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  • Name: Jane Levy ( Jane Levy )
  • Date of birth: 29 December 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles
  • Height: 157
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Jane levy: biography

    Jane levy is an American actress, known to the Russian spectator on a film «the evil dead: black book». She was born December 29 1989 in Los Angeles. Her parents are artists: his father – musician, mother is a painter.

    Childhood Jane was held in Marin County (Northern California), where she went to school. Levi studied well in high school was really into hip-hop and led the women’s soccer team. Along with these Hobbies Jane actively participated in the performances of local theater.

    The actress recalls his school years with pleasure, because she was popular, everyone knew her. But the popularity did not stop the girl to keep good friendly relationship with students. Probably, at that time, Jane levy, and realized that he wanted to be an actress. After school she went to goucher College, but studied there for a semester. After College, Jane moved to new York and enrolled in the actors Studio. There she spent two years studying the art of drama, and then returned to Los Angeles.


    His first role Jane received shortly after returning. She periodically appeared on screen in the first season of «Shameless» in the role of Mandy. In early 2011, fortune smiled on the young actress – she got the lead role in a Comedy series Suburgatory. Directors and producers are not confused by the fact that the portfolio Jane is only one secondary role, her experience is not enough. The actress did not fail them. In the role of Tessa Altman, she was gorgeous, critics and audiences embraced the show, and the magazine TV Guide named her one of the stars of the year. Later and Forbes has included her in the TOP 30 rising stars.

    In spring 2012, the audience saw another film starring Jane levy — «no One goes». In the same year came the Comedy «little man,» in which she played the main role. 3 Feb 2012 it became known that Jane will star in the title role of «evil dead». The producers planned remake of the Thriller 1981. The following year audiences saw a new version of the horror film «evil dead: black book», in which Levi played a drug-addicted MIA. Originally this role was supposed to play Lily Collins, but the producers changed their decision and offered it to Jane. The actress admits to not being a fan of horror movies, but agreed.

    Difficult she went through a stage where she was buried alive. She remembers how much mental and physical strength she needed to lie in a damp pit with a plastic bag on your head and feel like you covered with earth. Fortunately, behind the ear, Levi had an oxygen tube through which she breathed.

    In the winter of 2013 was to begin shooting the film «a Cursed place», where the actress plays a governess who collects porcelain dolls. But the project was frozen. But next year, Jane was approved for the main role in the project «Monster Trucks». The film’s budget exceeded $ 100 million.

    In 2016, she started acting in lead role in a Comedy series «My time/your time». In the same year appeared the information that its approved for a role in the continuation of the series «twin Peaks».

    Personal life

    Jane levy was briefly married to actor Jaime Freitas the. They were married in secret on March 3, 2011, and in October of the same year have not lived together.

    16 APR 2013 Jane levy has filed divorce papers. In the statement she indicated that she and her husband have «irreconcilable differences» and immediately stated that child support for his spousal support is not going to pay.

    Now the actress lives alone and is totally focused on the job.


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    Jane Levy

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