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  • Name: James McAvoy ( James McAvoy )
  • Date of birth: 21 April 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    James McAvoy: biography

    James McAvoy was born in the Scottish capital of Glasgow. His father James McAvoy, Sr. was a Builder and her mother Elizabeth Johnstone a nurse. James has a younger sister joy, who was the singer and leader of the Scottish women’s group «Streetside».

    When James was 7 years old, his father and mother decided to leave. Daughter left to live with Elizabeth, and James took care of the grandparents on the maternal side. His father he never saw.

    James went to a Catholic school for boys «Jordanhill», some time, dreamed of becoming a priest, and later thought about a career in the Navy of the United Kingdom. But at the age of 16 the young man became acquainted with David Hayman, a fairly famous actor and an aspiring Director. He tells the guy about different anecdotes from movie sets, and invited him to take part in the filming of his new film «the Adjacent room». Later, James receives a professional education, when in 2000 will go to study at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of music and drama.


    After the debut on the big screen in the Thriller «next door» in 1997 James took part in the filming of two television series «Purely English murder» and «an angel passes by», and also in the dramatic war film «the Revival». In all these bands he performed minor roles, but received experience with cameras and established themselves in the desire to become an actor.

    Then followed a long break, associated with studies of dramatic art at the Royal Academy. In 2001 James McAvoy appears again on the screen. He takes part in the historical mini-series «Lorna Doone», in a military TV series «Brothers in arms» and German teen horror film «swimming Pool». Later had a cameo role in the TV series «Foyle’s War», «Children of Dune», «the Great game», «Shameless» and supporting roles in the movie «bollywood Queen», the tragicomedy «Golden youth» and the Comedy «Wimbledon».

    First major role, McAvoy got in the sentimental drama «I’m dancing» where he played the role confined to a wheelchair, but does not lose optimism, a young man named Rory O’shea. The film received very good reviews and was even named the best Irish film of the year.

    In 2005, James starred in the first part of the famous «Chronicles of Narnia», called «the lion, the witch and the wardrobe» where he played the Faun Mr. Tumnus. Strengthens the popularity of the actor historical drama «the Last king of Scotland», for which he was nominated for the British Academy of film and television arts in 2006. Then McAvoy starred in the title role in the romantic Comedy «Hit the top ten.»

    In 2007 released the biographical drama «Jane Austen» in which the actor plays Tom Lefroy — lover of the famous writer. At the same time, he starred in the military movie «Atonement», for which he receives the prize of the magazine «Empire» and was nominated for a Golden globe for best actor.

    The following year, James McAvoy with Angelina Jolie played in the action movie «wanted», and in 2009 performed the role of Valentin Fedorovich Bulgakov in the German-Russian-British film «the Last station» about the last days of Leo Tolstoy.

    The career of an actor only goes up. He plays key roles in the historical drama «the Conspirator» in the black tragicomedy of «Dirt» in the crime Thriller «Welcome to the trap» and the Thriller «Trance.» Even more popular James McAvoy won after starring in the superhero blockbuster «X-Men: First class» and its sequel «X-Men: Days of future past». In them the actor played the main role of telepath Charles Xavier also known as Professor X.

    The last work in the cinema at the moment is a Gothic horror movie «Victor Frankenstein» in which James plays the lead role of a young scientist.

    Personal life

    In his youth James McAvoy for a very long time met with Emma Nelson, with whom studied together in school. Young people even lived in a civil marriage for about 6 years. After Emma left, the actor began struggling with severe depression, had problems with alcohol and his career came a creative crisis.

    But on the set of the show «Shameless», he met actress Anne-Marie Duff. They met about 2 years, and in 2006 officially registered their relationship. In 2010, Anne-Marie, who is older than her husband for 9 years, gave birth to son Brendan.


    • 2004 — I’m dancing
    • 2005 — the Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
    • 2007 — Jane Austen
    • 2007 — Atonement
    • 2008 — a Particularly dangerous
    • 2009 — Last Sunday
    • 2010 — the Conspirator
    • 2011 — X-Men: First class
    • 2013 — Dirt
    • 2015 — Victor Frankenstein


    James Macavoy

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