-Paul Belmondo, was a French dancer, Elodie Constant. They married in 1953 and have been married for 13 years, becoming parents to three children: son Paul and daughters Patricia and Florence.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo with his family
    His first wife, Elodie Constant and children | Web-Dorogi

    After a divorce, the actor is very long did not dare again to walk down the aisle. All of his novels with the above artists were serious, but none of them led to marriage. Only in 2002, Belmondo again, marrying a model and dancer Netti Tardivel, who was younger than her husband for 32 years. And before the wedding they met more than a decade.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo with his wife
    With his second wife Netti Tardivel | Home

    In this family was born one daughter, Stella Eva angelina. Jean-Paul at that time was already 70 years old. By the way, none of the children Belmondo in his footsteps go, although son Paul at a young age and starred in the film «over-achiever», but then chose to become a racer «Formula-1».

    Barbara Gandolfi Belmondo
    Barbara, Gandolfi | RussiaTime

    Marriage Belmondo and Netti Tardivel lasted only 6 years, after which an elderly man struck up an affair with Belgian model Barbara Gandolfi. This woman, who is more than an actor for 40 years, he lived almost 4 years, and the separation turned into a big scandal. It turned out that Barbara secretly transferred the money to Jean-Paul to his personal account. She got into the moment when we decided to «go big» and set it from 200 thousand euros. But opened up and more shocking the circumstances: Gandolfi with Bank accounts Belmondo was laundering dirty money earned by brothels and illegal Nightclubs, as well as on providing escort services.


    • 1959 — the last breath
    • 1960 — 7 days, 7 nights
    • 1962 — Cartouche
    • 1964 — the Man from Rio
    • 1965 — Pierrot Le Fou
    • 1973 — Gorgeous
    • 1980 — the Game in four hands
    • 1981 — Professional
    • 1995 — Les Miserables
    • 2009 — the Man and his dog


    Jean-Paul Belmondo

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