Jan Grivkovsky

(biography, photo, video) Yana Grivkovskaya

photo by Jan Grivkovsky

  • Name: Grivkovsky Yana ( Yana Grivkovskaya )
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: socialite, model, writer
  • Marital status: not married

    Jan Grivkovsky: biography

    Jan Gribkowsky – a Russian socialite, which has over the shoulders of a photo model and writing experience.

    Jan was born and raised in Moscow. Your age she hides, so the exact officially confirmed data about the date of birth is not. Although the public is known from two digits. We are talking about the date August 16, but some say 1983, others about 1987. Also little information about the parents of Yana. According to social networking, her mother is Victoria Grivkovsky, the owner of the largest dealer of «Lucky car».

    In childhood in addition to a comprehensive school the girl went to a music Studio, where she learned to play the piano. After the prom Yana did not connect his life with music, and entered the Russian Peoples ‘ Friendship University, where he studied at the faculty of journalism. In addition, she has second higher education on specialty «Clinical psychology».


    Yana has Gribkowsky has extensive experience in photomodel. She has appeared on the covers of glossy magazines around the world.

    Not to mention that she is an activist charity organizations. She took under the personal guardianship of the orphanage «Solnyshko», located in the Moscow region, and also participates in the activities of the Foundation that supports the conservation of the environment. For his charity Yana Grivkovsky from the hands of Stephen, Prince of Macedonia and Montenegro, in 2013, received the title of Countess.

    In 2014, the girl took the post of Vice-President of the business school «Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs» and was engaged in the invitation to the event of the institution’s most distinguished guests.

    In the same year, Gribkowsky surprised the public that gave his first literary work. Her book is called «Beading» is completely fiction, but obviously based on real events. In his novel, Ian tells the story of the secured girl, forced for the sake of career to spin in circles is not the most decent people.

    Personal life

    About the romantic adventures of Jana Grivkovsky become legend. She is credited novels with the most famous men. Among her admirers, in the opinion of the public and the press, appear the Prince of Monaco albert the Second, the former Italian Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the famous Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, the Arab Sheikh Mansour al-Nahyan, the capital’s plastic surgeon Sergey Levin, through whose hands passed by both domestic and foreign stars.

    In addition, the model tied a close relationship with a popular Moscow fashion stylist Tim brick. Young people were supposed to get married, but in February 2016 beloved Yana tragically died.

    In late spring of the same year it became known that Gribkowsky began to see the flamboyant singer Prokhor Chaliapin, the finalist of the project «Factory of stars», which recently rapidly broke up with his girlfriend Anna Kalashnikova. Jan and Prokhorov have been long known, but once every without a pair, I decided to try to build a joint happiness.

    In 2001 Yana Gribkowsky became a mother. She had a son Daniel, but who is the father of the child, she hides still.

    It is impossible to say that with the name Jana Grivkovsky associated with a number of controversial incidents. On the property of the writer and centerfolds several times attempted. Was burglarized her apartment on Rublevka, where values have disappeared for quite a large amount. Two cars exclusive models of Ferrari and Porsche, also belonged to the girl who was set on fire by unknown people. Another car Gribkowsky after some time, was kidnapped from her Parking lot.


    Jan Grivkovsky

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