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  • Name: James D’arcy ( James D’arcy Simon )
  • Date of birth: 24 August 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Fulham, London, UK
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    James d’arcy: biography

    James d’arcy was born in an ordinary London family on 24 August 1975. He early lost his father, the boy was not yet six years – and was very upset by this grief. James and his younger sister Charlotte were brought up by the mother. The woman worked as a nurse, money in the family is not enough.

    In 1984, James d’arcy took in the boarding school for children from poor families who show high academic potential. There, the future actor spent 7 years. Over the years spent in the orphanage, he had been practicing to wear funny costumes: students wore uniforms 1500’s – coats and socks, knee-length Canary-yellow color. During his studies James was fond of Rugby and enjoy taking part in school plays. Classmates still recall it as an attractive actor.

    In 1991 d’arcy graduated from the boarding school and went to Australia. There he worked in the drama club at the high school in Perth. Then, at the age of 17, his interest in drama was losing the sun and selfies. Besides, in his suitcase was mostly t-shirts and shorts, and Australia met its rainy weather.

    But in the distant winter of Australia, James got serious about acting. Back in London, he went to the audition at the prestigious Academy of damascuscv in London. The mother doubted the correctness of the choice of his son, but he enrolled in the Academy and three years later received a bachelor’s degree. In his student years, James d’arcy were involved in the productions of «Sherlock Holmes,» «Wild honey,» «Hercules» and others.


    A year after graduation, James made his debut in the TV series «silent witness», in the same year, he starred in another TV series «Dalziel and Pascoe». Both roles were small.

    In 1997-2000, in the career of James d’arcy was not significant role. He played in the films «The Trench» and «Hotel «Paradiso», went on to star in mini-series.

    Major role, the actor began in 2001. It was the main characters of the mini-series and in the film Jake Martel «Revelation». In 2002 he was invited for the role of Sherlock Holmes in «Sherlock: Case of evil» a year later, James d’arcy starred in the film «dot the i».

    Recognition came to him after the role of Lieutenant Pullings in the film «Master and commander: the far side of the world.» He starred with Russell Crowe.

    Filmography of James d’arcy has more than twenty roles in the movie. He starred in horror films, mysteries, dramas. Among his roles of father Francis in the film «exorcist: the beginning», Duncan in «the Secret diary of a call girl», Jerry Burton in «Miss Marple» and others. One of the last works, James d’arcy king Edward in the movie «We. Believe in love»: this painting is the second directorial effort by Madonna.

    Personal life

    Personal life the actor does not advertise. We only know that James is not married and has no children.

    People close to him say that he does not seek riches and glory, he has no ambition as other stars. James d’arcy enjoys life and tries to help his mother and sister. Says the actor himself, he is very happy to be myself.


    • «Sherlock: Case of evil»
    • «We. Believe in love»
    • «Dot the i»
    • «Revelation»
    • «Dalziel and Pascoe»
    • «Silent witness»
    • «Philosophers. The survival lesson»
    • «Agent Carter
    • «Murder on the beach»
    • «Hitchcock»


    James D'arcy

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