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  • Name: James Marsden ( James Paul Marsden )
  • Date of birth: 18 September 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Stillwater, United States
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    James Marsden: biography

    Actor James Marsden grew up in a large family, where, besides him, there are four children. He was born September 18, 1973 in the provincial town of Stillwater, where he spent his childhood. James ‘ father is a Professor and livestock industry, her mother a nutritionist. First time parents lived well, but then their relationship was given a crack. When Marsden was 9 years old, they divorced. James and the other children were raised by their father.

    After school the boy decided to take up journalism and joined the faculty of the broadcast journalism University of Oklahoma. However, after a few years, James Marsden got sick of the acting profession, he attended acting classes. An ambitious young man rightly judged that in Los Angeles it is more likely to make a career. He Packed up and moved there.


    James Marsden was lucky. His good looks attracted the attention of the Directors of the series «the nanny». The guy was an audition for a sitcom, which he successfully completed. The series became for him a successful start. At 21, James has starred in «Mow the lawn», and up to 25 years often starred in the television series. Among them — «the Godmother», «ally McBeal» and others.

    On his career were failures. One of them – the Thriller «Primal fear», has made quite a fees in the rental. James Marsden auditioned for the role in 1996, but instead starred Edward Norton. Another misfortune befell James in two years, when he adopted the role of the bartender in the movie «Studio 54».

    A landmark in his actor’s destiny was the drama about troubled teenagers «Indecent behavior» and «Gossip». In «Gossip» James Marsden had to play sleek majeure. The film tells the meanness of the students who are spreading the rumor about one of the girls. It spreads rapidly, acquires new details and speculation. The image and character of the villain, James Marsden gave the screen more than convincing.

    World popularity came to an actor in 2000 when he starred in the role of «Cyclops» in the popular «X-Men». At first this role was to be played by James Caviezel, but for some reason he refused to shoot. Then approved James Marsden. For an actor it was a real success because of its «Cyclops» appears in all parts of the «X-Men».

    The next major work was the Thriller «Highway 60», which was played by James Neal Oliver. His character fell in love with the girl of his dreams, left his job, fiancee, house and went on a journey on the highway, sure that the end of the road, waiting for his dream. After this role, critics and audiences talking about the new facets of the talent of the actor.

    James Marsden also starred in the drama «the notebook», the Thriller «the Package», the films «Enchanted» and «hairspray». In the last two projects, the audience was able to appreciate his comedic talent.

    Personal life

    He’s handsome, young, popular in the profession, but with the personal life of James, things are not going as he would like. He married in 2000, Lisa Linde, the daughter of a famous singer Dennis. A year after the wedding, Lisa gave birth to a son, and four years later the family got a daughter. In 2011, the wife of James Marsden has filed for divorce. It causes the couple did not comment.

    It was rumored that the reason for the divorce was the affair of the actor with model rose Costa. Indeed, James and the Brazilian woman rose met in December 2012 she bore him a son Williams. But instead to legitimize the relationship, the couple broke up.

    Until the heart of Hollywood actor James Marsden free.


    • «Indecent behavior»
    • «Superman Returns»
    • «The blonde on air»
    • «The Western world»
    • «Best in me»
    • The bachelorette
    • «Death at a funeral»
    • «X-Men 2»
    • «Enchanted»
    • «The notebook»
    • «X-men: the Last stand»


    James Marsden

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