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  • Name: Jason Statham ( Jason Statham )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Shirebrook, England
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: English actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Jason Statham: biography

    Jason Statham was born in July 1967 in English Sherbrooke. He grew up in a family of a musician, playing to the public in bars and shops, and dancers. In addition to Jason, the family grew another older son. All the men in the family Statenow seriously involved in sports. Father – Barry Statham – was a gymnast and a boxer. The eldest son too was engaged in Boxing, often practicing on his younger brother Jason and using him instead of Boxing «pear». Himself Jason, in addition to martial arts, played football. But my favorite sport was swimming, in which the future actor has achieved considerable success. Jason Statham for more than ten years were in team Britain, specializing in diving. In 1988, a promising swimmer even took part in the Olympic games in Seoul. In 1992, Statham was able to take 12th place in the world Cup games.

    In addition to active sports, Jason contributed to the family budget: the guy engaged in street trading. He was selling perfumes and inexpensive jewelry.

    Once handsome and attractive athlete Statema when he was in the pool, I noticed an advertising agent of the company Tommy Hilfiger. Jason was invited to advertise brand jeans. So, the future actor worked for a while as a model.


    A cinematic biography of Jason Statema began suddenly. The owner of the brand Tommy Hilfiger decided to invest the capital and undertook to produce the debut film from guy Ritchie, «lock, stock and two Smoking barrels». Reading the script, he remembered about Jason and he recommended him Richie. Aspiring filmmaker interested in courageous Statemen, whose appearance was very fitting for the character from the picture. Of even more interest to the personality of the guy, touting jeans, guy Ritchie came when he heard about the experience of Jason as a street vendor. Later Statham said that the Director gave him an assignment: to get him to buy jewelry, giving her the gold. The future actor coped brilliantly. Moreover, he refused to accept the rattles sold Tom. To withstand this unusual exam, Jason Statham got the role in the iconic picture, after which he woke up famous artist.

    After a sensational ribbon, showered with awards and prestigious awards, guy Ritchie took another one, called «snatch». The main characters here were supposed to play brad pitt, Dennis Farina and Croat Parliament Sherbedgia. Richie of course remembered Stateme, first giving him a secondary role: Jason was supposed to play the organizer of underground fights. But in the process of filming the actor responsibilities grew, and he became the main voice-over narrator. After the release of the film was a little less popular than the previous one, but Statham got the next wave of audience love and popularity.

    Later, the actor from Sherbrooke again appeared in the film by guy Ritchie called «Revolver». Critics believe that the cinematic biography of Jason Statema began with movies Richie. Moreover, they claim that this Director is ignited as a new star.

    In the early 2000s, Statham is becoming very popular. He makes his debut in American cinema in the role of a drug dealer in the film «turn it up». Then comes a series of successful films such as «the Italian job», «Conflict», «Ghosts of Mars» and «Adrenaline».

    A real breakthrough for Stateme becomes extremely topical tape «Carrier» by Luc Besson. The role of Frank Martin brought the actor an incredible fame. Great sports training Jason needed it now, because it allowed the artist himself, without doubles and stunt people to perform dangerous stunts. Box office from watching «Carrier» was huge. Statham finally made a fortune: he received a fee for the film in the amount of nearly a million dollars. Later came two more of the film – continuation of the first, which brought even greater fees.

    Statham is one of the three most respected actors-favorites Sylvester Stallone. Together they starred in the famous movie «the Expendables», which Stallone made.

    The last known films, which starred Jason Statham, can be called «13», «Parker», «Mechanic» and «Professional». Critics consider the picture worthy of attention, although they are far from «Carrier», which made Jason a star.

    For 2016 is scheduled 2 premiere with the participation of Saitama in the movie «Mechanic: Resurrection» and «the most important goal.» In an interview with American publications Jason Statham admitted that he would participate in the movie «fast & furious 8», the output of which is scheduled for April 2017. This is the expected sequel to «the fast and the Furious-7», because this film became the highest grossing project in 2015.

    Personal life

    Personal life Jason Statema quite eventful and novels. Brutal English heartthrob has enjoyed great success with women, and probably why still not married.

    Lasted for a few years a novel by Jason Statema with actress Kelly brook. But in 2004, the couple broke up because Kelly during the filming in Greece began an affair with a partner on the film, Billy Zane.

    Statham really did not stay alone: soon he met another beauty, singer and actress Sophie monk. The affair was short-lived. Even shorter becomes the actor with critic Alex Zosman.

    In the spring of 2010, Jason began a new love affair that continues today. Statham met model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The girl is in the list of the most promising and wealthy models, earning about $ 8 million a year. 10 Jan 2016 Jason and Rosie got engaged, but the wedding not yet heard. Their relationship can not be called cloudless. It is known that one time they briefly broke up, having decided to live separately. Now the pair are back together.


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