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  • Name: Jason Momoa ( Joseph Jason Momoa Namakaeha )
  • Date of birth: 1 August 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Honolulu
  • Height: 199
  • Activity: American actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Lisa Bonet

    Jason Momoa biography

    Joseph Jason Namakaeha, who we know as actor Jason Momoa was born in 1979 in Hawaii, in Honolulu. His father is native Hawaiian. Mother of mixed origin: it has Indian, German and Irish roots. The parents have lived together for long. Mother left with their son, us Iowa, when Joseph Jason was just a child.

    Childhood and teenage years, Jason Momoa took place in Norwalk. In this city, he graduated from high school. And after graduation, went to College. But in the last year Momoa suddenly left the school and went to the Hawaiian Islands, explaining the decision impossibility to exist without the ocean and the beach.

    To finish education Jason managed one of the most prestigious colleges Honolulu. 19-year-old Momoa, had a height of 199 cm, and began a career as a model. After working for the Japanese designer Takeo Kobayashi and winning the title model of the year Islands, Jason decided to start a career as a film actor.


    A cinematic biography of Jason Momoa started in 1999 in the popular TV series «Baywatch». Exotic handsome appeared in the 10th and 11th seasons. This debut could be the envy of every aspiring actor, because the appearance in «Baywatch» guaranteed popularity.

    Naturally, after participating in the series, Momoa got the offer to star in a feature Comedy directed by Christopher Erskine, «family Vacation the Johnsons». This tape was released on the big screens in 2004 and received a lot of flattering reviews from critics and audiences. But the real success came to the young Hawaiian actor the following year when he appeared in the film «Stargate: Atlantis». In this popular series, Momoa starred for 5 years. He played Ronan Dex.

    First starring role came to Jason Momoa in 2007. He played it in the movie Jordan Alan «Pipeline». But this film was not very successful. Much greater glory of the actor brought the film «Game of thrones» in 2010. After participating in this dramatic fantasy series in the image of a barbarian named Khal Drogo Hawaiian woke up famous. The role of a bright character got Jason easily. At the audition he didn’t have to do my lines from the script. He just danced a ritual dance, the new Zealand Maori. After that, other contenders for the role of tribal chief was immediately screened by the producers of the film. After the release of the series becomes a cult, and the actor himself in 2011, receiving a well deserved award of the festival «CinemaCon» Las Vegas.

    In the same 2011, at the screen comes the remake of the film about the legendary Conan the barbarian. On the set of Momoa met and worked with Mickey Rourke. Jason played a fearless warrior, father of Conan.

    One of his last most successful works – the picture «the Expendables». The main role in this tape was given to Sylvester Stallone. Also noteworthy is the project «Road to Paloma» and «Wolves», released in 2013. This is a short film production company «Pride of Gypsies», one of the founders of which is Momoa.

    Personal life

    Personal life Jason Momoa linked with the name of his common-law wife Lisa Bonet. The story of their romance interesting. Jason is younger than your spouse for 12 years. He first saw her and immediately fell in love with a teenager. It happened when the screens out the series «the Cosby Show», where Bonnie played a major role. Then Lisa was married to musician lenny Kravitz. When they met, the actress already has grown up daughter.

    Jason and Lisa unusual look together. If the growth of the actor reached nearly 2 meters, the growth of his miniature wife — only 157 centimeters. However, they are a lovely couple that love to shoot journalists.

    In 2007 Jason and Lisa’s daughter, Lola Iolani, and a year later had a son, Nakoa-Wulf Manakauapo, Namakia.

    Momoa is a Buddhist. It is often the case in Tibet, where he receives spiritual knowledge. Also Jason is a big fan of mountain Biking, snowboarding and inline skates. In between filming Jason Momoa loves to draw. For a time he studied pastel painting in Paris. It is noteworthy that in the house of actors no TV, which they consider unnecessary and harmful thing for their children.


    • Baywatch
    • Family vacation Johnson
    • Stargate: Atlantis
    • Game of thrones
    • Conan The Barbarian


    Jason Momoa

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