Jay Z

(biography, photo, video) Shawn Corey Carter

photograph by Jay-Z

  • Name: Jay-Z ( Shawn Corey Carter )
  • Date of birth: 4 December 1969.
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Bedford-Stuyvesant, new York
  • Height: 187
  • Activity: rapper, actor, producer
  • Marital status: married Beyonce

    Jay Z: biography

    Shawn Corey Carter, also known as rapper Jay Z (Jay Z), is one of the most highly decorated American musicians. He holds the record for hitting into the most prestigious Billboard 200″ among the solo performers and yields the palm only to the legendary Liverpool Quartet «The Beatles», if you take into consideration all musical groups in history.

    The future star of world charts was born in Brooklyn, new York, in the district of Bedford-Stuyvesant. Sean grew up with three brothers and sisters, and was raised by a single mother, Gloria Carter, as my father EDNES Reeves left the family when the children were young, and soon died of liver disease.

    Carter went to school without much zeal and not actually received a complete education. From an early age, it was burning passion for music. Mama Jay was recalled that the boy had woken up before the others, went to the kitchen and there knocked an incredible rhythmic melodies, banging his hands on the tablecloth on the table. In the end, Gloria son bought fashionable in those days, portable music center, boom box, and Sean started doing freestyle.

    Their first sets guy did under the name of Jazzy, which he later turned into his fame Jay-Z. Later, in 2013, the rapper refuses to hyphen and you will be called Jay Z. it Should be noted that music was Carter saving ticket out of the criminal world, as he grew up in an area where many kids fall into gangs or doing drugs.


    First test the pen by Jay-Z was doing in the early 90-ies. He performed together with other rappers — The Notorious B. I. G., Damon Dash, Kareema Burke. When you have accumulated enough material to release a solo album, he began looking for a recording Studio. But then the guy faced with the fact that the company proposed to enter into real contracts of slavery, according to which the singer himself got some pennies.

    Then Jay-Z with his friends organizes private life «Roc-a-Fella Records» and releases the album «Reasonable Doubt». The success was very great. The album was ranked 23rd among all sound recordings of the year, and youth music had reached the third position. Most successful tracks of the rapper in that period are considered to be «ain’t No Nigga» and «can’t Knock the Hustle».

    A year later, the world saw a new CD «In My Lifetime», which, thanks to such hits as «The City Is Mine», «Who You Wit» and «(Always Be My) Sunshine» reached 3rd place in the prestigious chart «Billboard» for the year. But starting with the next album, «Hard Knock Life», all full-length CDs of Jay With consistently topped the charts in America and around the world.

    The biggest hits have been songs like «Empire State of Mind», «Niggas in Paris», «Jigga My Nigga», «I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)», «Holy Grail» and many others. The latest album by the rapper’s «Magna Carta Holy Grail» came out in 2013, but this does not mean that the singer has retired. He collaborates with other artists and releasing new singles, for example, «Spiritual», «Part II (On the Run)» and «All the Way Up».

    Personal life

    In 2002, Jay Z met with the iconic American singer beyoncé. They collaborated a lot as musicians, and then began Dating, and in 2008 officially got married. 4 years after the wedding, Sean Carter and Beyonce had a daughter called blue ivy Carter. In General, the pair is trying to discuss with fans and journalists for their private relations, as it believes that this behavior shows only on the game to the public.

    Jay-Z a lot of time on charity. For example, he and his mother started a Foundation which helps students who have faced financial difficulties. Also during one of their world tour, the rapper promoted the idea of supporting the environment and preservation of pure natural water.

    In 2006, Sean Carter acted as the ardent fighter against racism and anti-Semitism, and later to some extent involved in politics: he agitated residents of Illinois don’t ignore the presidential elections, and more actively Express his life and political position. During these agitation Jay Z met with US President Barack Obama, who, after their conversation has repeatedly spoken about him as a person incredibly interesting to talk to.


    • 1996 — Reasonable Doubt
    • 1997 — In My Lifetime
    • 1998 — Hard Knock Life
    • 1999 — the Life and Times of S. Carter
    • 2000 — The Dynasty: Roc La Familia
    • 2001 — The Blueprint
    • 2003 — The Black Album
    • 2006 — Kingdom Come
    • 2007 — American Gangster
    • 2009 — The Blueprint 3
    • 2013 — Magna Carta Holy Grail


    Jay Z

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