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  • Name: Jean Marais ( Jean Alfred Villaines-Mare )
  • Date of birth: 11 December 1913.
  • Age: 84 years
  • Date of death: 8 Nov 1998
  • Place of birth: Cherbourg, France
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, stuntman, writer, painter, sculptor
  • Marital status: divorced was

    Jean Marais: biography

    Jean Alfred Ville-Marais is one of the most famous French actors. Domestic fans of cinema know him for his roles in such popular films as «Orpheus», «the Count of Monte Cristo», «Fantomas» and «the Iron mask». But in the biography of Jean Mare not only has a beautiful role, but also achievements in other fields of art. He realized as an artist and writer, and sculptural works Mare was praised by Pablo Picasso himself, who believed that with so much talent to waste time with «some acting» real sin.

    Jean Marais family
    Family Jeanne Mare

    Jeanne, as he was called at home, was born in Cherbourg, in the family of the vet, Alfred Ville-Marais and his wife Elin Marie Wasson. But the father of the boy almost didn’t remember: he was just a year old when he was called to the First World war, and on his return four years later Alfred was living with Elin is very long, and they parted. With your mom actor your whole life was in a very complicated relationship: they also had a natural inclination, but Jean hated the occupation of the mother. Elin Marie was a very beautiful woman, which drew the attention of many men. And that helped her to pull off their fraud: the fact that the mother of the future actor was a professional thief.

    Jean Marais in childhood
    Childhood actor

    In the school years, Jean, in his own words, was «a little monster with the face of an angel»: he constantly fought and misbehaved, broke lessons, but the teachers loved him anyway and was more forgiving. Later, the teenager began to get rid of their vices, and at the age of 15 left school and went to work at the plant, then apprenticed to a photographer. He needed money to realize the dream: Mare 4 years raved about the profession of actor.

    Three future world star heard of a failure in theatrical universities. One day he instead of the expected praise advised to treat nerves as his hysterical manner of presentation of the text is no good. In the end, Jean goes to acting class Charles sit down, and as payment for very expensive lessons for free is working as an extra in local theater.

    Jean Marais
    Legendary actor in his youth

    During the Second world war had a relatively famous actor Jean Marais is in the army. He was a fuel truck driver and many times he displayed heroism, although he himself was not considered a hero. However, the Mare repeatedly and courageously pursued the car through a mined field under a hail of bombs, for which he was awarded the Military cross.


    In the first films Jean Marais occasionally appeared. Its main success is associated with the name of the Director and writer Jean Cocteau. Their Duo has given the world such films as «Eternal return,» «beauty and the beast», «Horrible parents» and many others. Most of the joint works have been recognized as the world’s masterpieces, but stands out a fantasy parable «Orpheus», which in modern form, shows the ancient Greek myth about the poet, descended to hell for his wife.

    Jean Marais in the film
    Starring in the film «Orpheus» | Movie-Theater

    The films of Jean Marais are mostly adventure and role – charismatic, brave, physically strong hero. And what is most important to the female half of the audience is invariably romantic. By the way, Mare, like another famous French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, was one of the very few who absolutely all the tricks performed on his own. He well fought with swords, rode horses, jumped out of Windows, dived into the water from bridges.

    Jean Mare TA lia Amanda in FLM
    Leah Amanda in the movie «the Count of Monte Cristo» | Movie-Theater

    Fans of retro cinema enjoy the game of Jean in such films as «Leather nose», «the Glass castle», «the Count of Monte Cristo», «the Hunchback», «Captain Fracasse», «Princess of Cleves» and «Paris secrets». All these films were made in the early 60-ies. Later in the filmography of Jean Marais appears unique comedic trilogy «Fantomas», «Fantomas has raged» and «Fantomas against Scotland Yard». His duet with Louis de Funes produces another furor, and throughout Europe people many times go to the screening of films, and boys playing in Fantomas. By the way, Mare played there once for two roles – a mysterious criminal in the mask and journalist, like last year.

    Jean Marais in the film
    In the film «Fantomas has raged» | Movie-Theater

    With age, Jean was shot less. His big role in the ‘ 80s can only be considered a Victor Blaise from «family ties» and in 90-e years on the screens came out only a modernist adaptation of the novel of Victor Hugo «Les Miserables» and the melodrama «Escaping beauty», where he got a small role of Monsieur Guillaume.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Jean Marais did not like to speak. The fact that the romantic hero, the actor created on screen, crazy a considerable number of women, and each of you in my dreams imagined myself «the one» for the legendary star. But in fact, a Mare, was homosexual, although he tried several times to move away from the homosexual. For example, during the Second world war it was combined by marriage with actress Cute parelli, but two years later divorced. In fact, they were together much less.

    Mila Of Purely
    Mila of purely — only official wife of Jean Marais |

    Also talked about his affair with the great actress Marlene Dietrich, who even sent him a photo with a humorous inscription «can’t I be married?». But witnesses claimed that it was more of a very close friendship than a romantic relationship. Actually, the Mare is not especially trying to hide orientation. For him it was done by managers and producers. The actor openly appeared in public with his friend and life partner, filmmaker Jean Cocteau, who discovered the talent of Jean to a wide audience.

    Jean Cocteau Jean Tretiy Lastik ,
    Jean Cocteau | Xeber 365

    With Cocteau, the great French lived for more than 20 years. Then he had a ten-year relationship with dancer George Reich. When this relationship ceased to exist, Mare decided to adopt a child. However, later on his idea, he regretted. The fact that is already quite Mature man took care of 19-year-old Serge Ayala that came from roving Gypsies.

    Jean Mare, Marlene Dietrich
    Marlene Dietrich | Wagons-Lits Diffusion

    The actor wanted to give the boy an education, to develop a love for art, interest in the theater. But Serge was only interested in amorous adventures with young girls, and he was spending significant sums of capital adoptive father. As a result, young people all disappear from the personal life of Jean Marais and settles somewhere in Africa. And the actor calls this adoption «the biggest disaster in my life.»

    Jean Marais and Serge Ayala
    With his adopted son Serge Yaleu | My world

    It should be noted that in addition to great talent in acting, Mare had other abilities. He is well painted, wrote poetry and prose, but the highest peaks, in addition to film and theater, Jean had achieved in sculpture. His work has recognized significant works of art of recognized artists and professional critics. And the actor did their offspring for themselves. Many of his works have become Museum exhibits, and in Montmartre in Paris, a bronze monument to the writer Marcel Aime performed by the actor Jean Marais.


    In 1996, in anticipation of the premiere of Shakespeare’s play «the Tempest», a great artist falls under pouring rain. As a result he developed bilateral pneumonia. With temperatures above 40 degrees Mare is brought to the hospital, but two days later discharged home. Over their own health status, the artist scoffed. He said he can’t afford to die in the moment when all Paris is plastered with posters with his image. The audience will take it as an affectation.

    Photo Of Jean Mare
    Last years legendary actor | LiveInterbet

    However, despite multiple blood transfusions and chemotherapy, to fully out actor from the disease and failed. Jean Marais died on 8 November 1998, did not live a month away from 85th birthday. A committed theatre actor even own funeral managed to turn in a performance. According to his will in the Cathedral porch was installed a giant picture of a smiling Mare, and speakers heard farewell Jean, recorded on tape.


    • 1946 — beauty and the beast
    • 1949 — Orpheus
    • 1950 — Miracles happen once
    • 1954 — The Count Of Monte Cristo
    • 1961 — Captain Fracasse
    • 1962 — the Iron mask
    • 1962 — the mysteries of Paris
    • 1964 — Fantomas
    • The 1970 Donkey skin
    • 1985 — Kinship


    Jean Marais

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