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  • Name: Jasmine ( Sarah Shore )
  • Date of birth: 12 October 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Derbent
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married to Ilan Shor

    Jasmine: biography

    Jasmine — alias Dagestani pop singer, nee Sarah Manahimova. Sarah was born in the Dagestan Derbent exclusively in a creative family. Her father Lev has worked as a ballet master and choreographer, and his mother Margaret S. was conductor. Sarah also has an older brother Anatoly, who is older than the singer for two years and has two children named Leo after his grandfather, the younger Sergei.

    Despite the fact that the world of art since childhood, surrounded by Sara, the girl never thought about the career of the artist. She loved to learn English and wanted to enter the philological, but in Derbent was not the right Institute and to let go of his only daughter to the capital the parents refused. In the end she graduated with honors from the medical College, who persuaded her to do the mother.

    While training with Sara first came on the scene in the student KVN, where doctors competed with the school of music, and, paradoxically, won in a music competition.

    In 1999, thanks to a happy coincidence, Sarah started her modeling career. The exotic appearance of the girl is so impressed by French couturier Jean-Claude Jitrois, he asked her to represent its brand. So Jasmine became the face of the fashion house Jitrois in Russia. However, over time she realized that modeling was not for her.

    Jasmine: music and creativity

    Mentor the future singer was a teacher of music College Gnesin Natalia Andrianova. After three years of diligent studies, it became clear that it’s time to move to a new professional level. In late 1999 released the first video for the song «it happens.» The stage name she chose the name of an Arabian Princess from the famous disney cartoon «Aladdin». The first album Jasmine

  • «Long days» has sold over ninety thousand copies. The singer thought it was a huge success, but as time showed, this was only the beginning of the ascent. In 2001 he released an album called
  • «Rewrite love», with a circulation three times higher than the previous: it sold two hundred and seventy thousand CDs. The next disc
  • «Puzzle» consisted of three hundred and ten thousand copies. This success has opened the doors singer doors the largest domestic markets: the singer performed solo concerts on the stage of the famous concert hall «Russia» in the State Kremlin Palace, the organizer of one of her concerts came from the Russian pop Diva Alla Pugacheva.

    With great success concerts Jasmine and abroad: musical biography Jasmine includes Israel, USA, Baltic countries, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Germany. Only Jasmine has released nine solo albums and around forty singles. The most popular album in the singer’s discography was the album

  • «Yes!» has sold a record run of six hundred and fifty thousand copies. In 2009 Jasmine was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Republic of Dagestan. Creative activity of the artist is not limited to concerts. Jasmine took part in several musicals: in the production of «Ali Baba and the forty thieves» singer played the wife of the main character named Zeinab. Then he worked in the Ukrainian musical «the Three Musketeers», where Jasmine appeared before the audience in the role of the artist traveling circus. Also, she appeared in a musical in 2008 called «Beauty requires…».

    Sarah tried himself in the role of the presenter: on the TV channel TVC Jasmine led the program

  • «Wider circle». Also a large project
  • «Two stars», the singer presented to the audience a duet with a popular comic «full House» Yury Galtsev. Pair Galtsev Jasmine took on this contest, honorary bronze.

    Jasmine: personal life

    Jasmine was married twice. Her first husband became

  • Vyacheslav Semenduev, who fell in love with the unusual beauty of the girl, seeing her on videotape from the wedding of his brother. It was thanks to his financial support of the creative biography Jasmine quickly reached the top. In this marriage the couple in 1997 was born the son of Michael. After ten years of marriage appeared in the press reports that Jasmine was hospitalized with signs of beatings. Sarah herself claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence: her husband forced her to sign some papers, the purpose of which singer does not know anything. The Semenduev denied everything, accusing his wife of infidelity. The result of this big scandal was divorce Jasmine and Semendueva, during this difficult divorce process, the artist defended the right to raise my son. Based on this high-profile case Jasmine wrote autobiographical book «Taken,» describing in it the history of his life.

    A comfort and a staff singer at the time, became her friend businessman

  • Ilan Shor, a Moldovan Israeli-born, heir to a billion-dollar capital his father Miron Shor, pioneer of the Moldovan Jewish community and owner of the shops of «Duty-free» in Moldova. Soon Ilan Shor has made Jasmine an offer, and in 2011 the couple got married. In this marriage, the singer had a charming daughter, whom the parents named Margarita. The fact that Ilan Shor younger than Jasmine for nine years, did not overshadow the happiness. Ilan Shor began their business fifteen years and is currently one of the largest businessmen of the country. In addition, Ilan is the CEO of the operator of duty-free «Dufremol», President of the Association»Prosperarea Moldovei» and the International Moldovan-Israeli Centre for Economic relations and education, he serves on the Board of Directors of the International Organization «Educational Resources and Technological training» and owns a football clubhome Milsami.

    5 may 2015, the media reported that Ilan Shor was arrested in connection with a case of fraud and embezzlement of about one billion dollars of the three major Moldovan banks through offshore accounts. The investigation began a few months earlier, in may, on the basis of evidence the businessman was taken into custody. He Shor has denied all the charges against him, which is a hole formed in the accounts of banks even before the arrival of private investors. The case has received a wide resonance in the capital of Moldova there has passed many thousands demonstration of the deceived investors.

    Jasmine: discography

    • Long days
    • Rewrite love
    • Puzzle
    • 100% love
    • So!
    • You’ll love it
    • Dream
    • From love to love
    • Oriental love

    Jasmine: photo


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