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  • Name: Jan Tsapnik ( Yan Tsapnik )
  • Date of birth: 15 August 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Irkutsk
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Jan Tsapnik: biography

    Jan Tsapnik was born in Irkutsk in 1968. The boy grew up in a theatrical family, his father Yuri Tsapnik played at the Chelyabinsk drama theatre and was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia, mother Valentina was a professional athlete, a participant of the cross-country team. Ian little spent his childhood behind theatrical curtains, and at the age of seven and first came on the scene. The debut performance of the boy has become a Patriotic performance of «the Fatherland does not change» the works of Konstantin Skvortsov, where Ian played the role of son of the hero of Anosov.

    According to the memoirs of the artist, as a child, Jan had virtually no free time, doing a few circles at a time. The boy studied at a music school in violin and attended sports section, as was in special ed at a local handball team. Ian was very tired and dreamed to childhood quickly ended. Among other things, during the manufacturing practice in the school the future artist had to try yourself in the role of chefs in the meat, confectionary and grocery shops training and production plant.

    Jan Tsapnik
    Jan Tsapnik | WomanHit

    After high school, Jan Tsapnik wanted to learn from the artist in some of the Moscow theatrical high schools. However, summer exams were moved a few weeks earlier due to the holding in the capital of the famous festival 1985. In an unfortunate accident, the circumstances are such that once handball training graduate got sunstroke and had all summer to spend at home, conceding as prom and Metropolitan exams. Not wanting to lose a whole year, the young man decided to start teaching acting at the Urals and successfully entered the Kiev theatrical Institute.

    Studied in Sverdlovsk of the year however went to accompany a local theatre on tour as a part-time worker. Upon arrival in Yaroslavl, one of the actors because of illness can not go on stage. It was necessary to save the situation, and Ian volunteered to replace him. This accident became fatal for the youths: assessing the actor capacity of a young artist, performance Director Mikhail Ershov invited However to play the role of Gosha in the melodrama «Looking for another life».

    Shortly after the shooting, Ian was drafted into the army. However, he served in the reconnaissance battalion of airborne troops. On duty soldier had to parachute in various places around the country, including in Afghanistan.

    Immediately after demobilization Yang went to Leningrad. There on the advice of his colleagues, he applied for transfer from Sverdlovsk University in Leningrad Academy of theatre, music and cinematography named after N. Cherkasova, who graduated in 1992.

    Jan Tsapnik in the production
    Jan Tsapnik in the production of «the Dresser» | full MOVIE.RU

    However starts working in the troupe of the Bolshoi drama theater. G. A. Tovstonogov. Here the actor played roles in such classical productions as Shakespeare’s «Macbeth», a model of classicism «Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme» by Moliere, «Mother Courage and her children», etc


    Despite the fact that the actor’s film debut took place quite early, wide popularity came to him in 2002, along with the role of businessman Artur Lapshin in the criminal series by Alexey Sidorov the Brigade. Recalls the actor himself, the Director of the series did not have a clear vision of this character, and Ford has actually provided freedom of action than however and used to the full. The character of the victim of the assaults was bright and brought popularity to its executor.

    Later However are often invited to the shooting of the series. He had to play quite diverse roles: he played the investigator Alexey Korotkov in serial crime detective, «mongoose», the captain Tikhomirov in the war film «Under a hail of bullets», the inquisitive journalist Igor Nikiforov in the popular «Gangster Petersburg». The artist also skillfully played the role of a Rabbi in the film «from Nowhere with love, or Cheerful funeral» and the inventor of the Roofing of Meaning in the romantic Comedy «romance weekend.»

    Ian Capnc in FLM
    Jan Tsapnik in the film «Gorko» | moskva-baku.RU

    In the TV series «witch’s love» directed by Vladimir Balakhonov also trusted fine acting instincts of However and gave the artist freedom in shaping your character. So before the audience appeared a magic vet Venechka, who almost immediately won the love of the General public.

    The actor very much in demand in his profession. Films of the last noteworthy actor in the popular domestic Comedy «Kiss!» and its sequel «Kiss 2», sports drama «Sparta», the Comedy «All about men» by sarika Andreasyan and bright Comedy «Groom,» which premiered in the fall of 2016.

    Personal life

    The actor married for the third time. The first two wives were colleagues of Tsapnik theatre workshop, and both the Union lasted very long. Two creative people find it hard to stay long under the same roof.

    Jan Tsapnik with his wife Galina and daughter
    Jan Tsapnik with his wife Galina and daughter | Pro Zvezd

    With his third wife Jan Tsapnik met, mistaking them for Japanese. Galina was a Kalmyk, she works as an orientalist, specializiruetsya from China. In this marriage the However daughter, Lisa.


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    Jan Tsapnik

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