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  • Name: James Norton ( James Norton )
  • Date of birth: 18 July 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: London
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    James Norton: biography

    James Norton is a British actor, best known for the role of Andrei Bolkonsky in the mini-series BBC «War and peace» and the priest-detective in a detective «Granchester». He was born in London, in a family of teachers. His mother Lavinia taught at a secondary school, and his father Hugh lectured in the School of art and design «Hull». Interestingly, after the retirement of Norton Sr. began to appear with his son in small roles on the stage.

    The childhood of James was not in the capital since shortly after his birth his parents moved to Malton in North Yorkshire. The future actor was educated at an independent Catholic school, and his main Hobbies at that time was theater and tennis. At age 15, James Norton appeared on the stage of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough in the «adult» show.

    After school he went to College at the University of Cambridge, where he continued to study theology and even got a Grand on a missionary trip to India. But in Cambridge Norton did not forget about the theater. He played in performances of the local drama club «Marlowe» and appeared in nearly all the plays of Shakespeare.

    After graduating from College, James went to London and for three years studied acting at the Royal Academy of dramatic art. He had less than six months to the end of compulsory program when Norton left the University for the title role in the famous play «face».


    The first on-screen James Norton appeared in 2009 in a small role in the melodrama «an Education». Then came the romantic Comedy «a Good day for a wedding», suspense drama «Restless,» the family Comedy «Blandings Castle». There was an actor in the famous TV series «Inspector George gently» and «Doctor Who».

    A large audience was attracted by two biographical films with the participation of the Norton sports drama «the Race» the opposition of prominent racers of the 70-ies of Niki Lauda and James hunt and romance «Belle» on the illegitimate daughter of a British officer John Lindsay.

    More seriously began to see the actor after starring in the series «Death comes to Pemberley», which is a directorial interpretation of the continuation of the legendary novel «Pride and prejudice» by Jane Austen. And such work, crime series «Happy valley» and especially the detective novel «Granchester», brought James Norton world-wide popularity.

    He also took part in the creation of the adventure Thriller «the Vikings», the tragicomedy «Bonobo,» the family drama «Life in squares» and the film adaptation of the cult book «lady Chatterley’s Lover». Last date James Norton became a mini-series on the epic Leo Tolstoy’s «War and peace».

    During filming, the actor along with a camera crew came to Russia, as some scenes were shot at the Palace square, the assumption Cathedral, on the territory of the Gatchina Palace, the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo and other historical places. Later, James said that he was fascinated by St. Petersburg and will definitely return there as a tourist.

    Personal life

    Still 30-year-old actor was never officially married. About their romantic adventures, he loves to spread. It is known that the last years of his heart owns British actress Jessie Buckley, who played in «War and peace» Mary Bolkonskaya.

    James Norton resides in London, where two years ago acquired its own building in the prestigious area Pecam. Few know that the actor suffers from diabetes of the first degree, what he said at the ceremony «Crime Thriller Awards».


    • 2009 — an Education
    • 2012 — Good day for wedding
    • 2012 Inspector George Gently
    • 2013 — Castle Of Blandings
    • 2013 — Doctor Who: Cold war
    • 2014-2016 — Granchester
    • 2014-2016 — Happy valley
    • 2014 — Vikings
    • 2015 — lady Chatterley’s Lover
    • 2016 — War and peace


    James Norton

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