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  • Name: Anosova Yana ( Yana anosova )
  • Date of birth: 26 December 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Yakutsk
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: aspiring actress, contestant on «the Bachelor-4»
  • Marital status: not married

    Jan Anosov : biography

    Jan Anosov Siberian. She was born in freezing December 1993, in Yakutsk, capital of Sakha Republic. Art is the ratio of Yana’s mother – she teaches music. Dad works in business.

    Early childhood Yana grew Anosov artistic and lively child. She has many Hobbies and Hobbies. With 2 years old girl started skating. When Ian a little older, to skates added artistic gymnastics and variety dances.

    In school Yana Anosov proved to be a good voice, and she began taking vocal lessons. And if to all this add the lovely model looks and innate artistry, there is a portrait of the artist. About it family and friends started to say before Ian set up his dream of becoming an actress.

    At first she preferred sports and vocals. In the first and in the second it has achieved considerable success. Artistic gymnastics brought Joanna Anosova 1st place in the open championship. And singing has led to exemplary ensemble of Russia, where the girl was made a soloist. She is the winner of Russian and international competitions.

    All these achievements in high school have merged together and resulted in an overwhelming desire to become an artist. Jan Anosov went to Moscow the first time he entered the film Institute, where I got to the Studio the legendary film Director Sergey Solovyov.

    Made young Yakut beauty success in modeling career. She is the winner of the Russian festival models «Fashion House International», which was conducted in 2009.


    In 2015, the Siberian successfully graduated from VGIK. Biography of Yana Anosov is a few movies. Basically it’s a cameo role, as the young actress had only recently started acting in movies.

    For Anosov debut was a small role in the series «the seasons». Romance was released in 2010. Then Ian appeared in the series «Strong marriage» and the movie «a Few days from the life of Ilya Mamochkin – student of the acting Department». In the last picture Jan played the girlfriend of the main character Alina.

    2012 was quite generous for the Yakut actress. He brought her first starring role – the girls Yegor in the series of «simple». I think this is the greatest of the works of Jana Anosova movie. In 2015, viewers saw the beautiful actress in a new TV series «How I became Russian», where she played Masha, a girl from the escort service.

    There are in the filmography of the actress and a small role in the film «Melody for two voices», «Nerd» and «Perfect couple».

    TV show

    To participate in the 4th season of the popular TV show «the Bachelor» Jan Anosov decided for two reasons. Like every girl, she wants to find her soul mate and true love for life. Secondly, the appearance in such a high-profile project, which looks millions of viewers across the country, this guaranteed awareness and popularity. And for the young actress, who makes the first steps in the cinema, it is very important.

    Yana has a great chance to remain in the draft and even reach the final of the show. Her measurements 90-60-90 at growth of 180 centimetres speak for themselves. And if to all this add expressive green eyes and long brown hair to resist such beauty, few will be able. Including the main bachelor of the country’s Alexei Vorobyov, who is considered a connoisseur of female beauty.

    He pointed to Jan Anosovo in the first series of the project, giving one of 16 roses. The girl remained in the project and will establish relations with Vorobyov in Thailand where to send all the participants of the program.

    Personal life

    In free from filming a movie and commercials while the girl continues to play sports. Figure skating and gymnastics allow the Siberian to keep your body in perfect shape. Do not forget Ian and the vocals.

    The private life of Yana Anosova just beginning. Perhaps, she and Alexey Vorobyov will make a good couple.


    • «It’s simple»
    • «A strong marriage»
    • «Melody for two voices»
    • «Nerd»
    • «The perfect couple»
    • «How I became Russian»


    Jan Anosova

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