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  • Name: Jay Hernandez ( Javier Manuel Hernandez )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Montebello, USA
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Jay Hernandez biography

    Jay Hernandez is a talented kid from an ordinary family, who fulfilled his childhood dream and became a popular actor. He was born in February 1978. In the family before him were born, brothers Michael and Gabriel after the sister of Amelia.

    Hernandez is a fourth-generation American. When his ancestors moved from Mexico to the United States.

    Jay graduated high school in Montebello, he studied at the Technical College of don Bosco, after he was transferred to the College of the shore. He worked as a Manager of the newspaper ‘The Chicago Tribune’. It is the owner of the newspaper, Howard Tyner invited the young man to try himself as an actor and sent him pictures of casting agents.


    The debut of Jay Hernandez in world of cinema took place in the film «Living life» (1998), where he played basketball Antonio. Comedy series captured the teenage audience with an interesting storyline.

    But the first success came after filming the drama «Crazy and beautiful» (2001), in which Hernandez was offered the leading role. He played the son of immigrants Carlos nuñez. In the story, his character begins a romance with the representative of the elite Nicole Oakley. His partner on the set was Kirsten dunst. For this work, Jay was honored with a nomination for ALMA Award as best actor in a feature film.

    Successfully launched career began to gain momentum. Hernandez began to appear regularly in American films, among them «inside Lewin Davis», «Life! Life!» «Beginner», «Torque» etc.

    In the melodrama «Team 49: Fire stairs,» the actor starred in the role of a fireman who risks his life to save those who were trapped in the fire. Then his partners are John Travolta, Robert Patrick, Morris chestnut, Joaquin Phoenix, Jacinda Barrett.

    Annually, the screens went movies with Jay Hernandez. Gox drama «Carlito’s Way 2: rise to power». Later, the actor proved himself professionally in the film «the twin Towers». The historical-action drama unfolded on 11 September 2001, when there was a terrorist attack on the world trade center. Further, Hernandez has been involved in small roles in the films «Nomad», «Hostel 2,» «War on compulsion,» the show «Six».

    Portion of the glory brought the Thriller «Quarantine». According to the story, the crew travels to the scene, but the outcome is trapped in the house, residents who are infected with the rabies virus. In 2008, the actor did an amazing job on the set of the film «Welcome to Lakeview!» and «Boys-robbers».

    Fans saw Jay Hernandez are also in the movies «Summer. Classmates. Love» (2012), «Max» (2015), «suicide Squad» (2016).

    Personal life

    In 2006, Hernandez is married to actress Daniella Deutscher. Before to officially legalize the relationship, they dated for six years.

    In 2012, Hollywood started to spread rumors about a new passion of Jay Hayden panettiere. It was called a home wrecker, broke up the marriage of actor. Panettiere and Hernandez met on the set of the TV series «Nashville». If you believe the American tabloids, they did not hide their relationship to each other and where two ran together, even kissing in front of other members of the crew.

    The producers of the project tried not to let the rumors spread. However, in the press, the scandal, and then Daniella Deutscher cast Jay Hernandez. About their future relationship is unknown. And indeed, the actor does not tolerate journalists ‘ questions about his personal life – this side of his life, he carefully hides from strangers. We only know that with Jay Hayden never found. The actress was married to Wladimir Klitschko, in their family, a daughter.


    • «Crazy and beautiful»
    • «Torque»
    • «Hostel»
    • «Nomad»
    • «Grindhouse»
    • «Suicide squad»
    • «Quarantine»
    • «Summer. Classmates. Love»
    • «Max»
    • «American son»


    Jay Hernández

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