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  • Name: Yan Arlazorov ( Jacob Sulgrove )
  • Date of birth: 26 August 1947
  • Age: 61 years
  • Date of death: March 7, 2009
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: entertainer, actor, comedian, honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Jan Arlazorov: biography

    Jan Arlazorov was born in Moscow on 26 August 1947. His father was a lawyer, a doctor and officer in the red Army Mayer Coolrover, and mother – surgeon Raisa Arlazorov. It is the name of the mother of a future famous actor wore most of his life, as in Soviet times, to live with a Russian name was significantly easier than openly Jewish.

    In the family of Meyer and Raisa was the second child of Leonid Arlazorov, which was his younger brother. The age difference between the children of a family of Solovarov was 9 years old, Leonid became the candidate of mathematical Sciences.

    As later told Arlazorov, he had a remarkably beautiful mother, and very courageous, respectable father. Mayer and Larisa were able to preserve their extraordinary love for many decades and raised their children in a loving and strong family. They had a great relationship, and according to Ian, all the best in it – it is from parents.

    Jan Arlazorov in childhood
    Jan Arlazorov in childhood

    In childhood, the eldest son of the family Arlazorov-Coolrover ROS diversified child. An excellent student in school, he was not, but went pretty good. In addition, he has been fairly successful in athletics, football and some other sports. Before Jan was discovered many ways – but really, he was fascinated by just the theater.

    Not the last role in this fascination played the grandfather of the artist. When he worked on the stage, what is often told to his grandson funny and interesting stories.

    Inspired by his example started to think seriously about entering the theater school. Parents do not really approve of this choice: they believed that the profession of an actor is synonymous with lack of money, and wanted their son has devoted himself to science.

    Jan Arlazorov
    Jan Arlazorov | Volga newspaper

    Purposeful but guy did not give up. Day and night he told his parents that he wanted to build a creative career on the stage. As a result, the family lost to the onslaught of the son, but gave him a strict condition: he must first successfully pass all entrance examinations in the Moscow theatre school. If he does not succeed he will choose another profession. Ian agreed and without any problems entered the Shchukin theater school.

    Theatre and cinema

    Successfully graduated from drama school, the actor got a job at the Central children’s theatre in Moscow. His job was to implement various comedic characters in productions intended for children. Even in the most difficult situations and plot intricacies Ian has been kind to amuse young viewers, speaking of the talent talented comedian.

    In 1972, the year the actor decided to try himself on the big screen, and this experience didn’t end very well. He starred in the movie «Chronicle night», which was engaged in film Studio «Belarusfilm». Ian played quite well, and the movie ultimately turned out good – the problem was only that the picture included the genre of «action». There was a lot of explosions, shootings and similar moments in which a good-natured comedian was not feeling very comfortable. So about the movie, he decided to forget.

    Jan Arlazorov on stage
    Jan Arlazorov on stage | KP-media

    Whether business – performance on stage of the Mossovet theatre, which he joined in 1974 and worked there until 1989. On a theatrical stage of Yan Arlazorov felt in his element, successfully playing different characters and deservedly receiving applause. In the same period of his life, the comedian managed to take first place at the all-Russian competition of performers.

    Pop career

    In the late 80s – early 90s of the twentieth century Arlazorov sent their creative pursuits in the direction of the stage, and it was then that the artist gave full vent to his comedic talent. His monologues from the «Cashier», the main character who started any phrase of the characteristic word «Gospidya», was forced to laugh the entire Soviet Union.

    Another great monologue Ian was the performance of «Hey man», which incorporates the best of the unique variety of style of comedian. And the phrase «Man, do you hear Cho say?» is widely used in common parlance to this day. Not less laughter was caused by the monologue «Gopher» or «Ancient Oriental legend about the sausage», and also many other performances of the artist. At the turn of the 20th – 21st centuries, Jan Arlazorov often worked in the well known program «full House», broadcasting rooms such comedians as Sergey Drobotenko, Yuri Galtsev, Elena Sparrow, Gennady Vetrov, and many others. The comedian knew how to work with the audience, easily improvised and very colorful portrayed each of their characters. His talent brought him not only a sincere love of the audience, but also the honorary title of Honored artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    Official wife Jana Arlazorov was just one actress Ate Sanko. Lasted this family very long, married actor has a daughter, Helen Sanko. The couple broke up rather painfully. After the divorce they hadn’t spoken in 24 years and a very unfriendly attitude towards each other.

    Yan Arlazorov and Ate Sanko
    Yan Arlazorov and Ate Sanko

    Tell that to the young family were constantly arguing. Ian at that time was earning quite a bit, whereas Eating was more financially secure and have worked around the clock to feed the family. She was unhappy with her husband, and one day he broke down and decided to commit adultery. Cheating Sanko had not forgiven and gone from Arlazorov with the child, and then almost hated ex-husband.

    True happiness in love actor brought his Director and love Lyudmila Karchevskaya, with whom he met after some time. Jan and Ludmila were not officially married, they lived in perfect harmony for over twenty years. Karchevskaya was Arlazorov and Director, and costume designer, a doctor and a chef, and the spokesman, a security guard and the woman. In addition, Yang is very well communicated with Eugenia, daughter Ludmila.

    Yan Arlazorov and Lyudmila Karchevskaya
    Yan Arlazorov and Lyudmila Karchevskaya | tvnz

    With home as the daughter of Arlazorov was a very complicated relationship. Taking it, Eating Sanko left Moscow, and after a while out of the country. However, after some time, Ate and Elena Sanko returned to the capital, but to communicate with his daughter Jan still did not work. He believed that ex-wife forbade her to see him.

    Jan Arlazorov
    Jan Arlazorov | Express newspaper online

    When Elena decided to get a law degree, father paid for her tuition at the University. Then the daughter occasionally talked with my dad, but at the end of training again ceased to go out with him. Before dying, Yang wanted to see with his only child, but this meeting was not destined to take place: Elena only came to my father’s funeral. And after the death of Arlosoroff his relatives began fighting over the estate.

    Illness and death

    Yan Arlazorov has passed on March 7, 2009-th year, at the age of 61 years. The cause of death was a malignant stomach tumor, which struck also the pancreas and gallbladder.

    Yan Arlazorov is very thin because of illness
    Yan Arlazorov is very thin because of illness | Obzorfoto

    Having learned his terrible diagnosis, the actor has decided to be baptized (before he was an atheist). Arlazorov struggled long and painfully, however, he categorically did not want to go under the surgeon’s knife. Instead, he was looking for healers and engaged in medical starvation.

    Two years after the death of Jan in his honor was a documentary film called «Jan Arlazorov. People’s man of Russia».


    Jan Arlazorov

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