Jan Sivkova

(biography, photo, video) Yana Nikolayeva

photo by Jan Sivkova

  • Name: Shevcova Yana ( Yana Nikolayeva )
  • Date of birth: 27 July 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Russia
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Jan Sivkova: biography

    Jan Sivkova, maiden name of Nikolaev which is quite a successful actress, acted in the most melodramatic and criminal TV series. Of the most famous of her works can be called paintings «Boomer», «the Wharf love and hope», «don’t leave me, Love» and «Truth in wine».

    She was born on 27 July 1975 and, like many girls, are not deprived of bright appearance, a childhood dream of becoming an actress. And I look at Yana’s really spectacular. Her beauty fans call a true Russian, not comparable to the standards of Western stars.

    But simply just wish to be in the spotlight and ramps, Yana Nikolaeva was not enough. Unlike most girls who leave such desires in adolescence, and later heavy sigh due to unrealized expectations, she was not going to betray the dream.

    Jan Sivkova applied for faculties acting in various Moscow institutes and began intensively to prepare for the exams. In the end she successfully entered the Higher theatre school of Boris Shchukin theatre Institute, where he studied until 1996, under the watchful supervision of artistic Director Yuri Shlykov.


    At the beginning of the film career of Ian Shivkova did not refuse neither from the child nor from a cameo role. Thus, she gained the necessary experience of «dialogue» with the cameras, and, more importantly, proved to the Directors that is capable of playing diverse characters. It should be noted that the girl did not hesitate to appear on the screen in the Nude, or play a lady of easy virtue.

    After the first small images of the different character types of the characters in the Comedy «I Want in prison», detective, «Kamenskaya», crime Saga «Brigade» and action movie «the citizen the chief» Jan Sivkova finally got a big role in the popular action movie «Boomer», where he worked side by side with Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Andrei Merzlikin, Maxim Konovalov and other domestic stars.

    Then came some less significant films, followed by a break in the filming. But after returning to the screens, Jan began to delight fans of the series one after the other. And I have to say that now she got really main roles. All these projects are done in the genre of women’s melodrama.

    It is necessary to highlight the painting «the Wharf Love and Hope», where the actress is paired with Andrei Belanova, a duet with Andrey Karako in the movie «the Stars Shine all» love story «don’t leave me, Love» with Vladimir Shevelkova and latest work, dvuhsvetny series «in Vino Veritas», in which partner Yana turned actor Nikita Zverev.

    Personal life

    Married Yana Nikolayeva came, apparently, in the 90-ies. Her husband was a man named Paul Sivkov, but nothing about him or occupation to the public is unknown. The actress immediately changed her name to Yana Shivkova and it was under him began to appear in the credits from the first film. However, twice for some reason, the project leaders wrote her maiden name, but as it was occasionally, then talk about any changes in family status Yana is not necessary.

    But in General, their romantic and family relationships blonde Russian beauty tries not to advertise. Neither the fans nor the journalists do not even know whether the actress children and how she spends her leisure time.


    • 2003 — Boomer
    • 2004 — Antibumer
    • 2013 — Provincial Muse
    • 2013 — Love test-tube
    • 2013 Berth love and hope
    • 2013 — You will pay for all
    • 2014 — the Stars Shine all
    • 2014 — don’t leave me, Love
    • 2015 — provincial
    • 2015-2016 — the Truth is in wine


    Jan Sivkova

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