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  • Name: James Cameron ( James Francis Cameron )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital status: married

    James Cameron: a biography

    James Cameron is a legendary Director and screenwriter of canadian origin. Films such as «Terminator», «Titanic» and «Avatar» became the most cash paintings in the history of cinema. Works Director brought him a total of more than 20 most famous film awards.

    James was born in the canadian town of Kapuskasing, located in the province of Ontario. His father Phillip Cameron was an electrical engineer, and his mother Shirley Lowe worked as a nurse and trained in the fine arts. The boy was the first child in his family, and after him was born another 4-ro children. The childhood of James was held at the town Chippy, where he traveled to Niagara falls to visit the school «Stamford».

    When Cameron was 17 years old, the family moved to the USA, in the California city of Brea, where he finished secondary education. Then James became a student of Fullerton College and majored in the study of physics. After one course, joined the faculty of English literature, who also left in 1974.

    The young man gets a job as a truck driver and in his spare time trying to write the script for a film. In 1977, he saw in the cinema the first part of the famous blockbuster «Star wars», Cameron comes to the conclusion that to unite on screen the art and science more than real.

    In 1978, together with two school friends William Vishera and Jason Fessenden he finishes work on the script and directs a short fiction film «Xenogenesis», which, as the portfolio becomes a pass to the film Studio New World Pictures». First, James is working as an assistant Director, in parallel, continuing to learn the techniques of filming and to develop their own methods, and then decided to work independently.


    The first full-length project, which James Cameron has acted as a professional Director, was a horror movie, 1981’s «piranha II: the Spawning». The movie itself has not left any special trace in the history of cinema, if not one circumstance. While working on this film, Cameron came down with food poisoning during the feverish slumber, he said, he had a humanoid robot that came from the future to kill him.

    The nightmare embodied in the full script of «Terminator», which has attracted many film companies, but no one wanted to risk hiring a novice Director, and the film Cameron wanted to own. In the end the script was sold to producer Gail Anne Hurd for a very ridiculous sum of one dollar, but on the condition that James will be the Director of the project. It was allocated a modest budget of 6 million, so Cameron refused expensive Dolly and filmed sitting in a wheelchair.

    He also went to the trick and at other moments. Impressed the audience with car chases were filmed at regular speed, without the participation of the racers, and then during the installation to overwrite at an accelerated pace. For the final scene of the death of the robot under pressure was a dummy made from a foil «eye» which was a small red light, and the «press» were large pieces of foam, painted in a steel color. Nevertheless, the Director managed to create a film that is still considered a benchmark of the genre.

    The second part of «Terminator» he offered to withdraw immediately. But James Cameron did not hurry, waiting for the special effects reach this level, to implement his plan. Even during the filming of the first pictures he came up with the idea to make a robot of liquid metal, but then to reproduce such an effect was impossible.

    It is interesting to compare the budgets of the parts of «Terminator»: $ 6 million, which cost shooting the first part in the second film, «Terminator 2: judgment day» was able to recoup only the morphing of the new robot. And those images that the viewer watches about 3 minutes, took more than 8 months of work of experts. To remove the next part, «the Terminator,» the Director refused, explaining that the new scenario too commercial and soulless. For the same reason he rejected the proposals of the leaders of such projects as «spider-Man» and «transformers.»

    Yet another triumph was waiting for the Director in 1997, when he filmed a drama is the catastrophe of the Titanic. At that time the painting became the most high budget, as its creation took about $ 200 million. Thus, the shooting of the film «Titanic» cost 25% more expensive than the construction of this giant ship in 1912. James Cameron was worried that the picture will not attract the attention of the spectators, as it lasts about 3 hours and ends with a happy ending, as the audience prefers. In the end, «Titanic» was nominated for «Oscar» in 14 categories and won 11 statuettes, and in the end collected nearly $ 2 billion of box office, setting a world record that was broken only 13 years later, and it did Cameron himself with the sci-Fi blockbuster «Avatar».

    The script for «Avatar,» James wrote in 1994 and wanted to start implementing the project immediately after the triumph of the movie «Titanic». But in the end the Director decided to postpone the work, as many of his ideas could not be implemented due to lack of technical capacity. When computer graphics has reached such a level that the drawn characters looked less realistic than a live made-up actors, he returned to this project.

    Especially for «Avatar» was developed new technology of video, which at the same time allowed to remove two dimensions: in a virtual environment and in real-time. The film is about the fate of the na’vi people was a huge success, and at the moment James is busy working on the sequel film «Avatar 2», which is scheduled for release in 2017.

    Personal life

    James Cameron has been married 5 times. In 1978, he married Sharon Williams, who worked as a waitress. But his career, the Director has paid much more attention than your wife, why after 4 years they divorced. In 1985, he again went down the aisle. His choice was Gale Anne Hurd, the producer, who believed in his talent and entrusted to shoot «Terminator». Together, the couple has worked even on a few paintings, but after the end of the creative Union ended, and their marriage.

    Since 1989, Cameron lived with Kathryn Bigelow, known as the Director of the film «the hurt locker». Officially they divorced in 1993, but James left Catherine in 1991 for actress Linda Hamilton. In 1993 they have a daughter, Josephine Archer, and four years later, Cameron and Hamilton played the wedding.

    However, after 2 years they divorce because the Director met the actress suzy AMIS, who played in «Titanic» granddaughter of the main character. They married in 2000, a year in the family, a daughter Claire, and in 5 years the twins rose and Quinn. Also, James brings up Jasper Robards, son of Susie from his first marriage. Cameron himself and all his children are vegans.

    Outside of cinema, Cameron is known as an Explorer of the underwater world, which is actively involved in environmental projects. In 2012 he became the third person in the world, descending to the bottom of the Mariana trench, and the first who dared to do it alone.


    • 1981 — Piranha 2: The Spawning
    • 1984 — the Terminator
    • 1986 — Strangers
    • 1989 — the Abyss
    • 1991 — Terminator 2: judgment day
    • 1994 — True lies
    • 1997 — Titanic
    • 2002 — Expedition Bismarck
    • 2003 — Ghosts of the abyss
    • 2009 — Avatar


    James Cameron

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